Friday, January 29, 2010

2010 - a year of magic!

Or Disney might say - "The year of Celebration [What will you celebrate?] " ..and they are right!

I'm going to Celebrate getting to work for the most amazing company whose aim is to bring -happiness-. :D I like that idea.

The other day I got an email from our country rep (which in our case reresents Aussie and NZ) saying that the January people have gone and now her attention is on us! Yikes! This means it's nearly OUR turn!!!

Now there's no much to do - visas, housing payments, programme fee... etc :S

I really hope that my flights work out ok, darned Air NZ airpoints not being allowed to be combined with money! So uncool! I have 770 airpoints which will expire if not used before July, and the tickets at the moment are $1000 each way!
There was a sale not long ago that brought the ticket price down to like $750 one way, but that sale was useless to me because you had to have a return flight within their timeframe, which is nooooowhere near mine. ;)

I'm hoping for the best...and waiting for the agonising June/July time to come! It feels like ages away! However, it's only 4 months less than when I first found out I was going!


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