Thursday, July 7, 2011


This was probably one of the longest and most stressful days of my life.

It started off like this.

I got on my flight from Utah to LA (stop-over at Denver). It left late.
I was concerned I would miss my connection, so I asked the flight attendant. She did some calls and said it should be fine because it was a southwest to southwest flight and we were landing at the gate next to the one I needed to get to.

So I relaxed.
….and I shouldn’t have.

When I arrived I found out the plane had left without me! ..and it was only 10mins after the plane was scheduled to depart (and when to planes ever depart at that exact time?!). I was so upset, but I went up to the counter and asked what to do.
They said they could put me on the next flight which was in 5hours time.

But that was the least of my worries.
I was scared I would miss my international flight, since the delay only gave me 2 hours at LA – and with waiting for my bags, rushing to the next terminal, checking my bags in, going through security and finding the gate I needed, I knew would be pretty impossible.

But I was willing to run. However, that was crushed when the flight was delayed a further 3 times in Denver. Yes, I was in Denver for quite a long time. …and I eventually arrived in LA around 10.30pm, when I was meant to be there around 5.30pm. -.-

So yes, even though my friend Michael (who was willing to be on the phone with me and guide me through LAX whilst he was in NZ) had optimism, it was never going to work.

Luckily my NC friend had been very vigilantly trying to help me and had come up with some helpful (though somewhat distressing) solutions. First, I was offered (after much work) free accommodation for the night, since the next flight wasn’t for over 24hours. (argh!) Second – my NZ flight was changed to the next day (luckily they didn’t charge me or I would be SUPER upset) and my Air NZ internal flight was changed for only $15… Third – My NZ friend Michael managed to change his plans too so that we can still hang out. :)

The Denver people not only were rude to me (and they didn’t cover our luggage so it got drenched! -.-) but the LA people were rude too. ….and after all that waiting and crappy internet (thank goodness for friends to talk to) I was tired and pretty cranky.

Luckily when I eventually got to the hotel there were no issues (other than I couldn’t find my room…) and the eating place was still open for another 30mins. So I had a feast at about 1am. :P

I slept well and then I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. My Utah friends weirdly were in Cali too but couldn’t hang out. So I just chilled out and was online (freeeee internet) and read and ate (eggs Benedict!) and got my hair cut.
I wish I had had more $, otherwise I would have had a fun day in LA!
How is it that LAX doesn’t have free internet and also has a very sad amount of power plugs!? Crazy. I thought they would be more well equipped being so big.

NO more USA phone after I hop on the plane.  Sadness. I am quite fond of it.

Helpful cheap-ass hints I’ve learnt recently:

all places with fountain drinks/sodas can give you free water. :)

Helpful hint 2: be nice to people who can give you free stuff. They are less likely to do so if you insult them, even if you are angry and it’s not your fault.

Helpful hint 3 – use free internet as much as you can, because internet you have to pay for is no-where near as awesome.

This is my last written post in America (though, posted in NZ since LAX doesn’t have free internet -.-)

It has been a pleasure writing down my thoughts for you all. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope I have been of some help. …but if not I love having a written document of my year long Disney Adventure that I can look on in years to come.

I can’t stand to just stop writing since it’s kind of become a part of my life, so I have created this new blog for all ya’ll who liked my writings and want to continue to follow me and my adventures… :D

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the USA. I still love Disney. I love guests.
I have a new perspective on the world, I have new talents and memories
I have better guest service techniques and can easily tell good from bad service
I have made wonderful friends for life <3

Would I recommend the Disney ICP after all of this?
DEPENDS on the person.
Yes. With all my heart yes, is what I want to say. But, you have to know the pitfalls. You have to have a strong personality. The programme is not for everyone. You have to be okay with the pay (not there for $, for experiences), you have to be patient and open to new things. You have to LIKE Disney!

I am excited and scared for what lies ahead of me, but I know I have great friends and I am a stronger person now. I know I only have 1.5years of uni left and then I can move again.
I know that I have a passion for travel and adventure, and I will continue to dream big and explore the world.

I know I worked for an amazing company (some people don’t think so after working here because they just see the negatives). I worked for a place that inspires guests and tries to bring them happiness. I even got to create happiness for numerous people. I made magical moments and they will stay with me forever.

I am excited to help promote this once in a life time programme in NZ as a campus ambassador. Good luck to all future ICP/CPs! Take every challenge head on and every opportunity that comes your way!

Thanks for following my Disney adventure!
… that’s all folks!
See ya real soon. :) Follow my new blog!

Peace, love, Mickey!
Remember – it all started with a mouse! [and insert all other fun Disney quotes here ;) ]

p.s – I forgot to mention in the other post that I saw a chipmunk in Utah. :P
pps – my USA ph probably wont work after this evening – but I will re-activate my NZ one ASAP. Plus, I have skype ^_^

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Utah :)

Hey guys!

(I am writing 2 blogs at once because it would be unfair to clump them)

I just finished with my awesome Utah adventure. I had never been to Utah before so it was an exciting new place to explore. :)

The trip there was pretty long with the transfer at Texas (all the flights were on time even!), but I got there eventually and was SUPER excited when my Utah sis Jenn suprised me from behind! I love that girl so much. <3
Once I had my bags we went outside to meet my Utah Mom (who is seriously beautiful and should believe it) and Jenn's younger sis Bekah.

We went back to their place and then Jenn invited me to her church. Now, I can't say I had any clue what a mormon church would be like. But you know, I'm all about experiences and I thought it could be interesting. I would ave to say I looked and felt like a fish out of water. Ha. Not only did I have no idea what was happening but it probably looked like I was rude or something. What to do with the water vial I was given? How to read the music (the lines skipped and it took me a while to pick up the pattern)? How to dress properly? When to act serious? :/
But it's okay. I survived. Actually, it wasn't as intimidating as I had imagined. It was pretty relaxed, really. :) Plus, Jenn found entertainment in me, so I had a purpose. haha :P

Oh and can I just say, I wsh people would stop making fun of Mormons. Seriously, they are just normal people who have beliefs. What is wrong with that?

Later on, we went for a drive through the canyon and it was super pretty. :) Utah is a place where I am sure my Geo teachers would have a blast. So many fun landscape features!

That evening I went for a walk with Jenn and her sis Rachel. It was nice except we were toally spookd by everything after encountering a rattlesnake. ...and man I was lucky! I thought it sounded like a cicada and was quite close to stepping on it!
Let's just say, after that...I was on guard!!

4th of July in Utah was fun. We went to a super long parade to start the day. ..and I found out some interesting facts! (the things you learn whilst observing strange things! haha) An example being that scools like to show off their beauty queens. Then I found out the girls who win these competitions get scholarships! Yes, that's right! You get a scholarship for being pretty!

We were all hungry/thirsty by then and so Jenn came up with he idea of Chinese. I as thinking - Chinese is so random to do on July 4? But then I realised pretty much everything else was closed! The same for Christmas...
The Chinese was super yummy too. I really enjoyed it (the fortune cookies were seriously lame though haha). Thank you, Joe Mardesich!

The afternoon was a nice enjoyable family type thing where we just hung out. I enjoyed it :). Miss family-ness.

The next day Jenn showed me her Uni campus. It was a lot bigger than the ones in NZ, that's for sure. Oh and it had this feel about it that you see in movies. Quite cool. :P
After we picked up Jenn's sis and went to Sundance. I didn't really know what this was but I vaguely know about sundance movies and the festival...

That place is reeeeally pretty. :) It was in the mountains and super cute.

I enjoyed my clemintine drink ad this awesome raspberry slice thing too. :P

Later on that day Katherine and Joe took Jenn and I to Temple Square. It was a very calm and pretty place. I especially was entriged by the colour changing organ room.

Jenn then took me to a place called Spark. It's a place in Utah to chill out, and it has mocktails (mormons don't drink alc..or coffee, interestingly - Bri, don't faint)
Unfortunately we got the just before it closed, but we still got to have a yummy drink. :) Yes I always have thought that you don't need alcohol to make a drink good.

We drove by one of Jenn's 'friends' places and then hung out with a gil called Emily, who is a good friend of Jenn and is about to go to London for a month to study. She was realy nice. :)

The last morning Jenn and I hung out (I love listening to you sing and play the piano! ...and you are so creative. Wish I had that amount of talent!) and then it was time to go to the airport to drop me off!

It was so great to see everyone. I am super grateful and and love you all so much. <3

air attendent "do not steal"

Ok. I will write part 2 later. Maybe on the plane (in a word doc, of course. ;) )

That one is a LONG and PAINFUL and GRUMPY blog. :P


Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm leeavin on a jet plane!

I’m leeavin’ on a jet plane July 3

Hey ya’ll. Right now it is 5.45am and I am waiting at the gate for my flight to Utah. I’m pretty tired (only had about 5hours sleep over 2 days) but pretty clam. Things have progressed without a problem so far.
Looking forward to getting on the plane and sleeping. I am hoping that all the early morning Disney shifts have taught me how to sleep sitting up (buses…). Haha
I will be happy to get back to NZ security systems though. I had to take off my belt, shoes, jacket laptop, ears, phone, watch… It was crazy. So hard to keep track of everything.
I was even asked to show the inside of my Mickey hat. :/
My carry on luggage is the same size as my “personal” bag. Hahaha. …and it’s all so heavy! I have that plus my two bags which are *just* under 50pounds (23kgs) each. So I’m carrying much more than myself in weight around!!
So excited to see my Utah friends. :) It will be cool getting to experience a 2nd 4th of July too. I’m sure I would have been scheduled to work if I stayed and that wouldn’t have been anywhere near as fun! It makes me wonder who in the world would even come into Calypso Trading Post on that day? I mean I guess non-Americans who don’t care…
I have so many things I am grateful for. Here, I posted this online, but in case anyone missed it…
I’ve had plenty of challenges during my year abroad in Florida. I’ve been frustrated a lot. But through it all I found myself growing stronger as a person. I learnt things I never knew I would. I made friends from all over the world. I got to work at a place that was designed to bring joy to people, and in turn it gave joy to me.

I learnt how to be more proactive, patient, interpretive and understanding. I now am more confident about initiating conversation. I improved my knowledge about different cultures. I learnt how to readjust my sleep schedule and manage money. I am now very observant and easily notice untidiness. I became more independent and time aware.

I even learnt how to hula hoop (Flower and Garden), open a champagne bottle (Food and Wine) identify fictional Star Wars characters (Star Wars Weekends), the value of a simple sticker and how to stand for hours on end. Not to mention I managed to adapt to all different types of weather conditions.

I tried my very best to live by the Disney Basics.
I projected a positive image and energy even when I may not have felt my best, because when I did it was reflected back to me.
I wanted to stay in character and keep Disney’s reputation in tact. I also wanted to help keep the cast and guests safe – because, of course, safety begins with me!

I wanted to be courteous and respectful to everyone, because that is good service, and it is also polite. Not to mention it makes everyone, including myself, happier because….we create happiness!
I wanted to go above and beyond. I yearned to make children smile and brighten up their day. I sought to help take away stress from parents who were tired with lots on their plate. I wanted to be proud of myself for going out of my way to help create magic.

The best part of it all though, is that I made amazing friends for life and found out more about myself along the way.

Thank you, Disney.
Thank you all the wonderful cast members and leaders I have worked with.

I am pretty sure this will forever be one of the best years of my life and I will remember it fondly.
I got to experience Disney World, I got to experience Disney’s cruise line, I got to experience Florida and travel around the country.
I’m sad to leave, but ready to spread my wings on another adventure. I’m a world traveller and I love thrills and change and exploration. Who knows where the wind will blow me next?

It’s not all over though. I am taking some of that pixie dust home. I am going to spread superior guest service wherever I go. I will continue to create happiness for people.
I may not be at Disney anymore, but Disney will forever be with me. …and you never know, I may just end up right back in the most magical place on earth again someday. Definitely as a guest. Possibly as a cast member once again.

Anyway. It’s finally time to start boarding! Bye Mickey. Bye Florida. Bye friends. I love and miss you all.

....but I’m super excited to see my NZ friends in a few days!

See ya real soon!

Last day of work!

Today was my LAST DAY as a cast member on the ICP!
It was a day I was honestly dreading. ..and yes, it was sad. Yes, I didn’t want to leave. But at the same time it ended so wonderfully that I felt satisfied and not as sad. I even was smiling, for pretty much the whole afternoon. :)

Here’s the sitch. (hehe KP – Kim Possible)
So the past few days I have been stocking at CBR. I was pretty content doing that and it was fun working with some workmates that I love. :D
I managed to do Magic Kingdom and Studios for the last time with my NC friend after my shifts. …and pack. It took a while but I think I am okay now (just. Lol.)
It was great to finish with Magic Kingdom. It was beautiful, and I really enjoyed Magic Memories and You and the firework show, Wishes. I got a little teary watching Wishes. Its so beautiful, and even though I had seen it before, since it was the last time I would see it for goodness knows how long, I appreciated it more. It was special and touching.
Of course, I had to end the theme-parks off with a thrilling type ride, and that would be Big Thunder. :)
So glad I don’t usually go to MK as a guest though. What an ordeal! Honestly. No wonder guests are frustrated and tired.
After MK we had to get the monorail (and tip guys, always get the resort one cos it also goes to the TTC!!) we had to wait for a tram thing and after all that it prolly took about an hour to get to the car! Ergh. Gross.

But onto today. I had a 6.15am shift. It went by pretty smoothly, and I enjoyed it. Nothing really unusual happened.
Then it ended….and it felt so odd. I clocked out for the last time. I said good-bye to everyone. But I felt kind of hollow inside. Like I had to properly say good-bye to everyone but couldn’t. :/ Plus, the friend who I was hoping to meet in the early morning before my bus didn’t come. So I was a little sad.
Anyway, so I went to costuming to return all my costumes (sad times). The costuming lady was kinda rude and when I was distressed that my raincoat wasn’t off my record she kept arguing with me. It made me mad. …but I have evidence with me that I retuned it all, with her name on it. So they better not attempt to charge me for anything!
Then we went back to my apartment and finished packing. Ergh. So much stuff. ….I ended up abandoning a lot of stuff. …and making a mess. Yeeeah, the cleaning people can have a whole bunch of free stuff. Haha
Then I remembered I still had a company lanyard. I felt guilty keeping it so decided to give it back. Plus it was a good excuse to see CBR and my friends again. ^-^
I am so glad I went. I mean, I felt terrible abandoning my friend whiles he waited on me. I kind of lost track of time. :/ …but it was so wonderful. I felt so much better. It was like my unfinished business got to be done.
I was so happy to say goodbye to a lot of wonderful people. I got to even join in with the dancing for the last time. That was great fun. I had the best time getting my groove on. :P
There was one thing that made my day totally and utterly complete though. My last wish was granted. I had such a wonderful afternoon enjoying the sun and the fresh air. I had amazing company and I wish it never had to end.
I won’t forget you, and if you’re reading this, you know who you are.
You make me smile. You create magic just for me. You finished off my last day perfectly ...and I appreciate it.

I get on a plane early tomorrow morning. It’s the start of a new adventure. I’m a mixed bag of emotions, really. I am excited for some things and terrified of others.
I will miss everyone SO badly. …but at least I can keep in touch.
Off to Utah!
Chat soon :)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Airboats and alligators

Hey ya'll

The day where I get on a plane is almost here.

It's started to hit me. So much to do. I won't live here anymore. I will be living alone in an apartment I've never seen but hope is nice. (I come to looooove PC so much <3 )
The cold. (Argghhhh!)
No guests
No cast privliges...
No accents
I'm back to being normal...
No Disney
No country music on the radio!!!
No abilty to randomly jump to a new state on an adventure
No one to hug (except maybe in he holidays)
No stupid blue buses (but Welly buses instead)
No job at the moment. (no crazy schedules though, so I guess that's a good thing)
Work. Assignments. Exams.
A few friends.
...but alone.
So alooooone. :'(

I'm going to need all my friends help to slowly break me out of the Disney bubble. I love you all so much. My NZ friends and m USA friends that I've made. I know I will need company, so will be sending letters to those willing to reply. :) I will probably start up a new blog too. Words, I find comforting. :)

But... on what happened recently.

So I had my last evening shift. *tear* I did the dance routine like it was the best moment of my life. Yes, I really REALLY tried hard. It was fun. :)
Tomorrow is my 2nd to last shift! Eeek! It's also at 6am. -.- Which means another 3.40am morning. joy. lol. BUT not complaining. I am HOH (heart of house) and can listen to country music and stock and hang and enjoy myself til I am totally content. :D

My friend from NC picked me up from work and we went to Best Buy. Why??
A guest offered to take my pic and then dropped my camera[they did give me their card though and were really nice. Poor things. I felt bad that I may have ruined their vacation]. :( Soooo that sucked. Hopefully the camera insurance will sort itself out, but I also needed new headphones since my green ones decided to die on me. :/ Later I craved dessert. So we wen to the Cheesecake Factory which I had never been to before. They have some niiiice desserts. Very much liked the chocolate mousse one I had.

The next day we went to iHop for breakfast. I won the table game and was seriously excited!!!! That thing takes skill, yes! I even bought one so I can show all you NZers and you can see if you can do it! The we headed off to the beginning of the Everglades to go Airboating. It was really cool. :) It's kind of how I expected it t look too. We got to see alligators, a bald eagle, a deer and fawns (seriously cute!) and many other wild creatures. :)
I even got to hold a baby alligator! ...he was so CUTE! ...and soft. :P <-- yes, I DO have photo evidence of this. ;)

After, we headed off to Hollywood Studios for some last tme fun. Michael - when we did Great Movie Ride I thought of you. :)
The weather sucked....and the wait for Toy Story really sucked. So we did pretty much everything apart from that..

Then I made dinner and washed my hair. Right now I am wanting to sleep but have to wait for JIMMY to contact me so I can get my name badge and then sleep!! (<3 you though, don't worry)

Question - Should I go crazy after my last Disney shift and do all things Disney look doesn't allow!?! lol!

Ok. So my bags are packed but I'm pretty sure they are overweight. lol. XD Will weigh them tomorrow and try to figure it out....

Right. I'm tired. Just going to rest and hopefully wake up when Jimmy calls/txts....

Take care everyone


Monday, June 27, 2011

A magical night..

The other night I had one of the most magical nights I've probably ever had. It was simple but so beautiful. I tried to write about it(and did end up with a poem) but I couldn't find words good enough to describe it.

I was orignially going to hang out with a workmate after work - just walk somewhere like McDonalds and chat.
But then those plans changed and I ended up being invited to Steak n Shake and then a sleepover.
So I was like, sure. :) Why not?

Steak n Shake was fun, the waitress was kind of distracted though. :P ...and it was like Disney took over the place because we had people in all different costume pieces there! Groups were like "Main Street make some noise!" "Epcot make some noise! etc... :P

But the real fun began with the sleepover.
We went to our apartments to get changed and grab what we needed. Then we went to the cast member's place (not Disney Housing) and hung out. We went in the hot tub [I would say spa, but no-one seems to understand tht term here!?] and pool (this is like 2am) and then my friend (not sure if I should put his name in here haha) and pretty much stayed up the rest of the night talking and enjoying each others company.

I got to see a shooting star! It was amazing. Loved it. :)

When we eventually decided to go back to the house (the pool/hot tub were in a dfferent part of the housing area) around 4am (I think?) we ran into a problem. All the houses looked the same and we had no idea how we got there.

Sooo basically we ended up going on an adventure in the middle of the night to try and find where we could sleep. haha. After much searching and trying to remember our footsteps we finally found it! Yay for clues! It ws actually kind of fun. :P

....and I didn't get any sleep that night. I mean possibly 30mins. But I was kind of impressed that I wasn't even tired! ....but wat made it wonderful was the company. I really really wish I wasn't leaving now. All because of that one night. Will miss you. :(

IN work related news though, the FOH (front of house) shifts were kind of boring, but today's one was okay becuase I kpt myself occupied.
Ok, why does everyone keep telling me to slow down?? I can't help that I walk fast, and I like to be efficient. I'm going to assume that I make people feel like they aren't as productive and they're jealous. lol.
I don't care if you get paid little here, I can't help that I feel like I need to keeo my mind and body busy! I would rather do that and make time go quicker than do nothing and be bored out of my mind....!

Had my last eveing shift tonight. ...and last CBR dancing magicall moment!! :(

I pretty much finished packing today.
The reality is slowly setting in. Oh man it sucks. I don't want to go back to coldness and brain work/stress at uni. ...and the many things I have to get sorted when I get back... :/ At the moment the negative outweigh the positives in my mind. least I will be able to write. I mean I'll be a loner so I would very much enjoy writing to people and then getting replies too. :)

But anyway, it's 1.30am.
Better sleep.

I think my roomie and I are going to do the last of Universal that I haven't done yet, since we have the same day off. :)


thinking of you...

Friday, June 24, 2011

The magic, the memories and YOU!

I have a lot of catching up to do!
...and I leave Fl in...about 8 days!!!! Arrrrrrrgh. :/

I started packing ast night. Be proud. Took lots of convincing.
Oh, and parents/anyone who cares about my eating - you should see what I have been eating here. If I had taken a picture of what I bought at the supermarket, my goodness! Blueberries,raspberries, strawberries, fruit juice, rice, veggies, meat, yoghurt....

Regarding my previous post, Star Tours was aweosme because there ar eover 50 diff version of it, and although I was never picked as the rebel spy we got to see the Chewbacca one and the Darth Vader one. :) Funny we got the chewy one since before the ride I said "I want to see chewy!" :P haha

Illuminations had this annoying guest kid who tried to do something that was a safety hazrd and so I told him not to. He tried to question but stopped when he found out who I was :P hehe

The Ice Bar was pretty interesting. Fun experience, and ya'll know how I like new and interesting things! I like how the glasses were made of ice and could be eaten (advisable to drink yourbeverage first though ;) )!
The room changed colours and there were fun sculptures. The bar tender was pretty amusing too(and he made us our own concoxion). Oh, and their costumes were pretty fun.
There weren't many people there at that time, and somehow we managed to stumble upon an Aussie! haha!

We (my friend from Flower and Garden Festival) got to wear communal coats and glovs, woo! haha. Than goodness though, cos our hands still froze and our toes became icicles!

After we had finished amusing ourselves at the Ice Bar, we went to Boardwalk. We didn't stay at Jellyrolls too long cos it was a ittle repetitive from my last experiences. But we found more amusement at Dance Hall where a group of random girls made friends with us haha. They dragged us to dance and were twirling us around etc haha.
It was pretty harmless fun, and not dodgy dancing for once. It was just a bunch of people dancing and enjoying themselves. :)

The next day was graduation....

Now, there are things about the graduation I didn't expect, and things I wish they had (which of course I voiced my opinion on haha). I didn't expect people to give out freebies/prizes. lol. I liked that, obviously!

I wanted it to be a little more formal, and with speeches! It was very casual.
..but I got my certificate! wOoo!
Oh! I got to test out my hula skills! Yus!
Plus, I was with my roomie and Joey. :)

After graduation it was just my roomie and I. So we got changed and headed off to Animal Kingdom. Funny thing is that we did one ride and then abandoned ship. lol..
Got back to Patterson and wet swimming in the pool instead. Which is a lvely pool. :) Much nicer than Vista's. Just the amount of chlorine makes a big dfference.

It started to thunderstorm really badly. I was tired so was okay with just doing nothing for the rest of the night, but ma roomie still wanted to go to MK.

I was like....Ooohohhk. I guess i can chill out when i get to NZ. Can't go to MK every day.
Plus I wanted to get my hat engraved. :P

Got to MK and it was raining again (it had stopped). Wasn;t very pleasnt. I wanted to abandon ship, but we decided to at least find out about the hats and do Pirates of the Carribbean (would have done Peter Pan but the line was crazy long).
Found out they only put NAMES on the back of hats! How laaaaame is that?! I want a quote or something.
Might be able to do it in New Zealand...

Got home and it was late. ...only had about 3 hour before I had to get up for work. :/
ergh. Crazy 6am shifts...

Luckily today I have a 3.30pm shift. :) So got to sleep in, yay!
Yesterday at work was ok. I got to do floorstock all day which I liked :D. The big manager lady was there and was working with us (in our costume even!!). That was different. Kind of nice though, to see her helping us out.
My workmates and I got on pretty well that day. It wasn't cos of the boss lady, we just seemed to be more relaxed around each other...
Oh, I let everyone try my cooking (butter chicken) and they all liked it which made me happy. :D

Whilst at work my friend in NZ, Michael, contacted me. He offered to fly down to Wellington with me to help me settle back in. How nice is THAT!? Aweeeeee. <3
So now I have 2 lovely strong (I think? haha) boys to help me out. That stresses me out a little less.
However, if I am not tired Michael, I promised Richard I will go dancing. You can come watch of course... Maybe you can even try dance? :P haha

Bri, looking forward to seeing you! When? First day of uni?!

A little scared about the volcanic issue in Chile. Hope my flight is ot affected because THAT would not be fun at all. Being stuck in LAX would be a nightmare and a half.

I need to get ready for work though!!


(fyi photos a little out of order)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Adventures with my roomie

On my day off I caught up on a few things (and found out my Hall payment was recieved - yay!!!) and then we were waiting on my roomie's friend to contact us.

She never ended up getting back to us so we decided to go and have some fun. My roomie had to go to the Mall though and I had to go to the post office. So, we parted ways aiming to go to cast connection later. Except things took longer than expected so I ended up going by myself. But it was ok. When I got back we decidedto go do something together. So we went to Epcot to watch Illuminations, have a cocktail (margharita) and eat dessert in France!

Yesterday evening we went to Hollywood Studios. The ride for Toy Story 3 was crazy long like usual so we went on Star Tours 3 times in a row instead. haha. It was awesome. Such nerds. :P

Graduation tomorrow!!!

Just went to an ice bar amd jellyrolls and dance hall. Tired.
Will update more later!!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tick tock..

Kia Ora all!

I got my last Disney schedul the other day. It was quite sombering and sad. The only good things bout it as that my last day I have a day shift, so I don't have to go straight from work to the airport :P

Here's my flight info by the way:
6:40 a.m. Sun., Jul. 3, 2011
arrive 7:57 a.m.

9:30 a.m.
Sun., Jul. 3, 2011
arrive 11:36 a.m


Wed Jul 6 Depart SALT LAKE CITY UT (SLC) at 2:55 PM
Arrive in DENVER CO (DEN) at 4:20 PM

Change planes in DENVER CO (DEN) at 4:50 PM
Arrive in LOS ANGELES INTL (LAX) at 6:20 PM

11:40PM 06 Jul 11 depart LAX
arrive in Auckland(NZ) 8:10AM 08 Jul 11

10.30 depart Auckland
arrive Wellington 11.30am July 8!!!!

Looking forward to seeing my Utah friends before my big jump back to NZ!

I am most excited to see my NZ friends though!!! You are so wonderful :) in Sydney for NYE by the way? Just an idea.... ;)

I have been given pretty much all monring shifts now. Which could be considered lucky, but getting up at around 3.50am every morning kind of plays with my system and I'm not a morning person.....
Generlly you'd think I could do what I want after work, but I'm so tired I pretty mcuh crash.

I graduate the day after tomorrow from this programme!!! :)

Got my NZ phone working again! Phew! Just need credit on it... :P

I have been getting lots of requests to adopt me. haha Kind of flattering. :)
Also got a few marriage offers. ;)

Guests are so funny, and here are some examples why.

Last night I went to Illuminations (Epcot) with my roomie. We had dessert whilst watching the fireworks :P. There was this annoying boy who jumped up on the ledge where he wasn't meant to be. I was like "uh, you can't sit there" he was like "did someone tell yo-" ..."we're cast members" (my roomie joined in lol). Boy: "oh. *gets off* hahaha. Kind of felt a little powerful. :P .. but see how weird it is how we work even when we are off duty!? haha

Now, I see a lot of cars around Disney with writing on them. Which is fine, I get how people are excited - but when the sy stuff like "proud parents of a kindergarten grduate" I get a little weirded out. I mean, really people?

Anyway, I am going to do a few things. Only have today off then another 6am, then graduation day! lol!!

Loving it here (even through the humidity and intense thunderstorming!!!)
Def going to com back. :)


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Days off are such a blessing

Hey ya'll!

So I finally finished up my 10 day straight work week. It actually went by pretty quickly. I guess when your job isn't overly stressful and you have some nice people around you to help keep you happy, then the days don't drag by.

My days off were pretty relaxing really. Day one I hung out with Joey (who said I could write his name here :P) until he had to go to work. I got to see what Team Disney was like, so that was cool. :P It' a pretty impressive building with lots of interesting architectual additions, but what is inside it, isn't exactly very exciting! haha
After that we walked around Downtown Disney and ended up at probably one of my fav places there - Ghiradelli's! Yuuum. :) Love their thickshakes...

Once Joey was at work wondered around Hollywood for a while. The parades are so annoying! They always get in the way when you are trying to get somewhere. This is especially true with the Electrial Parade which is so LONG with such HYPNOTISING music!

I decided to head over to Magic Kingdom one I had explored the Studos a bit. I was going to get a bus to the TTC (transport and ticketing center) bu then I relised it would be so much faster if I just gota busto the Contemporary and then walked to MK from there! :)

MK was fun (obviouly a little lonsome, but I guess it meant I could do whatever I wanted). I had a great time falling in love again with my camera. I remembered how much I missed it. <3
I managed to do a lot of rides and even watched Wishes (and caught the tail end of Magic Memories and You) which of course is still as magical as ever.

Then I had a little adventure getting back to the Studios (no buses went there snce it was closed, so I went to Boardwalk and then attempted to walk form there whilst watching out for Alligators and getting a fright form my own shadow...). Once I was there I felt gross and decided a shower sounded amazing. Except I found out the I prefer the Epcot showers because they have a place to put your belongings...
...and no, I didn't have a towel with me. I was creative (and probabl cave woan like, but I don't care) and used paper towels to dry myself haha. XD

When Joey had finised work we went to Applebees where the music was too loud but the food was good. :) Mhhhmm Spinach and Artichoke dip!!!! ...and half price after 10pm! woo!

...The next day I slept in! (yay!!!) ....and then I went to Universal with ma roomie and her friends. IT was aweosme. Especially the waterrides where we got wonderfully drenched on the hot day. :P

We didn't quite manage to do both parks because the weather caved in. :/ ...but that was okay because we went to Margaritaville! I had a wildberry daquiri (and asked for vodka instead of rum because Kimmie is not so much a rum fan!). It was pretty awesome.
The food there is surprisingly good too. Oh, and the entertainment was definately...dfferent. XD

The weather turned really bad (hail and thunderstorms) but it was super wonderful when I got home because I was so tied and my bed looked like heaven.

However, before I let myself crash I kne hd to tak care of my Uni Hall problem. As in, try to fgure out how to get the payment through (which was halved since the guy found out I am not infact an intenational student -.-') when I didn't know my password. It took AGES but eventually they believed I was me and the payment was done. WOO! I am not homeless!! ;)

In other news...
I just saw pics from one of my friend's FB profiles(she went on a Mediterranean cruise), and it made me REALLY want to go to Europe.
That continent is like the big beautiful unknown to me. It looks so beautiful!!

I tell ya! The plan is to go to IRELAND after I finish my degree - and Bri etc are totally coming!!! ...then after...or possibly on another trip, I am exploring EUROPE!!!!

OKay. Better start getting ready for work! I am FOH today and then the rest of the week I am pretty much stocking and have MORNING shifts (shock, horror)

Love and miss ya'll!


p.s - Bri your letter rocked. My roomie was so jealous ;) haha

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A post, just because

Sooo....singing and dancing to country music in the stock room makes me happy. :P Seriously, the time flies when you are making work fun.
eg. "Is Somebody Else Calling You Baby"

Work has been ok. Nothing much exciting. I think the shift does depend on the manager who is working as to whether or not it is really fun though.

Not much to report really.
I love the people around me. :) Really appreciate kind awesome people.

---> A shout out to my AWESOME friend Jimmy from CBR who told me to use him name - to of course confirm it was him who I was talking about. ;)


Monday, June 13, 2011

No more SWW

Time for another episode in the life of kimmie! Woo!

So SWW (Star Wars Weekends) finished yesterday. Kind of happy about that. Not only were most of the shifts kind of boring because there were too many cast members and not enough work, but that tent is FREEEEEZING at night!

However, a cold tent is the least of my worries. Not only did I delegate myself of door opener so I could stand outside in the warmth the other night, but after what I had to do last night I missed the cold tent and having nothing to do.

Yes, last night one of the co-ordinators was going around delegating people to different parts of the park, like the backlands. I somehow unfortunately was placed in 'Icon'. I asked what this was and the lady gave me no explanation (not sure if she didn't know or just didn't want to tell me).

Well I was very mad and felt decieved when I found out. I was put in strollers! ARGH. NightMARE. I swore after the shift I did at MK I would never do a shift like that again. It's horrible!

I was super upset when I found out and hated every minute of it. The chemicals they use upsets my tummy and I hate being back there in the heat lifting those things and cleaning them. They are seriously gross.

Luckily I told them how I felt and they moved me to more of a reciever/greeter. But I still was not happy. It was hot and I dind't know anything and I haaaaaate when I feel so incompetant. Not to mention a lot of the cast there were rude and got on my nerves.

After I clocked out at 1am (yes, I didn't get any chance to ER either :( ) I was SUPER relieved.
I SWEAR no-one can or will make me do that ever again!!!! Haaaaaate it.

Onto other more fun news though...!!

Soooo..... I was asked out. On a date. Now, I kind of said to myself that I wouldn't get involved with anything since I am leaving very soon, but I also would feel super guilty and bad if I said no. I know it takes a lot of courage to ask a girl. So I figured that it wouldn't hurt and may be nice to find out more about him.

We had breakfast at Old Key West cos of the awesome deal for cast at the moment, plus the act they have EGGS BENEDICT. :D It was nice, and then we saw Hangover 2. That was pretty funny, but the first is still better. Give it a 7/10, because it was entertaining and slightly mysterious.

It's funny how rumours/info flies though. I had people coming up to me at work like "so, who's the guy?". LOL. Talk about the confidence of people to come up and ask outright like that!!! XD
It was nice though, if you were going to ask. I like gentlemen. :) opposed to PLAYERS. -.-' NO guy can treat me like I'm not worth what I am because I've got news for ya boys - you aren't even worth my time!!!
...but it's okay, girl power will conquor in the end! I really do love how girls can come together over a boy issue. ;)

The other day before my Star Wars work I went and played in the park. I got to see a bunch of Star Wars characters and then a show which was pretty entertaining (about voice overs).

That day there was an Annual Passholder (was wearing a AP lanyard) in front of me in line. He wa talking and I kind of wasn't paying attention but he ended up letting me go in front of me in line to try catch all 3 characters, which was nice.
Then later on he was in Jabba's when I was working. He got talking to me again and then he tried to buy me something! I obviously couldn't accept it but it was kind of sweet that I made his day so much. :]

Going to the everglades on my days off (thur/fri) maaaaaaybe. Depends how it turns out.
Looking forward to my days off after the 10days straight. Almost there...

Today I have to go to costuming to return costumes and get more than the 2 CBR costumes that I have at the moment.

My 2nd to last schedule ever on the ICP programme is pretty nice. I mean I have to wake up at crazy times (like 3/4am), but at least the 3 morning shifts mean I can go play in the parks after or do other things of my choice since things will be OPEN. haha

Stressed a little about accommodation in NZ. Not cool how they want 6k upfront!

RIGHT. I am going to get up and do something now!!!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just a kiss on your lips in the mooonlight...

Hey ya'll

I decorated my laptop. :P It now is wonderfully purple. Which is one of the only things I wanted to improve about my laptop because everything else is awesome, love it! :D

So glad I have my camera back now. Yay technology is going well at the moment.
Though, I need to sort out my NZ phone because it doesn't appear to work at the moment... As in, it doesn't even charge!

I have been at CBR the past few days. It has been ok. Today it was BUSY. WHich is WEIRD. Yes we had so much to do that we never finished.

I think I am spreading the love of hugs around the world. haha. Since everyone knows I'm a hug girl they know to hug me. ...which makes them happy too. SO yay! :P

Next 3 days at Star Wars.. This is the last Star Wars Weekend. :( Then back to just CBR...
Have made good friends at Star Wars. Which is one reason why I love events/festivals!

I have a meeting tomorrow with my roomie for the Campus Ambassador thing. :) Hopefully it is a good result.
Speaking of my roomie, she seems the have permanently moved into one of the other flatmats rooms. :( I feel a little abandoned. But alas, it is kind of nice having the room to myself.

I re-wrote a lt of my CV today. I had fun adding the Disney bits in. :P hehe.

So, random, but I now know what it feels like to be stood up now. Not very nice. :( Mean person, I wouldn't do that...

Love this song:

Not much else to report at the moment really.
Enjoying the last of my time here as much as I can. :)
Better go to bed!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

USA club scene

Hey ya'll

So anyone who knows me will be able to tell you that I am pretty reserved and not very outgoing. I don't drink much (may A cocktail?) and I pretty much stay away from clubbing and guys. I am kind of proper and think certain types of dancing are vulgar and horrible. Pretty much a lot of people my age would call me boring and unadventurous.

I am still like that. But I somehow have more confidence here (and bravery, I suppose).
You know the saying "dance like no-one is watching"? Well I guess since I didn't know anyone last night (after Applebees went to a bar/club place..) I felt like it didn't matter. Apparantly I should dance like that more often because I got a lot of attention. Even got a lady who came up to me and said I could be a model then gave me a buisness card (of course I will NOT be calling because who knows what kind of trap that could be). It was cute how guysbought me drinks since I only had really seen that in movies and I have always bought my own drinks.
Did not like the creepy guys there.
Do not like grinding.
Do not like aggressive people.
Can't say Hookah is the kind of thing I want to be around. I mean I don't like any kind of smoking, and I don't care how much 'healthier' you say it is.

I was pretty vulnerable last night and although it was good to get the curiousity ot of my system I know to be more careful. It's not in my nature to party, but I guess it's more accessible here.
A moment of crazy weakness lol. Never going without friends I know well again, either. Cos I was pretty much by myself.
Got there and home safe. :)

Anyway, so I can cross USA club off my list...

It's funny how my plans change lol. I was going to go to Magic Kingdom to watch the fireworks. haha.

Oh, and I had a fun day off too. Got my camera, went shopping (bad girl, yes) and chilled out. I felt quite independent since I got the Lynx buses all by myself. I mean, again, I wish I had people to go with but if I want things done/to do things then I have to do it myself.


Peace, love, Mickey.


Monday, June 6, 2011

10 days straight

Ahh Disney, got to love crazy irregular schedules. Not only will your hours be all over the place but so will your days off (unless you are lucky).
...soooo hard getting back into evening shifts again :(

After today (my one day off) I don't have another til next thursday! ergh. Awful thought. :/

Buuut lets talk about my week after the adventures of Miami and Busch.
I had one day at CBR and then three at Star Wars.

Surprisingly I actually enjoyed my CBR shift. Not only did I get to see my old food and bev managers again (love them!) but I got to work with the new guy. He quite entertains me. Plus he is very interesting. For one thing he has a girlfriend in France, and he met her when he studied there. It is quite amazing, really. Mainly, it's nice having another person there my age to hang out with.
Got to hate the stupid rumors that fly around that place though....

When I was at Star Wars one of my CBR managers came in. It was nice to see him. ...and especially out of his work attire. lol :P

Star Wars was ok. A little boring at times - an ohmygoodness the tent is FREEZING at night. We all wear jedi robes to keep warm and "merchantain". :P

I made another friend. :] Yay! I love making friends. Sucks I make these friends close to the end of my programme though. They are so nice!

Went to House of Blues last night. Only went for about 1.5hours but it was still fun. I liked being able to dance! Agh, it's been too long since I danced!

Today I wasn't sure what to do with myself but I think it ended up being kind of productive...? I managed to get to Florida Mall (all by myself, yay!) and pick up my camera!!! <3 I have missed it so. It is wonderful being re-united. :D
Then I browsed through Barnes and Noble (that place is so lovely and quiet and full of books. I could be there for hours) and THEN I went shopping. I was kind of looking at swimsuits because when i was in Miami people asked why I wasn;t wearing a bikini. I am not really a biknini person, and I;m a little self conscious.....but I figured since i was by meyself anyway it couldn't hurt to try some on.
So I did....and I didn't find anything I liked.
...but alas! I found clothing... :P *guilty look* Yes, couldn't help it. There's one shop called Giti which I am fond of especially...

I also got some makeup (glow in the dark nail-polish - like WoAH!) and had lunch. I ate pretty healthy (be proud!) and even had a fruit smoothie with acai berries. Yes, that's right.

Can I just say, if anyone ever visits Moochie, the yoghurt place, that Red Velvet is the best flavour ever. They dont have it often, but if you see it - pounce!!!

I got some new sandals. Mine were falling apart. Literally. ....and I am sad cos I loved them but I guess it is time to move on and since the new ones were on sale that made me happy! ;)

Might go to Applebees tonight for some dancing and fun, since i don't work til 4.30pm tomorrow.
Gosh, such a party animal all of a sudden. Crazy.
Boys - stay awaaaaay from me. I need no more complications etc. Okay?!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Todo, I don't wanna go home! :(

Konnichi wa,

This day one month away I will be on my way to Utah to see friends before I leave for New Zealand.
Lots of people would be excited about this, and yes I have had moments of weakness where I have wanted to just go home, but to be honest I am scared and sad. I like the life here and the people (at least most of the people) and the freedom. I am scared of all the things I have to do before and after I get home. ...and the COLD. :(

Boys. Aye. Why is it that even when I say to myself that I want to have a break from boys it doesn't happen? AMERICA, what have you DONE to me?! My boy habits have totally changed. I was so reserved before.'s true that being in this type of environment can make you more open to trying new things and want to experience things -to a point you decide of course.
It's probaby cos I like company and affection like pretty much everyone. Plus I mean I may as well lap it up whilst I am here since guys in NZ haven't caught my attention much and vice versa. Don't want to go back to NZ boys who are all rugged (I lie mostly rugged, there are good ones too, huh Richard? ;) ) and drink lots and think they're awesome. :/
I tell you now that after I finish my degree in NZ I am OUT of there!
I love my country but I also love warm weather and being able to wear shorts and dresses! I want to travel and explore and meet people!

I feel like I am going to be all lonely in NZ by myself. :( Such a depressing thought. I have come to enjoy other peoples company. Just having people around makes me feel better.
Which is weird, because I am a pretty independent person and previously I would have considered myself more a person who prefers my own company. But Disney you have showed me my true self!

But if I look positively, I am looking forward to seeing some of my NZ friends again and going to Australia/Thailand in the summer break. I am looking forwrd to having a more constant schedule. I can plan things better and also if I have a more constant lifestyle maybe other things will be possible. Maybe in the uni Hall I will make good friends...

I will be glad to hopefully get away from this enviroment which promotes false and short relationships with people. Yes you make lots of great friends but they aren't arond long and then if you are someone with a car or something people most of the time abuse you for that. Also, it is nice not to really be in the real world but it's also kind of fake and I feel a little oblivious to the world around me.

I HAVE to get my degree. Can't do that here.
I HAVE to travel and explore. It is in my blood! If I don't move from here I can't really do that much.


Let's talk about the past few days though. :)
I went to MIAMI (again). It's horrible getting up at like 4am to get there, but it's so fun so it's worth it. :)
Had a great time. So relaxing. The beaches are so big. The sand is full of shells. The water is warm and clear. Hot (humidity was a little hard to deal with though).

My friend (and pretty much tour guide) showed me this awesome place called Nikki Beach. It had cabanas and beds and hammocks (and teepees...?!). There are guys who look egyptian that take your order. How awesome is that?!
I was thinking that it would be super amazing and romantic at night. ...they need an outdoor movie screen though to top it off.
Good cocktails. ...and $300 group cocktails! lol!!

We also went to the places in Jersey Shore, like the house they lived in and the gelato shop Leccalecca that they went to. I don't like that show but hey, at least I saw where they were. haha.

Had an all around fun and relaxing day. Ate at TGIF. The salad was pretty awesome.

The water at Southbeach is super niiiiice. I LOVE warm water. :D

Topless people everywhere... arrrrgh. Weiiiiird.

Wil the photographer (the guy who runs it) got a little uh...well actually a lot, drunk(he wasn't driving, don't wory) there. Then he tried to make people do crazy things. Including me! Oh myyy... I swear Miami is like the southern Vegas.

What I find interesting is that Miami has all these rich pockets amongst poverty. You see it everywhere. Expensive cars and houses and boats amongst dirty and run down neighbourhoods. Crazy.

I was pretty tired after all that (I know, I didn't evewn do much and yet I was tired!?) I think mainly due to the heat/humidity and lack of sleep. Literally you woud perspire from sitting still.

By the way - be proud! Not only did I not get burnt but I even have a very super light tan! That's RIGHT. hahaha

The next morning I had to wake up early again because I was going to Busch Gardens. Surprisingly my body didn't protest much when I had to get up at around 6am!

I loved Busch Gardens! Big and pretty (like Animal Kingdom). Lots of rollercoasters! Not sure why I love coasters so much but I have no fear of them at all and to be honest the more extreme and fast it is, the more I enjoy it! My faves were Montu and Kumba. Nice and fast. :D Would love to go back to this park. It's far cooler than Universal in my opinion.

We also had our own private catered event and it was GOOD. Ohmygoodness it tasted amazing. I was starving and so it tasted like the most amazing food in the world. ...but equally it was also very delicious.

Back to reality though (sigh) today and the next two days I work Star Wars. Except I now have all these awful evening shifts! I loved my day and morning shifts. :( So sad those days are over.


Reflecting (I hated this in school, thought it was annoying. But it's more fun in this situation :P ) upon what I have done so far in my Disney programme and comparing it to my wishlist that I made before my programme I think I have done pretty well....
Let's see...

--> Company D DONE
--> Go to all 6 Disney theme parks DONE - mulitple times!
--> DisneyQuest ...almost did. :/
--> Go to the 2 universal theme parks (which inc the new Harry Potter theme park) DONE
--> Halloween horror nights, mardi gras... DONE...both!
--> Dancing! - go to Latin Quarter and Bongos! ...Bongos DONE ....not Latin Quarter yet...
--> Citywalk when I'm 21(I have 3 months of being legally able to drink there!) DONE ...could explore more though
--> Busch Gardens themepark! + Aquatica + Seaworld + Adventure Island ...Kind of expensive to do everything but Busch DONE!--> Go shoppppping (I hear the Mall are awesome :P )
--> Hang at Mickey's Retreat (a place for cast members only!) DONE
--> Do some courses at Disney University yup, have mouseters! DONE!
--> Crazy golf...? Never found out what this was, but I have DONE mini golf a few times, inc Fantasia. :)
--> Downtown Disney cinema DONE many times!
--> Zumba? nope. One thing that is super hard at Disney is having something on at the same time every week. Schedulers never worked with me on that one. lol. Miss dancing.
--> Make use of free gym and pools etc DONE
--> Check out the themed resorts DONE - ALL!!!! :D
--> Stay at some (eg. Polynesian, Floridian, Animal Kingdom lodge, Wilderness...) Stayed at CBR -DONE- ...almost stayed at others, but really I am content just to have seen them :)
--> Visit the "commons" and see what all the fuss (and scandals) are about DONE (briefly), not that exciting, really
--> If I be-friend someone with a car then I can go to the beach :) Befirended lots of people with cars DONE. Been to beaches. May do both together later on this month...
--> Go to an NBA or NFL or MLB game! I don't care that I'm not into basketball, football or baseball but apparantly they have awesome atmospheres! DONE! Basketball and Baseball :D I watched in the breakroom at CBR and it kind of bored me so don't think I would want to go t game. Saw cheerleaders at the basketball too haha
--> Disney cruise...? (huge CM discounts :D ) DONE. So amazing.
--> See Wicked! and Disney's Cirque du Soleil... DONE (plus SHrek and West Side Story!)and DONE!!!

--> Have the BEST time EVERRRRRRR.... and meet people from ALL around the world and hear american accents until my heart is content :D ..totally DONE!!!!! as you can see, I think I have done pretty well. Still wanna see the everglades which I realised is not there. ...but I have done things that weren't even on the list, like New Orleans and NY happened too. Loved it all. :D SO lucky. Would do it all again.

Let me ask, what do ya'll think about a "Life after Disney" blog? I probably wouldn't write in it as much but I guess it wll help the separation since at least I could still write my thoughts down here.

Off to do something productive!!