Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'll be going back for sure!

Hey ya'll!

Jellyrolls last night was so much fun! Not only do cast get in free but you get free popcorn and it's free entertainment! The only thing you pay for are the drinks!

..and the entertainment is awesome! The pianists are amazing and very funny. I had a great time. Definately want to go back!

Today was super hot. It was in the 90's -> over 33C and humid and icky!
It was hard to work in, and frustrating being at Gogo for the hottest part of the day. The CDS machine tried to put me there again but luckily I managed to get out of it!

I didn't find out about Star Wars weekends today because the pending status changed. It now says tomorrow. Hmm....

This morning I had a slightly embarrassing moment when I sent an email to someone who ended up not being who I thought. Hopefully they weren't too affected by that and think I'm weird...

OK anyway, I'm going to get an earlyish night


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hey ya'll :)

So a few fun things to look forward to at the moment.

My roomie and I managed to get into a backstage tour of Everest (only 15 places avaliable, so hard to get into!) the day after the formal. ....and of course there's the formal to look forward to! I am going to habg out with one of my Flower and Garden workmates as well as my awesome flatmates. :)

Tomorrow I finds out if I get to do Starwars weekends. I would be super happy if I got to. I love variety!

Tonight I am goint to Jellyrolls. Will update on this later! It's a dueling piano bar and I hear it's very good.

IN other news.
- just over 2 months til my programme is over! Hard to believe. It's goign to be a huge shock to the system. Especially the weather!!!!!
Will be interesting to live in a student Hall though. Especially Cumberland, my first choice. :)

I got some new music for my iPod with a iTunes gift card I got. I love all my new listenings! Lots of rockin country to dance to! :D

I love all my Disney managers. They have their own styles and I love them all for it.
...and with all the complaint I have, I am still a super proud cast member. I love working for The Mouse and I will look upon these days with such happiness!

Oh - can I say that I am also goign to miss being thought of as funny/entertaining. Americans actually understand my jokes and laugh at my sarcasm! That never happens in NZ. I swear I am funnier here! It's awesome. Going to miss people laughing at what I say. It makes me happy. :)

The other day I worked a 12 hour day because of a call in. Am excited for my next paychecks because these next 2 will be great. Which of course is great since my last one of $16! haha

Yesterday I had a fun girlie shopping day with 2 of my roomies. I ended up losing them half the time (which I admit is probably mostly my fault since I get distracted easily...) but it was still great. Except for the getting home part. We got kind of lost and confused with the bus system!
Oh, and the bus drivers were super weird! One dropped us off in a weird place and gave us bad directions and then the other stopped on the side of the road to pick up a golf ball! What in the world!?

Okay! I'm off to meet my friend for Jellyrolls!

Take care ya'll!


p.s - I love the letters/postcards. I am working on replies, promise!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

KP leads you to the margharita stand...

Aloha :)

My day off was awesome.
The first part wasn'tso successful though. I have been trying to cash a cheque for forever, but no-one will do it. There's only one place I know of that might, but I don't have a car to get there. So I have to see if I can get one of my friends to drive me. :(
I swear that is one thing that happens a lot here inthe US. No-one wants to take responsibility, and lots of people just pass you onto other people who also can't help you! So annoying!!!!

But getting onto the rest of the day.
My workmate and I managed to get thorugh all 7 KP missions before our dinner, with time to spare. :P It was quite entertaining and you got to see things you wouldn't as a guest who just were to stroll through the park.
I think that there should be a prize for doing all missions! Disney: howcome you can't at least give out a button or sticker?!?

We ate dinner at the French pavillion, at a place called called Le Chefs de France. It was nice, but think I expected better? I'd probably give them a 6/10?

Saw Mum again last night (after my wonderful Gogo cart shift)for the last time. :( Gonna be quite some time before we reunite again. Siiiigh.. :/
We went out to a place on the Boardwalk for dinner (everything else was booked and it was a black-out date for park entry...). It was pretty nice. My chocolate martini was interesting. The last gulp was like 100% alc and made me cringe!

Later, we walked around the lake and then checked out Dance Hall. It was deserted because it was early, but it was impressive and I can imagine it being popular.

Today I had another Gogo shift. I asked little kids to tell me jokes. It was quite funny. I got some awesome responses. My fav was:
"The banana crawled up the tree and slipped!" lol. It was so random I cracked up lauging. XD

Luckily I wasn't at Gogo too long before the free sampling took over (they are doing it for a few days to get out product knowledge) and I go tot close the cart. There were 2 call-ins so I was moved to stock. Which made me happy because I like to stock. :)
-->By the way! I now know what the applesauce at Gogo tastes like. Ad it doens't taste like what I expected. For one thing the apple-strawberry tastes like banana....

After my shift ended I quickly got organised and got to Hollywood Studios for my 2nd shift.
It was a Fantasmic shift and I was a little nervous about it. Not only was it Food and Bev, which I hadn't worked in a while, but I had to try and find the meeting place. ...and that was quite a mission! It was totally out of the way and down a windy pathway.

I was happy to find nice people to help me figure out how Fantasmic food and bev worked. For some reason I had a lot of questions! I guess I was a little nervous.
But there wans't much to worry about. Everyone helped you and even the managers were nice. :)

Unfortunately the park wasn't busy so we closed early. I was a cashier so I finished my dities and then got an ER. I was sad to miss out on the extra few hours pay, but it was nice to get to go home early.

Right. I'm going to bed now. I hardly got any sleep last night due to various roomate cased disturbances!
But I get to sleep in tomorrow. :D


By the way, I am getting better at closing shifts by the way! I learnt a much easier method for counting everythin out at the end of the night! :]

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Excited for my KP day off!

Hey ya'll!

Yesterday I worked at Hollywood Studios. I hadn't worked in that area before. It was the Muppets sectionnear the back of the Studios. I hadbarely been there as a guest! However, it wasn't a bad shift. I had lots to do because it was super busy! I had people coming at me from all angles!


Today I got to work early like normal. I waited to clock in and then did so when I could (15mins befoe my shift). Then I realised I wasn't working in Cananda!!! So I had to high-tail it to the other side of the world showcase! Luckily I made it because of my fast pace walking. I felt gross by the time I got there though because it was super hot and sticky! :/

ONce I had gotten there I realised I had left my lunch in Canada. :( So in my break (which luckily was 45mins) I walked all the way back and after resting in the breakroom I walked back. I managed to skip a few countries near Japan once my co-ordinator found out and offered me a lift, but by then I had already walked a lot! Yes, I got exercise, but in that heat it was so horrible...

I closed today too. I hardly close (have done so twice) Flower and Garden and I really am not a fan. It's so much effort and it sucks if you get it wrong! One girl showed me a good way of doing it so I understood, but I still prefer opening!

Am excited for my day off tomorrow. :)
I'm going to play Kim Possible at Epcot and then have a dinner planned at France. :)

Although I have early mornings the next few days I have things to look forward to so not complaining. :) Not only do I get a cool dinner tomorrow but the day after I am eating at Hollywood Studios at a place my operations friends rave about.

On a work note..
I love having friends in Operations as well as merch. :) Not only that, but I am excited to break into the Sorin' crowd too. Especially since the break room is pretty segregated!

Q for ya'll, cos we were talking about it at work.
Anyone else think shows like Jersey Shore are stupid? ..and ther people on it should not be famous because there are people far more impressive and with actual skills?


I got word back from Uni saying that I should have recieved an offer from the student housing in NZ. I haven't but that would be great if I got that secured because then at least I know I have a place to live!
Then I just have to hope Dad can help me out with his work funding....

Gah NZ is so close! Scarrrrrry! I'm gonna miss Florida and Disney so much. :(

Anyway!. I'm tired.
Off to bed :)
Night ya'll!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Beach Boys

Hey ya'll,

I went to the Beach Boys in concert last night. It was amusing and yet boring at the same time. Not only were they barely moving due to their age, but their music all sounded exactly the same! After about 3 songs I was ready to go. XD ..and yes we left eary like a lot of other people!

My experience this time was different to all the other concerts.
That's becuase there were a lot more people and universal did some strange things to accommodate the crowd. It seemed like they were overwhelmed and didn't know what to do. I got annoyed with the barriers and the fact that we were made to walk around the whole park just to ge back to the concert area. It was also so tight with people that we were constantly being pushed or having our toes run over or something similar. Not so good.

I did get a cocktail though! It was exciting top be able to do that. :P I also got to try about half the flavours before deciding which was great. :) Can't say many of them tasted good, but I enjoyed the experience.
Of course universal does not seem to be a proper evening trip without Panda Express. So that is what we did. :)

Oh and on th 21 subject, I got my ID decal changed so that it doesn't say UNDER 21 anymore! :D

One weird achievment. I can say I have officially parked (or at least people I am with have) in every one of the Universal parking lots. Which is somewhat awesome considering you never get a choice as to where you park because they assign you...

In other news. This week I have been given all these weird evening shifts. Reminds me of Carribbean Beach because I hardly ever got morning shifts there.
I can't say I like the change! I was quite enjoying the switch! Plus I got used to getting up early and think it's lame that I have to now work late. :(
I tried giving away my closing shift but I didn't manage to. :'( Sadness.

This week I have decided to pick up a few shifts and although it will be hard work I need to make the most of the overtime, since my paycheck this week will be about $10 because of the trip I just went on.
So over this week I will work in Hollywood twice and Downtown Disney once. I will be getting my costumes in between my Flower and Garden shifts and hopefully it will work out okay and I am not too tired!

I submitted an interest form to be a part of Star Wars weekends at Hollywood. I know a lot of people who have applied but I have heard it is fun and so I figured I may as well see if I can do it too. :)

Anyway, I have to get ready for work now!

Friday, April 15, 2011

St Simons, Savannah, Charlseton annnd Folly Beach

Hey ya'll!

So I just got back from my little break last night.
Got in a little later than expected, but eventully made it!

My time off was great. :) Nice and relaxing. Road trips are definately fun.
Probably needed more music, but the country music stations were awesome so that kept us entertained. :D I think I even converted someone to country music.... hehe

Quick break down.

St Simons was fery tiny. Not much there. Cute though. Shopping could have been better! Lots of scary old lady shops. :P
The hotel was super adorable. Liked it a lot. :)
Ate at a cute little seafood place. I tried some weird stuff that I can now say I've tried but am noooot a fan of. Like hush puppies (no, not the shoe brand...)

Savannah was pretty. Had lots of horse carriage rides like in New Orleans (though there they used mules). Old but had character.
Ate at this seemingly dodgy looking (well, I thought so, anyway) turkish place. Good food, but I was scared the whole time about the atmosphere. Not only was it a Hookah bar (quite common here) but there was only this one guy who ran the whole place??
Dinner was super yummy. Was on the waterfront and on a balcony. Nice live music. I really enjoyed my salad and main.

Charlseton is pretty. Nice characer. Cute shops (I went waaaay overboard with bling buying... It was so much cheaper than NZ though. Couldn't help myself XD )

I turned 21 in Charlseton. A different place to turn 21 that's for sure.
Had my first cocktail since NZ. It tasted great. :) Of course I dind't get drunk, but it was fun watching others be. :P

Folly Beach has beautiful sand. :) It was a lovely beach actually. I could lie there for ages.
The water was warm! :D
Too bad about the jellyfish!

Had milkshakes on the beach. :D

Okay, au revoir! Got to go. Lame 6.15am wake up tomorrow. :(


Saturday, April 9, 2011


Another weekend, another free concert! Yay!

Lifehouse was alright, but I only recognised 4 songs. The rest kind of bored me... But hey, it's free entertainment, so all good!
I had this really yummy shrimp sandwich thing with cajun freis. Delish. :P

Work has been ok. Had some weird guest moments.
Like the kid with this joke:
Why did the 5 ckickens cross the road?
not sure... why?
Because they wanted to get killed!
..... *blank slightly disturbed face*
Why would they want to get killed??
....because all chickens want to get eaten!
:/ ??? Not sure how that is funny....

Ok and one more.

What does the inside of a clean nose look like? has fingerprints!

wow. boys...


I went dancing last night. It was a weird experience. I miss going dancing to just dance. ...and getting to dance lots. Here people just kind of stand around staring at each other. ..and generally the girl asks the guy to dance. :/


I got my microwave egg poacher in the mail!! WooOOoo! Will def be making some fun creations. Or at least attempting to. Good thing I have alot of eggs....

My Mum arrives here soon! :)
It's going to be great having a 5 day holiday and a roadtriiiiip! Fun stuff.

Okay, talk later!
21 in 3 and a bit days! :]


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mustangs are beautiful :)

Hey ya'll!

It's midnight here but I know that I have to post becuase otherwise I will forget to!

Work has been okay. Nothing much exciting. My days off were pretty fun though. :)

On my first day off I slept in for a bit. Which was awesome. Then I decided to go check out cast connection/property control for a bit since I hadn't been there in ages. Only got a few things but it was nice to get that urge out of my system. :P

After that I rushed to my apartment and got ready at light speed to catch another bus. It was time for Typhoon! I went with 2 friends and it was good fun. :) The weather was nice. ....but okay. Here'smy dilemma. HOW in the WORLD did I manage to get sunburnt when we were only there for 4.5 hours and I re-applied waterproof sunscreen twice?! Gah. Stupid pale skin!
Then it was time for a movie night. :D Yay!

---> Oh. That reminds me. I forgot to tell ya'll that the other week I made brownies. It was quite an adventure. ...and although the middle part tasted awesome somehow I managed to make the outsides as hard as rock.... :/ Ever done that?

The next day off was my roomie's birthday. We went to Beastly in the morning (even though I was a zombe from a late night prior. The movie is pretty predictable, but it was still cute and I liked it. Prolly giveit a 7/10, since it wasn't that original...
It was also Cinderella's Royal Table night! We had booked this 6months ago and were excited about it for ages. We planned to dress up etc and have a great time.

We managed to get another friend in too depite protests about how we couldn't do that. I find that the people on the phone always say it's not possible. ...and then when you go in person every time I have asked, they have been okay with adding people!

Anyway - we dressed up all pretty! ...and one of our Bippity Bobbity Boutique roomies did our hair. So awesome!

The only thing was that Cindy's Table was not the best of experiences. I mean the breakfast I had there once before told me that too, but I was told the dinners were far superior and so put my prior experience to the side...

We had several problems, but the main problem was that we were sper disappointed because after all the anticipation and preparation it didn't live up to our expetations at all! One of the biggest things I had problem with was the cast. I do not think they stayed in character and played the part at all! It was so un-magical. :(

Then, we had problems with our bill. We thought it was all good since we had pre-paid, but then we had issues. So maddening. I am wanting to write a complaint letter...

On another note though - I went to work the next day with my princess hairstyle. Of course I had to take the tiara out, but everything else was perfectly in tact. Yes, the gel was THAT strong. My hair felt like it had a cement type glue on in and the bun was super hard!

I was afraid I would get in trouble for having my hair that way but I didn't have time to try and take it out (a mission, I tell you now!), so I risked it. Turned out the managers didn't mind and actually kinda liked it. :) Of course they asked if I got it done at the Boutique. ....and I said "uhh no, I have friends"... :)

In more recent news though, my shift today dragged on for ages. I was so tired! Not to mention I was closing and I really am not a fan of that.
However, there was one awesome posisitve.

When I was clocking out I started talking to another Flower and Garden cast member. It turned out he had a car. ..and he offered me a ride. Not only was that awesome, but when got to his car I was like.... woah.
It was such a nice car. ..and the inside was even more beautiful.

Now, I'm not usually a car person, but this car was super nice. Not to mention it had a whole bunch of extras that made it super amazing! For example, the inside changed colour!

I must say that although country music was playing (yay!) and he drove really safely, I still felt a streak of rebellion or excitement. Maybe it was the whole sports car thing? Maybe I felt like I was riding in a total chick magnet car like the movies and that got my body buzzing?
It was pretty thinlling experience, anyway. Made me want one....

Some fun countdown things:
1. Mum's gonna be here soooooon :)
2. I managed to get a booking at Le Cellier (tip for all ya'll dudes/dudettes: make friends with lots of people here! Espesh ones with power!). Looking forward to it!!
3. My 21st soon!

Here's a nice guest magical moment to finish with...

So, I was working in Germany the other day. This guest walks by with her husband. She admires some butterfly garden stakes we have.
She proceeds to admire them for quite some time and make comments like "oh, aren't they pretty?" to her husband (who seemed to uninterestedly agree)
They walked off and the guest begrudgingly left without buying anything.
....and then the daughter (who i didn't even notice until then, age around 10years) came back, picks up the Mum's fav garden stake and says "I'll buy it fo you mummy!"
The Mum was so impressed and touched by her daughters actions. You could see it in her eye.
I thought it was beautiful. :)

Off to bed!
Faith, trust and pixie dust!


Yes, there are pics.
Roomie has them.
Not sure when they will be uploaded....

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Heeeeey romeo....let's go down to Mexico.....

Hey ya'll :)

Last night I went to a Sean Kingston concert at Universal. I'd have to say so far I liked Blake Shelton best. His CD is great too. :)
Sean Kingston drove me somewhat insne with his "put ya hands up!" after every 5th lyric. Dude, find something different or more -original- to say.

Work has been okay. I like the people I work with. Well, except for one or two. Like this older lady today who spazzes when I tried to help her. :S So weird.
Yesterday was interesting because power was out in Canada so we got be usher all day, directing guests to a building with working POS machines. Of course, guests were upset that they walk further, but regardless I enjoyed the change. :)
In fact work has been odd lately. The day prior the weather was horrible (well, everyone was freaking out, when personally I thought it was just like a typical NZ storm) and we stayed in the breakroom for 3 hours before before being released from work, like I mentioned in the previous post...

My next days off are the 4th and 5th. I was planning to go waterparking and do cincerelas table, and a few other fun things. But kind of lost some enthusiasm. I don't want to go to those sorts of things by myself. I mean I can, but it's so lonely! Hopefully I can find people to hang out with. :/

I feel all lonesome at the moment, actually. Wish I had dancing friends. I miss dancing so much. It's one thing I want to ge back into when i get back to NZ. I mean it won't be as good because I wont have a chris or a richard to go to classes with, but at least I can feel the music in my bones and let my soul soak it all in.

Anyway, I am going to go check out Bongos tonight for a bit just to see what it's like on Saturday nights. See if the dancing is any good. If not I will just come back and go to bed.

I feel a short rant coming on. Want to hear? Okay, then. Knew you would.
....I am in the kind of mood whereby I want to give up on boys all together. :( Seriously, they change their minds and moods too much.
Actually, that's probably just how girls are.
But I am just sick of it for the moment though. No boys. -.-' Nope. I am going back to my keep-to-myself...self.

May I just say that this may be a touchy topic, but I want to know what ya'll think. Religion difference in relationships.
Can it work??
My conclusion is: not without much difficulty.
So I think I am just going to avoid going into anything like that again. ....yeeeeah. Accept me for who I am and if that's not good with you then you're not good with me!

On a side note....
Mum is coming over soon! Looking forward to seeing her. :)

Chat later!