Tuesday, August 31, 2010

24 hours in 2 days?

So basically I just worked one -entire- day and then slept the other. haha.

I was scheduled a double shift on Sunday, at Carribbean Beach. That was ok. I mean it was tiring, but I knew I could sleep in a little since work the next day didn't start until 11.30am.

It was a middle shift which was weird because I've not been scheduled for one yet. I was supposed to finish at 6pm, but then I go asked to see the manager. He explained that people had called in sick, and asked if I could extend.

I was quite tired, but thought I shuld be helpful and do a few more hours. I asked until when, and he said midnght! lol! Ok, how about you just tack on another entire shift?
Reluctantly, I said I would, because I like to help out (I had already been moved to a different work station so I knew we were short staffed) and overtime is always good. The only thing that really swayed me though, was that I had the next 2 days off!

The shift was pretty boring since it was so slow. However, when my cast member friend joined me we had such a good time. We were singing and dancing(well as much as we could safely near a pizza oven) and we drew magical things on the pizza boxes. :P It was awesome. :P

To give an example of the slowness of tonight though, usually in the last 1/2 hour you get lots of pizza orders (at least 10?) a people decide they want pizza at the last minute. However I only got 1! Made cleaning easier though :P

...my fav clinary finished at the same time as me so we got the same bus and he walked me to my apartment which was cuuuute. I love a gentleman any day! So crazy how he lives basically in the apartment block next to mine too!

Going back to the day before, I was put on breakfast in the morning. Which gave me a fright because I had no idea how to DO breakfast! I didn't even know what we SOLD for breakfast!
However, one of the managers seemed to have faith that I would be fine.
....and after an express 30 or so minutes of learning everything, I was pretty much OK. I was doing Bounty Platters by myself, and kids platters and egg platters .. I was quite impressed with my memory ability. :D
Breakfast went by pretty quick, since there were a lot of people.

My evening shift that day was at Broiler. I had one cast member wanting to swap with me. It was tempting because of the situation (some people I am not a fan of workig with) but Broiler is my fav and you hardly get put there, so I didn't want to give it away!
It turned out the evening went pretty well. I breaked a girl in delhi, and a nice hour break and had fun with the culinary guy. So many culinary at Carribbean are awesome. ;)

Today I plan to relax, go shopping (I need some new iPod headphones becuase mine decided to die on me :( plus shopping therapy is always good for the soul hehe), washing and then later go dancing!!
Wooooooo. :D

So excited for that. I haven't latin danced in agesss. Hopefully it will be good! :D

I'm off to wash my hair and enjoy my day off!
(ya'll are thinking - wait, didn't she already have 2 days of a few das ago? This is true, but it's because my days off always change!!!)

Tomorrow it's Typhoon Lagoon, with an ever growing group of Carribbean cast members....who miraculously have the same day off...?! ...should be fun! Wish I had a better swimsuit though :(


Friday, August 27, 2010

What an adventure

Hi ya'll

Yesterday I actually managed to find universal studios! I was so proud of myself. Especially since I was by myself. :)

I got on bus number 1 to get to Chatham. I walked from there to Publix. When I was there I saw a few itrollies, so I went up to one to find it empty. I tried another and thankfully there was someone there. They told me to cross the road.

So I did, and eventually I got on an itrolley. :)
The lady told me it was the busy route and to expect about a 45min ride.
International drive is fascinating. There is a lot to do there. Shopping, entertainment and several themeparks! So I was taking it in the whole 45min ride.

Of coure when the trolley stopped it looked like I was in th middle of nowhere. The driver told me to go to the lights and turn left. Which I did. ...but she didn't tell me what to do next. So I turned to my trusty GPS. :)
Unfortunately my GPS didn't understand that I was walking and not driving. So I was walking in the heat for agessssss....

Luckily I saw some people and they told me they had walked 20mins in the direction I was heading and that it was the wrong way. So I followed them.

Eventually we found Universal.
The security man got grumpy at me. :/ scary. I can't believe some of the rules about photography. It almost makes me scared to take photos!

I got to the ticket area and was all excited. It had already been a long trip.
..and then the ticket lady told me that my proof of residency wasn't adequate. I was so upset and mad. Especially since a lady from Universal rang me when I was in NZ and said everything would be alright.
I went through 3 different people who all said I couldn't get the pass I wanted.

I was so irritated by then becuase they didn't even try to be helpful.
It was where I could really see how different and nice Disney cast members were in comparison.

I suddenly had a brainwave and searched my phoneemail for the letter from last year. I then rang up their help number and got through to a representative pretty quickly luckily. The lady's name was also Kimberley, and she was nice. After I explained everything she gave me a code and said it would allow me to purchase the pass!! :D

So I got a power pass, which is a years admission to Universal (a few blockout dates) for about $140. :) ..and whilst I was at it I grabbed my Halloween horror Nights ticket too. :D hehe. I got those at the cheapest price too (the lady was saying I had to pay more, but I eventually got what I wanted XD ). So woo! Go persistance!!

Of course once I had those I went into the park and explored. The first place I went ot was the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I was soooo excited. I had been waiting for this for a long time!!

I loved Harry Potter. It is tiny, but it was non-peak so I got on rides within 20mins and so got to go several times! That, and I went on a few several times!

Teh castle ride is really amazing. ...and the dragon coaster is s lovely and relaxing. :) [yes, I think rollercoasters are relaxing. Strange aren't I?]

I got to drink butterbeer!!! It was so cool! ...and it actually tasted pretty good!

The shops were pretty neat, except I thoght it was lame that alot of the shops were fake shops that didn't actually exist. :(

I fond out tht Universal uses a locker system. I was confused at first, but it turns out it's like a safe way to *freely* store your stuff whilst you go on rides. :)

After had exhausted Harry Potter (inc shopping) I walked around the rest of Universal. It was quite interesting. Lots of fun theming.

I went on a lot fo rides because they only had really short waits. My fav was thr Hulk coaster which was awesome and fast!

The tower thingy I was not impressed with. Sure,I walked straight onto the ride, but it was not scary at ALL. XD
The spiderman ride was ok, but not anywhwere near as awesome as this lady in the Olivanders ride queue mde it out to be.

I was amused by all the areas that were themed. Like the Betty Boop area and the Dr Seuss area.

Eventually I had the dilemma of how to get home!! Since no-one was around to help (and their help desk was not helpful) I asked around near the transport area and eventually met a nice couple who helped me out.
I followed them on the lynx (what is up with transport here only taking exact change :'( ) and eventually had to transfer busses.

I got on a bus that said Premium outlets because I actually knew where those were.

Then I got there and freaked out becuase I had no idea how to get to any apartment complex!
Luckily this nice guy from Turkey (who ironically was previously a cast member) showed me where to go to get to the commons.

I waited for the bus.
..and of course it started torrentially raining!

Luckily, when I finally got aon a bus, there was a nice guy at the other end who offered to take me to my apartment under his umbrella! Wasn't that nice!? :) I was super appreciative of that. ...even if I still got pretty soaked haha.

Today I had a fun day hanging out with a cast member from work. He picked me up (yay for cars! :D ) and drove us to universal.

It was so nice to have someone to enjoy a day off with!

Again, no lines. :D So we went on rides pretty quick.

Oh and on a ride that actually did have a descent line, we managed to skip it becaue I did a show request. :D Michael was working so we got to skip the lines and go straight on whilst he was taking the ride. It was awesome. :P

....and then of course in the afternoon just before we are abotu to leave, it torrentially downopours. It was so bad that if you were out in in for a second you would be drenched.

We held out as long as we could in theshelter of a merchandise shop, but we had to go. So we ran in the rain to his car, and yes, we were drenched after.

It was suprisingly fun though.... Even though it was freeeezing!

Tonight I actually bothered to cook a proper meal. It was pretty nice too. So hurrah. :D

So tired, and I have a double shift tomorrow.
So goodnight ya'll!!!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

12 hours!

It was nice to have a normal shift inbetween double shifts to break things up and let me sleep in. (and today's sleep in was nice tooooo! :D )

I can't believe I survived working 12 hours in one day!? I never would have thought I would survive such a thing and not be too affected!
Go me. :P

Firstly I was put on beverage island, and I ended up having soooooo much to do!

Not only are guests like crazy people in the morning, but of course everrrryone wants breakfast before they go to the themeparks! It was so messy and we were running out of things so quickly!
Cast members don't appear to like waking up early in the morning and aytending to the guests either because they didn't seem too happy! In fact I really missed all my evening work buddies!!!

That shift went pretty quick considering I had so much to do and was busy the whole time.

The 2.5hours in between shifts was a nice break. My feet were throbbing so they were grateful for the break, and it wasn't too long either. Just a nice amount of time. :)

My evening shift was pretty good.
I told this chauvinistic guy who I think is up himself what I thought of him. LOL. I usually don't do stuff like that, but hey. He didn't know what to say to that. XD Its not like he has the upper hand either because I have knowledge I can use against him (muahahaha). ;)

I swapped positions becuase a cast member wanted to know if we could. I was happy with that because I'd prefer Burger front to Pizzer filler any day!

Oh my goodness. You know what? I got a major high from having my first FULL conversation with a guest in SPANISH. Yes, that's right. I took his order and I even got it correct! Are ya'll not proud? I mean I only learnt spanish for around 3months! It was exciting. I shall have to do it again. He was all happy that I talked to him too and gave me thumbs up. :D

Today I went to Publix and had a fun time there. Man I love grocery shopping. I get to pick whatever I like and take however long I want to take. It is lovely. Also, Publix is a lot nicer to shop at than Walmart.
The employees are nicer and its less crazy. Also its smaller so easier to find things! The food is healthier and they have a lot of awesome things that walmart doesn't. Quality, not quantity. hehe. (go Chilton values ;) )

I also got my social security number (mine for life!). It's quite exciting. hehe

Did I tell ya'll that my text book for my class arrived the other day? I will have to start reading it soon, but it's definately on the thick side!

Looking forward to Universal and Hollywood on Friday and Sat! Woo!!



Monday, August 23, 2010

Double shifts

Hey everyone!

I managed to get my time off for when I want to go to Louisiana! So that's super exciting, I can't wait!
When you work all the time you have to have something to work towards that you feel is worth the effort. :)

Yesterday I did a double shift. A few people wondered how I managed to do it since I haven't been here long, but apparantly it's possible..!

I had to get up at 5.30am to get my bus, which was horrible because I had gotten home around 1am the previous night and then could't sleep at all. So I woke up feeling ick! :(

The first shift was at POP Century Resort. I was going to take a pic of me wearing the costume, but I forgot. :/ However, this is what it looks like:

I looked a bit scary, but I'm kind of used to such things here. ;)

The POP shift was ok. Of course people kept asking me where things like milk were, and I had no idea. But overall it wasn't terrible.
I actualy enjoyed being on dining room and getting to talk to the guests.
There weren't enough chairs for the amount of people though, so I was on chair duty trying to find guests places to sit!

I was put on beverage island half way through and oh my goodness. Instead of one island like in Carribbean, there are three!! Talk about a constant mess!

The thing that stood out the most to me though was this boy. He must have been a little younger than me, but we started talking and then he said something along the lines of: "I just want to tell you that you are doing a really great job. It's awesome to see when people look like tey enjoy their job, and you look like you do". I thought it was really nice of him to compliment me like that. :)

After that shift I went back to my apartment and rested for a while. I wanted to sleep for a few hours but that didn't happen. I was stressing that all this work and no sleep would affect me badly, and it appears to be true. I feel quite tired. My eyes hurt.
I wish I could have slept longer this morning too, but I had to return my costumes.

Then I had my Carribbean shift.
I love going to work and saying hello to all these people, and having them say hello back. It's so nice. Makes me feel almost at home. Hence I don't really mind going to work because I know I will be met by smiling faces. :)

I was worried since my shift ended at 12.30am, that I would be put in Grab and Go as a stocker. I have heard you don't get trained on it and it's a lot of work, so not too keen to do that.

However, it turned out I was put on Pizza front. I was excited because as ya'l know I love front shifts.
It didn't quite turn out the way I was expecting though.

Last night it was SUPER busy. At one point there was only one lady in the back, who was slow and didn't quite know what she was doing, so I decided to go help her out.
Turned out she really needed help. She had a huge queue of pizzas to attend to and the guests were getting upset. Then there weren't even enough pizza boxes!
I got to work going at high speed and after about an hour we were back on track.
I then focussed on making lots of pizza boxes, and by the time it was my break, everything was back to normal. :)

After break I did some back and some front depending on where I was needed.

At the end of he night I had to do pizza front close. ..which takes foreverrrr.
Good thing I had help. :D
..and then I finished 25mins early, but instead of being able to go early, I was told to help the guy on Grab and Go.

It was probably a good thing because I learnt how to close some of Grab and Go. Also I got to hang out with this guy who doesn't talk much, and get him to talk. He's being deployed to All Star Resorts for a week, next week. Wouldn't have known that otherwise....

I picked up some extra shifts. Woo. :P So tomorrow I have another double shift, and then on the 29th I have one too. I prefer to have a few double shift days and then 2 days off, than 6 day weeks. Esp since that way you alo get time and a half. Yay. :P
...but I do have my limits. I don't do double shifts 2 days in a row for instance.

I looked up online the Blizzard Beach pictures from photopass and so I thought I'd share them. They are not the most flattering pics, but you get an idea of the exhiliration lol.

The first pic is me on the ride at the *top* (the slope bit is decoration, you don't go flying off the edge, it's just a vertical drop), and the second is after the ride.

I found out today that I have to go to the Commons to get a written statement saying I live in Florida, and also to get my free main entrance passes. I will do that sometime this week, along with Universal Studios and Hollywood Studios. :D

The waterpark free entry is until the end of Feb!! ...and I get 50% off tickets for friends and family! :)

Right, off to work!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blizzard Beach

Hey ya'll!

Yesterday I was on register all by myself.
..and I survived.

Actually, better than that. I was pretty good!

I even survived Grab and Go by myself and made magical moments for little kids. As well as that I managed to project a positive image for the guests and help them as much as I could. :) I have that dining plan down pat I tell you!

I found out that evil lady heard about how she made me cry. ..and that she told another cast member that she had "better be careful [in coming over to see how I was at Grab and Go] or you'll make her [me] cry"
What a biiiiitch. Seriously. Unbelievable!

At least most people are on my side and not hers. I prefer to be liked than be the one who didn't cry.
I mean I hate crying. But she actually made it impossible for me to withold my emotions because I got to breaking point. There is only so much continual negativity that I can handle!

Anyway, so I was pretty proud of myself for completing that shift. Not to mention, that was my last official day of training! Which meeeeans, I can take off my "earning my ears" tag from my name badge. :D Woo hoo!

Today I went to Blizzard Beach.
It was kind of sad that I went alone, I know, but I didn't know anyone else with the same day off. :/
I managed to go on all the main rides which was awesome.
I loved the theming. Disney always does a great job with details.

Oh my goodness. The park actually ha the same music as my work. I couldn't believe it. I was thought they would at least theme the music. But no, I had to listen to the same music. It's enough to drive you insane!
I did ak if it was possible to change it (at work), and apparantly it isn't. ...and it has been that way for years. :S Talk abotu stuck in a time warp or something.
Do you have any idea how hypnotising and frustrating it is to hear the same music every day?

Back to Blizzard though.
The park closed abotu 2hours after I got there. Just as I was at the top of the biggest most thrilling ride line. After waiting over 30mins.
Unbelievable. >.<
....at least it re-opened and I got on it eventually, but I couldn't believe my luck with that.

I think the most important thing abut today though, despite the lines, it that it was relaxing.
..and relaxing is good.
Especially for someone like me who likes to be on the go all the time!

I really liked how I could talk to any of the cast members there easily. It was as if you are given special treatment and respect. Everyone was just so lovely and helpful and a few even went above and beyond, just for me. :D

I love how so many people think NZ is some exotic place.
Oh and you have no idea how many people ask me if I am from Australia or England. No one has guessed right yet. XD

Tomorrow is a double shift. Starting where I get up at 5.30am, and finish at 12.30am. Looooong day.I will be looking forward to that sleep in the next day.
That's for sure.

Oh well, I can just daydream about my next weekend. I look forward to my TWO days off.
Yes, TWO. It's quite exicitng.

Talk later!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cashier crazyness

Aloooha! :)

Thursday was horrible.
I was being trained on cashier but the person training me wasn't a very good trainer. She made me feel incompetant and stupid most of the time.
Now, I admit it usually takes me a while and some repetition until I have things in my head. However, once I have them in my head, I become very good at my job.

So, what I really needed was for someone who was understanding to help me out.
Those cahier machines have lots ofbuttons and are quite complicated. Nothing is grouped together so often you have to hunt for it!
Then theres the dining plan. People who have worked there for ages think it's simple, and once you get the hang of it, it is. However, for a newbie it's seriously confusing. Guests kind of expect you to know it too, and are always asking about it.

Good thing I know it pretty well NOW then. :P

Anyway so it was like having this parrot on my shoulder the entire 8hour shift. Every time I dd somethign wrong she would be like "no. what are you doing?!" or "I told you how to do that" ...gaaah. I really hated it.

I managed to survive for most of the shift, but then after my shift I broke down in front of the manager. Embarrassing, yes. The news got around fast. However, she was nice and gave me a hug (yay I love hugs :) ) and then told me I would be with another trainer the next day.

Yesterday I was indeed put with another trainer. She was nicer, but somehow I wasn't that bad with the cashier buttons anymore. Sure, I forgot where some things were, but I was very proud of my memory. I didn't have many problems during my shift, and I was even doing pretty well in figuring out if people had everything right for their meal plan!

Suffice to say that I had a more enjoyable shift. I was dreading yesterday so much! Today I have the same shift but with no help. Hopefully there will at least be sooomeone that lingers around though for when I have questions.

This continental breakfast thing still blows my mind. Not entirely sure how it works.

On a side note
I was thinking about this Cancun thing I was invited to. Possibly Mexico is not the safest or easiest plan. So since I already have that time off I want to go on some form of adventure. I love adventure!

I was browsing southwest airlines and the places they go, and stumbled upon Louisiana. The first thing that I thought of was Princess and the Frog. The second image was of swamp lands, laid back people in rocking chairs on their porches, steamboats and aligators. I have never experienced sich a thing in person, so I am considering going there! Man this year is going to be jam packed of awesomeness. :P Basically I work to save up for adventures!

Anyway. I have to go get ready for work.
Good thing I have tomorrow off. Which meansssss WATER PARK FUN. WOOOOOOO.
Also, I did manage to get next friday off. So I have a 5 day work week instead of a 6. .....and of course I have that double shift. Should be an interesting week!!

Man its weird how my Dad will be living in Thailand and my Mum in Australia...

Random thing:
I love how kind some people are. Truely. I wish there were more kind people around like them. You guys are awesome! Harmony, you are my role model for the month! :)

Have a magical day everyone!!!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Short and sweet


A quick post before I go to work.

Today I am being trianed on cashier. Should be a good set of skills to learn. Means I can pick up merch shifts, woo!

Yesterday I did Pizza back. It started off a bit weird since I was with a new girl and she talked so quietly I could never hear what she said, and she sounded like she was getting mad with me. But eventually we got talking and sh brightened up. :) Also I made friends with one of the cast members there who I was a bit weary of prior. I go around calling him prince eric, and he goes around attempting to insult me, whereby I whack him with empty pizza boxes. hahaha. Good times.
I also made friends with a random grl in the break rom who I had never seen before. She used to be a cast member but was waiting for someone. Funny enough I knew the person so that wa fun. But the reason we got talking is cos one of the managers thought we looked alike!

Today I went and got some more costumes - including the POP one for the shift I picked up. I have to wear a bandana and my costume is actually prolly scarier than my Carribbean one! Hard to believe, right?

I was invited to a trip to Cancun today?
Who would never have expected such a thing? It's like with Miami. Spontaneous and awesome. ;)
Hopefully I can go. It's in mid November...

Anyway I have to go!
Talk to ya'll later!


Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm walkin' on sunshine woooooah

Firstly, can I just say THANK YOU to Barb!
I woke up this morning and a letter was on the dresser by my bed. :D
I must not have seen it last night when I came in. But yay. That made me happy. :)

Wow it's hot in Florida. I mean in between thunderstorms, it's hot. But I'm mostly inside or under shade so I don't realise. But MAN. When I walk to and from the bus, I feel it. So glad I get to work inside. That sun is STRONG.

So what's been happening in the world of Kimmie?

The day before yesterday (saturday), I had to work on beverage island again. Not my fav job, I'd have to say.
However, some guests humoured me (even thoguh I was a walking zombie die to no sleep because of eviiiil flatmate). ike this one guy who asked for some milk. I showed him where it was, saying "do you mean half and half?" (which is a popular half milk half cream thing here). He did mean that, but he turned around and asked "where are you from?" (what is up with guests asking that when it is clearly plastered on my name badge?)
I told him, and then he proceeded to be humoured. He said "ah, because you said half and half" (said in a strange English sounding accent)
...oh I see.. *smiles* haha.

Beverage island was busier which I was very happy about. I mean, sure, the little kids made rivers on the countertops, and spilt ice and ketchup everrrrrywhere, but I was happy for the company. :)

Also, the trainer guy hadn't abandoned me like was usual on the second day after training! Woo! He was very helpful to have around. :) Oh and I was super proud of what I managed to remember. I even changed the soda machines etc! go me :D

Yesterday before work I went for a swim. I had the pool all to myslef and it was loooovely. Morning swims are wonderful.

I changed shampoos and conditioners and my hair is feeling more healthy. Yes. It actually feels alive! Hurrah. :)

I was at the Broiler yesterday. It was awesome. :D

Not only was I with my fav culinary who is fun to work with, but I was at front again! I got to talk to all the guests and it was awesome.

Now, I know we are meant to interact with guests etc, but I refuse to compliment for the sake of complimenting. In my eyes, blatant compliments that don't mean anything are like lies. So, any compliment I give to a guest or anyone, I mean.
...and one guest was wearing the coolest purpl sparkly top. I just had to point out how awesome it was. ;)

Although one of the cast members I worked with kind of annoys me, somehow I managed. I swear some people like to act as if they are the boss of everyone and superior.

Yesterday I was excited. I figured out what a double shift meant (no, not that it doubles your pay. My goodness people kept trying to tell me it was when your pay doubled, but that's the obvious part! I wanted to know what it meant)!!

Also I figured ou what I am and am not allowed to pic up in regards to extra shifts.

Oh! I also figured out how to give away a shift (unfortunately you can't jut be like *give away shift button*, you have to have someone to give it to). Lucky for me I was writing a note asking if anyone wanted my shift, and oe of the cast members in the room offered to take it. So that was easy. ;) haha.ouse it still has to be approved.

But my double shift on the 22nd has been approved. Woo. hehe. That'll be a long day. I have a short shift from 7am -11.30am at Pop Century, and then from 6pm-12.30 in the morning I have my Carribbean shift.

...but its to make up for my now 2 days off that week. Hurrah, I actually get 2 days off next week.
Water themeparks - here I come!!!!

I am uploading new pics atm.
Here's where you can find them. :)
They are of Chritains flat party, the day at Magic Kingdom with Michael, Night out at Pleasure Island and the Vista Way pool party!

Can I ask, is anything interesting happening in the world?
I am living in a Disney bubble, and although I have the internet, I usually only have time for blogging and checking my mail. When our internet comes back, I will check BBCorsomething...but anyone wanna fill me in.
Anything massive happened that I ahould know about?

Apparantly Obama is in Florida? Awesome.

Oh. Random thing, because I'm excited.
If I pass both my courses then I'll get a Mouseters AND a Ducktorate. Isn't that the coolest sounding thing you've ever heard?!?! hahaha

Keep up the comments ya'll!

Have a magical day :)


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Flatmate from HELL


I'm trying really hard to control my anger right now. So bare with me.

I just spent like 40mins trying to scan one documet. It was the most complicated process ever and I was getting so mad!!!! It wouldn't work with everythign I tried, and I had to use a vista computer and my god. I am so glad I have my laptop now because those THINGS are horrible (not that I can use it i my apartment because the internet is BROKEN. DARN YOU VISTA AND YOUR CONSTANTLY BREAKING THINGS)!! You can't access everythign and the 'my computer' area is locked so you can't access anything. Talk about how to drive someone insane.
Then again
my anger is probably fueled by the fact I didn't get much sleep last night.

Want to know why?

It's because I have to share an apartment with the most selfish and most idiotic person EVER.
I recall at the house meeting we asked her to keep the noise down at night. I asked if we could do something about the food on the floor, too...and the dishes.
Let's see if anything was taken on board.

Floor: the food has not moved. In fact I think more has been added. Lovely.

Dishes: someone put dirty dishes in my lovely clean dishwasher. Also. Someone keeps using all the pot/pans etc and leaving them with food in them overnight and not cleaning them out!!!!! Not only can we not use them when they are liek that, but it is GROSS. GRRRRROOOOOSS I tell you!!!!!!

Noise: Last night. It was 1.00am. I creep in and get ready for bed after I get home from work. My roomate is asleep, and I don't wake her.
10 mins later. CRASH. BANG. ..and all other noises associatd with loudness. The evil faltmate has arrived, and wanted to let everyone know.
Well, thanks.
She continued to make a huge racket for ages. In fact she strated cooking and slamming cupboards and pans etc.
She woke my roomate up. Unbelievabe.

Also ths morning I noticed she left her nasty dishes and pans etc andwent out with some guy. ..and she had put dirty dishes in my nice clean dishwasher!!!!!

Yesterday's work at Beverage Island was soooooo boring. I wanted to shoot myself.
..and the exciting thing is I get to do it all over again tonight, WOO!

Also, the close for it takes ages. ..so I betya I won't be able to get out by midnight tonight.

Can you tell I hardly got any sleep and am ANGRY...?!?!!?

I want to move to Chatham.
...and I want to go to the water parks with the free admission from today! ..but my frist free day is the 21st!? :(

I think I need chocolate.
Maybe ice cream?

Bye ya'll.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Shopping Therapy

Hey ya'll!

I haven't been able to blog the last few days because things seem to like to break at Vista. We get one thing fixed and then something else breaks. I'm kind of getting annoyed by it. I mean we get a bathroom door and then the toilet seat is broken(I think it was the person who fixed the dor to be honest), we get the blinds fixed, and now the internet dies. ergh.
This place needs major renovation.

The flatmates are trying harder to be more onsiderate since we had a house meeting on wednesday. Except I notice there is still food on the floor which is suuuuper annoying!! I hate going into the kitchen with the floor being all nasty.

I think the end result will be that I move apartments yet again. Friends of mine here are wanting to move to Chatham (bigger, right at bus stop) or Patterson(newest, most expensive, but prettiest). So I might join them. At least if we make a request together than I know what kind of people I will end up with. The lame thing is the $50 fee. :/

Als, onto the previous days activities!

On wednesday I went to Publix and Walmart. Then plan after that was to go to Hollywood to see fireworks, but then I found out those freworks only happen 3 days a week and that day was not one of them. :(

I did express (due to the bus timetable) shopping at Publix to get some healthy things I knew they did not sell at Walmart. Unfortunately I forgot about the cherry tomotoes. :(

Walmart was fun. I like having time to myself to wander around that giant place.
I ended up with lots of bags and getting them through the rain onto the bus was a challenge. XD haha

When I got back I went to watch some DVDs with Michael since the weather was bad and the fireworks weren't on. :/ Yay free movie rental! ...Tarzan!!!

Yesterday was more of an adventure.

I wanted to go to Florida Mall because I hadn't been yet.
I was planning to get the 11.45am bus there, but suddenly I remembered that Hayley was going to get the 11am.
Somehow I got myself organised so that I got to the bus stop on time for the 11am.
Too bad the bus wasn't also on time.

Darn the ATM, too. The light was shining on it an I couldn't really make out was on the screen and pressed the wrong button.
With only one free transaction a week I was kind of annoyed that my transaction was stuffed up, grr!

I guess at least it meant that I could spend a lot at the Mall...?

Then the bus never came for the Mall. When it was 15mins past I went to speak to the guy in charge of the buses. He didn't even realise the bus hadn't come.
Eventually (I came back a 2nd time because we had no news) he said they were "bringing one from the back". Whatever that means.

A few mins later a bus for Florida Mall finally arrived.
Unfortunately, the bus driver was incompetent. He drove us to Walmart instead, which was completely the wrong way.
Not cool.
..and Hayley was freaking because she had work in a few hours. She just wated to get a phone mainly (finally, woo! haha)

We finally made it to the Mall, bus he drpped us off at the wrong place. The other girls were like "this isn't where we are normally dropped off, are you going to come to this spot every time today?"
The guy said

Famous last words.

We were all relieved to get off that bus and start shopping.
I wandered around with Hayley and she chose a phone. Then we both had fun at the Disney store (why on our day off, right?)

Hayley went off to work and so I was left to explore. I enjoyed shopping by myself. It meant I could be as indecisive as I wanted. ;)
Also, as annoying as the people are in the middle of the asiles who are always trying to show and get you to buy their products, I had fun with them.

I let them practically pamper me (with no real intention to buy what they were selling). I had my hnd and nails done and my hair decorated wth Swarovski crystals (those things were niiiiice).

At the food court I got to sample everything.

Free is good.

Eventually I settled on Chinese for lunch. It was yummy. :) I realised then that I hadn't had that cuisine in a long time!
I also had a really nice berry smoothie (tip - I asked for no banana in it, so it actually tasted 100% like berries, yum!!!)

Shopping didn't kill my wallet too much, but I did splurge a little. I got 3 tops and a dress. The dress is blue and I got one rainbowish, one teal and one purple top.
2 of the tops were the last in stock so go me! :D They are super pretty too, so I'm happy. :)

The dress was a last min thing whilst waiting for the bus. It was only $12 (on special) and I liked it so bought it!

Then it was 5pm. The time the bus was meant to come.
It didn't.

So I rang the office up. They told me the bus had already left with about 50 people in it ad we would have to wait for the 6.45pm!
What the heck!?

We had been there since about 4.45pm, so it hadn't come.
It had actually gone to where the driver was supposed to drop us off the first time!
Man we were mad.

Luckily, a girl in the distance was waving to us indicating the bus had not left yet.
There were only about 3 seats left, so I was really lucky to grab one.

I managed to make it back in time for the "It's a Jungle" pool party!
Free food and drink here, too! Woohoo!

The party was pretty awesome. It was at the main pool which has a spa as well. There was a DJ, music, pool table, lots of people, characters (safari mickey, yay!)...

There was even some dances you could join in with, and they had competitions such as a hula hoop showdown.

After all that excitement Mario made it to the pool and we went back to my apartment where I showed him my buys for the day.

After we had chilled out for a while we headed to Downtown Disney.
The plan was originally to go to the House of Blues, but we ended up going to BONGOS! Downtown Disney (Pleasure Island) is super pretty at night. It has an awesome atmosphere as well. :) Lots of lights, it's by the water, music, people enjoying themselves...

We eventually sat down and had an entree and drinks at Bongos which were pretty nice.

...After, we made our way back to the Vista bus.

On the bus I saw a guy I had met before, and then the girl next to him Mario and I got talking to. She is from Vegas, so we had a lot to talk about since I have been there 3 times!
I thought the body language and facial expressions going on there were hilarious!

Anyway. Today is day 1 in 8 days straight of work (which I did not give myself, like a lot of people here seem to do - workaholics I say!)

Catch ya'll later!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Front makes me JUMP

..for joy.

I was on front of Burger last night. I really enjoyed it.Not only was it more air conditioned, but I got to interact with all the guests. I love hearing all their stories and aout where they are from.
A lot of them ask about NZ too, so its fun being able to clue them in on things. :)

The sucky thing was that although I did front, they put me on BACK close! How uncool is that? Close take sooooo much longer to close. Probably 3x as long. :/

Anyway I did manage to get through that and since I started early I had time to spare at the end. However, the person who was meant o inspect me kept saying they were "coming" and then never did. So with only about 4mins before my bus I had to grab someone else . The lady opened a few things and then told me to go!

I clocked out at 12.02, and my buswas at 12.01. ...however the bus ended up arriving about 15mins late anyway.
G bus.
You are the most unreliable bus route I have ever seen.

Today and tomorrow are days off! (I will enjoy since next week I only get 1 day off. :( )
I am going to get more costumes and also go to Walmart/Pubix!!!
So keen for grocery shopping, I want fruit. Lots of fruit. ..and I need more things to put in salads.
Hopefully I'll get time to do both places, but I think I might just have to decide between them.

..and then maybe I might go to hollywood studios to see the firework show :)

Some shocking news - it was actually pretty quiet last night!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Burger makes me feel greasy.

Yesterday I was in burger back again (I hope I get to be in front today!). It was an interesting night with the culinary chef. He's a character, that's for sure. But if you make a mistake, he'll tell you.

I get annoyed because people tell me so much and then expect me to remember everything, and also because people show me how they do things their way and then I get in trouble for doing it the wrong way when I've been told all these different ways! So annoying.

Yesterday I signed up for 2 classes. :) (I wanted to sign up for more but you can only do 2 at a time).
I am enrolled in

Creativity and Innovation


Security Professional Development Studies(related to Political Science, somehow)

I am assessed in the Creativity class, but not the security one (which is weird I would have thought it would be the other way around?).

The Creativity one runs from Sept 23 til Dec 9, and is 4 hours long once a week (thursdays, 8.30am - 12.30pm at Vista)
I had to buy this book for it. I was impressed by the 10 5 star ratings! Also they are going to start taking money out of my pay check for course costs. :( oh well..

The Security one runs from Oct 13 til December 8, is 2 hours once a week (wednesdays 3pm-5pm at Patterson)

Apparantly they let my work location know and they make sure I have that itme off. I could be working before or after them though.
Unfortunately its more likely that they become my days off. Which means I prolly won't have any full days off till after they are over! :/

Anyway I hope they are interesting! My brain prolly needs a workout. Its been a bit too much in holiday mode since I am no at uni right now. ;) Of course my brain is havinga hard time with other things, and it's memory function is having to work a lot better, but I'm not sure if it's working as hard? Maybe its justbeing worked differently.

In other news..
Having more problems with one particular flatmate.
However her actions might just seal her own fate. We shall see...

Ok talk to ya'll later!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Burger shop

Burger shop last night was pretty fun.
I really don't care that I smelt like grease after, because I can always have a shower, and I don't have to wash the costumes myself. :P haha

I made a few mistakes, but once I got it I was fine. I think the reasons I made mistakes after that was due to distractions. There were plenty of distractions. Like my trainer who I ended up trying to keep on task because he liked to joke around a lot. I was trying to ask him questions and get help but he was not exactly focussed. ...luckily the culinary who I was working with was super nice! He helped me out with everything. We also had a good time because it wasn't very busy and we were at the back so we could chat. I found out he was one of EIGHT kids! Far out.
His programme finishes in 5weeks though and I'm sad about that. He's fun to hang out with, and can actually understand me, and my jokes! hahaha.

Anyway so the back of the shop sems easy enough to clean, but I will have to do some pre-closing to help me get out on time.

Unfortunately the culinary guy I have today is a different guy, but I've had him before and he's super nice. :)

Anyway I'm off to get organised, and maybe go sign up for a class, woo!

see ya!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Deli on my own

Yesterday I had to go and get some more costumes because mine neeed to be washed. Unfortunately I couldn't do this after my shift, or on the way to it. So I had to make a special trip. Yay for getting to do the same trip twice in one day... XD

Work was ok.
The set up was difficult and I forgot how to open a lot of stuff, but some nice chefs helped me out. :)
If in doubt, ask a chef. They are all pretty awesome. :)

Overall I didn't have any major troubles throughout my shift. In fact the only thing that could have been worse, was one lady who got upset that her meal took longer than the lady's beind her (she ordered a hot meal though, and the other lady didn't), but in the end there was no drama. :)

I even managed to close (I did the smoothie machine so much faster today! woo!) only going over time 8mins (but that included the inspection).

Today I get trained in another new shop - burger. I get my original trainer again though so I'm pretty happy. Free food again, woo! :D Got to love free food. Yupyup!

Last night had a little issue in the apartment, but hopefully it won't happen again.
I notice the kitchen isn't so bad lately. Though there is still a saucepan in the fridge (too bad if anyone else wants to use it XD).

Anyway I have to go and do some stuff, including laundry. So see ya later!


Saturday, August 7, 2010


Hello everyone!

Work yesterday was kind of crazy,

Firstly it was at another new place called the Deli. ....new places are always nerve wracking because there's SO much information hurled at you.
Also this time I had different trainer, and she is not as laid back. I think she kind of expected me to know and remember a lot.

After a while I kind of got the hang of it. Its quite different to the other shops becuase you take their order and their name.

At the end we did the hardest part - the smoothie machine. She made it look not that hard, but we still made a mess.

I was like, hurrah! I can go home now! ....not quite. I was sitting down and the trainer was going over some things with me, nd then the manager asks if I could please do the 2nd smoothie machine by myself!
Gaaaah. That meant I couldn't go home just yet.

..and what was supposed to be a 15min job took me 45mins!!!
Mainly becuase I couldn't fugure out how she showed me to get all odf the smoothie out, so I ended up getting it everrrrrywhere. Including all over myself!

Today I have to run the shop by myself. I really dislike this part. I feel all isolated. ..and I have to remember how to open the shop! It was much more complicated than the other places to set up, so I'm kind of nervous I'll forget things.

Okay, I'm going to go get soem more costumes before going to work.
Hopefully I'll be okay!


Friday, August 6, 2010

Girl bitching is evil.

Hey everyone..

I don't want to continually pull out negative stuff, because we all know positive stuff is much nicer. However, this is an account of my experience here, and that means there's going to be good and bad. So I have to explain why I am feeling cruddy right now.

Yesterday I had a fun day out at the Magic Kingdom (original plans were scrapped!). However, when I got home the pixie dust turned into soot.

I got into my apartment and I noticed the other girls were home. Unfortunately they didn't notice me come in. So I got to hear them bitch about me.
Now, there were plenty of different responses I could have taken, but I chose to stay in my room and go to bed. I was tired and now upset, and didn't want to talk to anyone.
My roommate suddenly noticed I was there, and they stopped talking. Well done.

I probably should confront them about it, but I'm not sure I want to.
I just wish they wouldn't judge me or consider my feelings irrelevant, before they know my side. I mean they've known me, what? 2 days?

I think that for now, I just really would like to explain myself. Just to release my bottled up feelings, and also so all you readers understand my side of the story.

Basically, the night before last I saw in the kitchen there was this food that was abandoned in the pots and pans. I was like, I can't say I like the look of that, but I'll see if they disappear by morning.
By morning they were still there.
I thought this place smells, and that uncovered food will attract bugs.

Now, I work in Food and Beverage, so I'm used to cleaning things and having tidy spaces. I can't stand living in a pigs sty. Do what you want in your own room/bathroom (clean it up for inspections though) but the communal spaces should be kept tidy, in my opinion.

Anyway, I had some free time, and I wanted the place to be nice and clean. So I cleaned their dishes for them and made the kithen tidy again. I then wrote a note saying something like "A friendly reminder to ask if we can please try and keep the kitchen tidy because we all have to use the same resources etc etc"
I thought I was being nice and doing them a favour.
Apparantly not. ...and I know people don't like to be lectured, but I thought otherwise they wouldn't do anything about it.

I think they thought I was treating them like little kids or something, which I can kind of see how that conclusion might be reached, but isn't it common sense that you don't leave food out uncovered and to glue to utensils?

So their bitching upset me and made me feel unappreciated and misunderstood.

I won't try and help them from now on, since they don't appear to like it. But I swear if it gets worse I will move apartments again. I do not want to come home to a place I don't want to live in.

But onto more positive things!

Yesterday evening at Magic Kingdom I had a fun time. I got a free ice cream float becuase the lady stressed out and got mixed up so then gave it free of charge, woo! :) I am slowly understanding the best ways to get to places and how things work.

I actually got to dance last night. ..but not what I usually would. I thought, eh, no one I know is here, I'm going to let loose! :P
I can't believe I actually joined in with dances such as the Chicken dance, YMCA, Hoedown Throwdown, Macarena.... yeah, I just said that. I had fun making a fool of myself though! So I guess that's all that matters. ;)

Today I checked out some Cast Member only stores. They were pretty awesome. :D I bought some nice things, my favourite being this cute bag that has Mickey and Walt on it. The only thing wrong with it was the zip was missing the dangly part, but that is easily fixable! I was like, I get 75% of this bag and that is all that is wrong with it?! Awesome!

I also now have a lanyard! Took me long enough huh?! It will be useful because now I don't have to get my ID out of my purse all the time. :)

Okay, I'm going to relax fopr a bit before I have to get ready for work. :) I am being trained on anothe new shop called the Deli. Hopefully it is ok.

Have a magical day everyone!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Not so fun morning, pretty awesome afternoon

Yin/yang yet again!

I had to get up really early for my social security number. That was not so fun.
The process when we got there though was really easy and didn't take long. I actually didn't even have to say anything.

After that Michael helped me move the rest of the stuff to my new apartment which was good. :) It took longer that expected though because I managed to grab all this free food from my old flatmates since they dind't need it anymore! I prolly inherited over $100 in food! So I was happy. :P

After that I helped Michael ready his apartment for his apartment inspection tomorrow. That took a while. 6 boys... yeah.... I am suprised I actually was like picking their smelly socks off the groud etc. XD ...don't worry, I thoroughly washed my hands after. ;)

So that was the 'must dos' done. ..and now it was onto the 'want tos'!

We were on the way to Walmart and then Michael pointed out the helicopter sign that he was quite fond of (and repeatedly liked to point out haha). He was like, let's go! ..and proceeded to walk off the bus! I didn't want to be stranded, so I followed him.

There was this $20 offer, but I knew there'd be fine print. There was, and it was only like a 3min flight, and you needed 3 people!

Michael still really wanted to go on a helicopter and convinced me to join him. We went on a 7-9min flight that went over Sea World, Discovery Cove, Aquatica, I-Drive Resorts, Wet n Wild, Unversal Studios and Islands of Adventure among other things.

I'd have tosay it was pretty neat. I mean, it's expensive for what it is, but since I had never been in a helicopter before I enjoyed the experience! Helicopters really aren't smooth like I thought they'd be. They are more like a bumble bee!

So I nevr thouht I'd come to Florida and be doing all these really spontaneous things! I really am not the spontaneous type. ...especially since I am an ultra cheap ass. But don't worry, that side of me did emerge. haha

There was this guy who took photos of us before and after the flight. He showed us the pictures, but then another group of people came down from a flight.

I thoguht the pictures were pretty average and that I could have taken better! I didn't want to pay $20 for 2 photos. So when he rushed outside I took photos of the best od his photos. hahaha. They turned out pretty well too. See:

If I had more time I would have gotten less glare, but for the time I had I thought I did pretty well. XD.

Anyway so after that excitingness we had to wait for the next bs to Walmart. It wasn't for abotu 20mins, so we explored a little of Publix and some random Disney shop.

Then we did express shopping at Walmart for about 30mins so that we could get the next bus. I can't believe we actually managed that with like 2mins spare!

We we got back to Vista Micahel decided to stay cos he was tired, and so I met up with Hayley.

I had been invited to dinner at a friends place in Chatham and we were allowed to bring friends(s).

Unfortunately when we wanted to come it started POURING. Obviously getting drenched didn't sound fun, so Hayley showed me her apartment instead. Man it was nice! So clean and lovely! Even decorations everywhere, and placematas!

Eventually the rain stopped and we grabbed the first bus the Chatham (which just happened to be the G bus. lol).

We were the first ones to arrive, but when everyone else did it wa a lot of fun. The people were lovely and we had Chinese, Spanish, English and French being spoken all at the same time! haha! How's that for mulicultural!?
Christian cooked for everyone and it was so lovely! The pork was amazing.

All (except one) of my new room mates were home when we got back. My room mate i pretty quiet (from England) but she's nice. We think similarly about a lot of things.
Three are from the USA and appear to be party goers and the other is from South Korea.

I didn't mind that they found my iPod dock and were using it, and I didn't mind their choice of music etc. ...what I did mind though was that I wok up today to find all these nasty dishes. Like a frypan and a pot with food still in it, caked on.
I was like. No. I am not putting up with this. ...so after un-caking the food off the things I then washed them and wrote a note.

When one of the girls woke up she was all "you don't have to do that" and "the reason she didn't clean them was she was up til 4am".

Okay.. But it's not hard to put some hot water in a pan so it doesn't bake to it. ..and it's not even hard to empty spare food.
I don't want bugs, and I don'twant to wake up every morning with a funky smelling kitchen. That, and we all have to use the same stuff. Leaving it liek that will ruin the things becuase you have to like scrape them to get the stuff off.

I got a little annoyed at their response, considering I was doing them a favour and they really should know that it's not that hard to clean up after yourself. I swear that if they don't pick up their act I am going to turn into an angry kimmie or move apartments!!

I think if I hadn't said anything than they might have considered it was ok and keppt doing it. So I'd rather be a 'mean' person to start with, than end up with a problem.
I swear in every apartment this happens. There's always someone who grumbles. ...but I mean if people would just do basic things then it wouldn't be a problem.

Enough grumbling!
I'm going to Magic Kingdom and Company D and Cast Connection today! Woo!
Days off are the best. :D


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Frustrating endeavours

Aloha! :)

After moving some of my things to my new apartment (I will continue today) and having lunch etc, I went off to my pizza back shift.

Whilst I was waiting until I could clock in, a few of the cast members started talking to me. I'd have to say there are a lot of nice people who work at Caribbean. I do get frustrated when some of them don't understand me (mainly Spanish speakers, and their broken English is hard for me to understand too), but I just have to persevere.

Yesterday was an example of a conversation that was misinterpreted. A lady said to go to break, but I thought she meant pre-break (a meeting), so when I came back after she was like "have you been on break? 6-7?." The '6-7' part is where I finally figured out what she meant!

Anyway. Last night was a whirlwind.

We started off really slowly and I'd get bored often because there was nothing to do.
..but then around 9.30pm it got SUPER busy. I was the only one at the back and I was running around like a headless chicken! I had pizzas coming out of my EARS! It was okay, I managed to stay on top of it, even if I was stressing out and I wished I had help.

I didn't drop any pizzas, woo! However, I did have to spoil a pizza because there were so many pizzas on the conveyor belt that the utensils at the end started squashing one side of the pizza, and by the time I noticed the pizza was too munched to repair. So I had to quickly make another. :/

There were 3 conveyor belts and I was using them all and I just had so much going on that I had to be so careful not to burn any or crush any!

Things like breadsticks got in the way too because other things would be in the oven already and the breadsticks start from in the middle...

Then I was trying to remember the black bean burger patties, but with everything else on...and having ot take temperatures of food and re-stock the pizza shop, get replacement stock of things, fold and label boxes... yeah I didn't get around to it. So the pizza shop people gave me all these annoyed looks when a customer wanted one. ...but if they were in my position maybe they would understand.

At least I have made friends with one of the pizza delivery people. On the first day of pizza back I thought he was grumpy and not so nice, but yesterday he complimented me on my breadsticks (how I had done a nice job at browning them) and then talked to me a little. I think the ice broke and after that he was really nice to me. He even helped me to take out pizzas etc. ...and he said at the end some really nice things. :) Also he said he'd help me in future if I'm by myself and need help. :D

The chefs are all really nice too. They say hello to you, and sometimes joke around with you. It makes it a far more pleasant environment to work. :)

The end of my shift was the most stressful. I wanted to get the 12.01am bus (because otherwise you have to wait until the 12.31am). So I started cleaning up, but then all of a sudden I got all these delivery orders! I was like....nooooo. :/ By the time I had finished all those it was about 12.45. So I had 15mins to clean. I was like, I can make that happen, surely?

Maybe not.

I was trying to do the spoilage sheet but then I encountered the evils of pounds and ounces again. I know that 1 pound is 16 ounces (I never knew I would ever learn that one), but then I had something that was 30ounces and they wanted it in pounds (every utensil is in ounces). I thought it was nearly 2 pounds, but I didn't want to approximate in-case I got it really wrong.
I was thinking, why can't everything by in the same unit so that all the people from overseas aren't killing their brains after 8 hours of work trying to figure it out?!

I was therefore on this quest to get someone to tell me how much it was. I asked all these people and got all these blank stares. That is when I realised I wasn't going to make the bus. It was this annoying isolated feeling. One guy seemed to think he knew what he was doing, but I knew that there was no way 30ounces equalled 42 pounds. That's just ridiculous. Eventually I went to the managers (who understand me, and conversions...hurrah!) and they told me it was 1.9pounds.

After that I was like, ok one battle over. Only to stumble into another one.
I was trying furiously to clean everything, and then I turn around to find that the rubbish bin has gone.
What the?

So I go to try and find another one. I find one and ask the guy if I could have it. He was emitting the answer no, and I thought darn it, just give me a rubbish bin, what is your problem? He kind of just stood there, so I was like "I'll bring it back!" and took it anyway. XD

I was cleaning, and then the guy comes back and tries to take it again.
What in the world?
I ask him to please leave it because I hadn't quite finished (all the while getting frustrated because all this was taking time, and I really wanted to go home. My feet hurt, I felt gross and I just waned my bed). Luckily one of the managers came in at that time. She was like "she hasn't finished yet" and then the guy finally left the bin alone!

Of course about 5mins later he came back again. This time I was like..."whatever, just take it."
So I had to carry the rest of the rubbish to another bin after.

I swear it was the most frustrating little game ever!

Then one other kitchen guy came and dumped a whole bunch of stuff on the place I was trying to work. He didn't tell me why, so I got a little annoyed. I went back and asked him about it, and he was like "just leave" "all good"
I wasn't sure I actually wanted to just leave it there with inspection. So I moved it to another table just incase. But I hated this alone feeling. Especially since several times throughout the night when I asked for help, no one did. That, or I had to ask them several times.
This was especially annoying when we were running out of kids pizzas, and a girl from front was stressing out at me, when I had asked this other guy to get more (he said he would), but he hadn't! It was like I got blamed for everything!

Also, not many people were around, so everything smashed together to create all this built up anger in me! I wanted to attack something, but knew that I couldn't.
MAN. I hope it isn't the same tonight. Not fun. I want to go home on the 12.01 because I have to wake up really early for the social security number interview!

I'll talk to ya'll later!


Monday, August 2, 2010



Today I had to start moving my things to my new apartment here at Vista.

...but before that I shall fill you in on yesterday.

Yesterday I was trained on 'Pizza back'.
It was okay in that it wasn't exactly difficult. ...it was really boring at times though.
Also I didn't get to talk to any guests, which was lame. :/

I always enjoy training shifts though, because you get free food. :D

I have to do this shift today and tomorrow. ...but it's okay, when you are bored you just make pizza boxes, and then you can interact more with cast members at the back.

The bus was its usual late self at both ends. ...but I hear they are changing bus companies! So maybe there is hope..?! ;)

Then on Wednesday I have to get up early to go to my social security inteview...so that they can tax me (isn't it awesome?). ..but I have the rest of the day off and the day after. Should be good. :)

Today I got organised earlyish so that I could go to my new apartment and get dibs on everything. Espcially since I got last preference in this place which meant I ended up with all the crappy things.

When I got there it was abandoned and I was like, yus!
However a few min later I hear a knock at the door.
It was someone inspecting the apartment to see if it was okay.

I made use of that opportunity to check everything and point out anything I didn't like. She was pretty nice and I'm actually glad she came because initially I thought it was a 2 bedroom apartment like I am used to here. I was asking if I have to pay the same rent if I have to share a bathroom between 4 instead of 2, and then she pointed out the 3rd bedroom which was to the left of the entry door. I had completely missed it.

I had a look in the room to find it was one with an ensuite! I was excited and thought....I am SO grabbing this room!!
That's when notied that someone who obviously got there on the dot of 9am (I arrived about 9.20, and she had already moved in a bunch of her stuff!), had put her stuff in the room too. At least I know my roomate is smart?

I couldn't figure out where my roomate was from(country) by her stuff....but I'm sure I'll find out soon enough.

So I'm very glad I get the ensuite bedroom. Means I only have to share with one other.
Sucks for the other girls because there is only one set of shelves for the 4 of them to share!

I am also wondering how 6 people are meant to share 1 freezer/fridge and about 4 cupboards. ...I mean where I am now there is no spare room. :/

At least the new place isn't much further from here, which means I am still pretty close to the bs stop and the front desk. :)

The new place is on the 2nd floor...so I hope that doesn't mean lots of noise from people above us. If not I will not hesitate to make noise complaints.lol.

I noticed the only thing the other girl had claimed was her bed/room. So I went around claiming the sides of things I wanted.
The only lame thing is that she took the wardrobe side that doesn't have the locker. So that means I have a lot less room to hang my clothes. :(
I might be able to use the cupboard that is on the right of the apartment entry though.

I hope my new flatmates are nice....
It should be interesting living with so many people. I hope they are tidy and it isn't too chaotic.

Here are the...

Magic Kingdom



Disney's Hollywood Studios

..photos. :)

Talk to ya'll later!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Hello everyone!

Man I love days off!
Not only do you get to do everything that you've been putting off for a while due to time restrains(eg. washing), buuuut you get to have FUN!

Yesterday I had to go get some more costumes(ie uniforms) because obviously mine had been usedfor work and needed cleaning. So at around 11.30am (I got some sleep, woo!) Michael came with me to the Carribbean/POP costuming place so that I could get more of my costumes.
When we got there I had no ideahow to check in costumes becuase I had only checked them out. Luckily Michael knew, so he showed me. :)

Then it was the big question as to whether they had any of the pants in my size and the style I like. It was a miracle, because they had FOUR! :D I was quite excited, and knew that today was going to be a GOOD day!

We then had to wait for the bus to take us back to Vista so that I could dump myself and we could grab another bus to Hollywood Studios!

Hollywood Studios is really nice!

It was lovely to stroll through. I was lapping it up. Yup. :)

We went on the Hollywood Tower of Terror FOUR times. Yes. Four.
We went on the RocknRoller Coaster twice (my fav)

I loved the Little Mermaid show! It was really well done! They used all sorts of neat effects.

I need to go back and see everything else! I feel like there's so much more to see! Not to mention the night show wasn't on last night, so I need to go back for that!

Plan for next time = finish off Hollywood stuff, then catch the boat to Epcot. Yay, a boat! How cool is that? :P

Michael and I have the same days off this week, so that could definately work to our advantage!

Right now, I am uploading pics from recent times now (Magic Kingdom, Miami and Hollywood), but the best ones I put up on FB. So if you have limited time, and FB, just just those ones out.

I got my first pay check which I didn't think I'd get becuase of double rent! I think they do the double rent for this paycheck though. But yay for $$! :D

Tomorrow is inspection. Which means hopefully my flatmates will clean something so we PASS.
I have cleaned as much as I can, but I refuse to clean their rooms or anything. I swear if we don't pass then they can pay the whole fee. ...and by they I am mainly referring to one girl who doesn't appear to clean anything......

Today is back to the drawing board (though I am on pizza BACK today, which I'm not to excited about since I don't get any interaction with the guests :( ). However, I only have a 3 day stint at work this week, then I have wed and thurs off! Woo. :P I am lapping up the easy work loads whilst I still can! :D

Prolly a good thing because I have to start moving apartments tomorrow. :(

Okay well chat to ya'll later!