Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Last day of Epcot training + days offfff

Alright so I shall fill you in about the last few days of my life..

The last day of Epcot training was so mentally challenging! There is just SO much stuff to know!! I gt confused at times and then I swear they put something in the air because we were all falling asleep again. I was trying so hard to stay awake but I am pretty sure I missed a lot of info.

I feel like we are being chucked into this thing a little unprepared. I mean there's just so much to know! There's even new register things and the fact that there is no close breakroom means I am not really sure that a 15min break will even have a point. My locker is like 10mins walk away so how is that going to be useful?

I finally got a work schedule! Wooo!
Unfortunately they didn't honour my day off requests which had been approved ages ago. But there was no way I was just going to lose the money I had spent on Halloween Horror Nights! So luckily I managed to request a shift giveaway and it was accepted! :)

My schedule is a little unusual because unlike other people's it doesn't actually tell me what I am doing. I just have to turn up and then be told where to go by the computer!
Also all of my shifts are 6hours except for one which is 11. But it sucks because I usually do way more hours, and they time my shift is means it's pretty impossible to do a double shift! :(

Oh and guess what? I was told that the flag shirts are unisex, and so I was complaining about how the buttons were on the wrong side of the shirt, and then later I see on the tag it says "male". Well, thanksss....

I have a pretty cool trainer/area manager and so I think it should be pretty fun. Hectic. But hopefully fun too! It will be an achievement to be able to survive all this time working outside in Florida.

I am one of the only international people in my group who are working the festival (I hear they don't often allow it - which seems odd to me?) so they were all fascinated by me. I could pretty much have been an attraction in a zoo! I told them about all sorts of NZ things. :)

Aftermy taining I had the afternoon off. I txted my friend to see how they were doing, but found out some bad news. :( So we ended up going to Planet Hollywood for dinner (which is pretty awesome) to help forget about it. They have nice food and oreo shakes...

Yesterday I went to the Mall and then Publix. Although I was by myself I had a fun time. I love being able to shop at my own pace. I only bought 3 pieces of clothing, 2 headbands and 1 $2.13 (lol) bag. So I thought that was pretty controlled. ;) I didn't spend too much grocery shopping either. :)

Last night I was just going to stay in and watch a DVD, but then another friend wanted to see a movie and had no-one to go with. So I decided to go too. It was called "You Again" and was okay. It had it's moments, but compared to "Easy A" it was kind of lame. I cannot believe how much frizen coke I drank.
No-one I was a little crazy after the movie.

When the movie finished my friend wanted to go into Billabong. Which was okay except that it was FREEZING in that store. The sop guy came out and was like "what are you doing? Howcome you aren't coming in?" I told him about the cold and he made some joke and then grabbed a sweatshirt from the store and put it on me. That was funny but sweet at the same time.

Today I am just kind of relaxin. But I now am going to hang out with anther friend for lunch (yay for friends!) and I might go to Blizzard after. Who knows. ...but I have Horror Nights in the evening so I'm excited for that!!! :D

Not to mention - it's pay day! Woo!!

Have a magical day everyone!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Epcot Training Day 2

Hello everyone :)
(yay thanks for the comments readers, I love knowing I'm not blabbing to myself hehe)

It was day 2 of my Epcot training today. I am getting better at opening my locker! Woo! Yesterday I couldn't open that combination lock for the life of me! Those things are crazy and I wish I knew how they worked!

Oh and guess what? Suddenly I hav to use a system called CDS, which isn't used in resorts. ...and what do ya know? It recognised everyone but me. Darn this accidental termination which has made life so difficult!

I e-mailed a lady who co-ordinated the Aussie/NZ programme the other day and told her what had happened to me recently. I got a nice e-mail from her and then she forwarded it to another lady who then sent another nice letter. It was nice that they went out of their way to apologise and offer assistance. At least it feels as if some people really do care and want to help.

Back to training... man it was a long day. Everyone was so tired (we had to get up at 6am so...) including myself. They ha people walking around waking people up. lol!
The training was really repetitive though and the fact we had to take a test wasn't so fun! I passed though, so yay!

I had to talk to someone about the fact that I didn't really havea schedule at the moment, and they wrote my detials down so hopefully it will get fixed soon! Otherwise I guess I have some people I need to call!!

They are very strict for the festival. Anyone who has pre-approved time off is not even guaranteed it!

I couldn't believe that the greeting they had for NZ was "Good Day", too! I was like...huh?! No-one says that, it's way too pash! How about a "Kia Ora" "Haere Mai" or even just "hello"? Seriously. I thought that was super strange...

The white pants are really not liked by many people, but there are some good things about today!
We got some free stuff! Woo! Go free stuff. :P I was quite excited. hehe.

Tomorrow's training should be the most interesting. I think we get to check ot our work location more. :)

I am super tired. So I'm gonna have a rest.
Have a magical day!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

I have good news! ...and yay for Epcot!

it's called....



It was a total fluke that I went to the service centre at Vista Way and they could help me out, but they figured out what was wrong and now it is FIXED! :D

You know what was wrong?
The person who had input my data had put that my end date was the 18th of this month!!! ..and then I was termiated. Probably becuase I never left on that day ;) haha.

But seriously? All this drama because some person typed in the wrong date? How crazy is that?
I couldn't do so many things.

...and today I am going to try and fix up my costuming dramas. No way am I paying for these costumes since they accidentilly terminated me!

Yesterday was a pretty good day though. Not only did I suddenly exist agian, but I loved the cowboys outside my window in the morning! The weird thing was that I had been a cow girl for Mickey's Not So Scary the night before!)

Speaking of Mickey's Not So Scary, that event was suprisingly awesome!
Here are some pictures:

I loved feeling like a little kid, getting to trick or treat. ...and although being in a big group (there were about 8 of us) made things a little difficult at times, it was also good fun. We went on rides (no lines - not even for Space Mountain!!) and danced with characters. In fact just danced full stop(or 'period', whatever works for you).
There was free face painting so some of us took advantage of that too. :) I liked the shows and the costumes. They were pretty fascinating. So even though it could be considered a kiddie event, if you make the most of it, you'll have a blast! There were plenty of adults there as well, so we didn't look out of place!
Now I want to make sure I definately go to the Christmas version!

This post was supposed to be up a few days ago, but I haven't had time. So now I am going to combine the last few days with this one... :)

The past 3 days I had off. I mostly had inventory stuff to do. I found out the the banking system for our cards is really limited. It's sucks. We can't even transfer money onto our cards! :( ...but, at least my NZ visa card works. Even if I do have to encounter conversion fees...
To get US$60 it cost NZ$82.31 + $1.73 in some offshore margin thinger + $5 overseas bank usage fee! How crazy is that?!

Anyway, so I was quite tired yesterday but still managed to check out the Epcot Illuminations fireworks from the Yacht (I just realised how weirdly that word is spelt!) and Beach club. I also got to explore the Swan and Dolphin resorts and ride on a boat across the lagoon. It was lovely. I enjoyed being able to explore all the different, that were free to watch on the Boardwalk.

The Swan and Dolphin are somewhat associated with Disney but apparantly not entirely? They were fancy looking, but to me seem out of place. Also it doesn't seem like they hve much there, or a very interesting theme. A lot of buisness people were staying there I noticed...

Today I had my first day of training for EPCOT! We walked around the park with a tourguide. Unfortunately that's over 1.3miles (over 2km) in shoes that are "professional" and therefore uncomfortable!! So that wasn't so fun. But the tour was good. I was so excited to see the Aussie and NZ pavilions. Some weird patriotic feelings got me all excitable. Plus, how many people can say they represented NZ in the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot?! I think it's pretty awesome. :P (I hope they put my in the NZ pavillion!!)

We had to watch and hear a lot of repetitive things we had heard before (and omg the Disney Basics will be forever engrained in our skulls). However, it was not a stressful day and the fact we got paid to ride an attraction in Epcot was pretty nice. ;)
We also got a fun welcome where they introduced us over the speakerphone. :P haha. It was a little akward being made to wave to everyone though!

Super excited for the Food and Wine Festival, it looks like it will be amazing. Lots of yummy food to try (especially those desserts, mhhmmm!) and lots of entertainment!
Personally I wish they had put NZ next to Aussie though. Then we could have had some fun with the rivalry. I mean if greece and canada get to made funny noises, imagine NZ and Aussie! That would be a sight to see.

I love that we will get to experience not only Illuminations all the time, but also all the different music! No more repetitive CD from CBR, but some live entertainment and a continually changing repitoire of music!

My new costume is kind of scary though. I mean it doesn't look too bad, but the see through white pants/shorts are a bit of a worry. I am sure some people will have to go underwear shopping on top of white shoe and sock shopping!!!
The sizing is different there too - so it was hard to find a costume that fit right! I tried on a size 10 that fit ok, but when I tried on the 12 it was too small! How crazy is that?!
Check it out:

Things are slowly starting to return to normal, but my schedule is still not up - so I shall have to ask about that tomorrow.

Halloween Horror Night this thursday, and lots of other fun stuff like Latin night. :)

I'm going to have a siesta now. I have learnt that sometimes they are quite nice to recharge yourself a bit.
Then I have this awesome pasta dish I made the other night, for dinner. Yum. :)

Talk later!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm starting to re-appear...

Kia Ora everyone :)

There are a bunch of people working on my case. Rest assured, I have definately NOT been termed.

The past few days I have been working 'off the clock'. However, my card worked when I used it to sign in and out yesterday. Now, I am not sure if the card really does recognise who I am, but the Hub still doesn't work for me.
Which is super annoying. I hate not being able to access my work schedule and extra hours!

At least I have the next 2 days off. I'm going to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party tomorrow. That should be fun. :)
Friday I have evening plans but again, not sure what I'm gonna do during the day.

Thee's so many things to do here, but if you don't have anyone to do them with its not as good. Plus, I don't even know if I am getting paid tomorrow since I don't exist. >.<

Oh my goodness, I was looking at events in Orando, and there are so many free outside movies shown! It's really cool. ..and then there's the Latin Food and Wine Festival and Leu Gardens where they have scary story telling and concerts etc!

Sometimes I wish I could just stay in this Disney bubble for many more years so that I could experience everything here!

Yesterday I worked Grab n GO. I was working with someone I kind of try to avoid, but it was ok because he avoided me too. :P

Today I work a shift that goes until 12.30am. Got to love those. :/

Anyway, talk later!
Someone leave a comment! ;)


Monday, September 20, 2010

Working off the clock

Hey ya'll

I am actually posting 2 posts at the same time becuase I ran out of time to post the prior one the other day. So don't forget to check that one out or else this one could be confusing for you...


So the past 2 days I actually have kept to my work schedule that I (luckily) printed out before I vanished off the face of the earth. I have kind of been like an extra worker, but that's not my fault. I wouldn't be if I wasn't somehow erased.
...and yes my manager told me yesterday they are working on fixing things and making me exist again. She also said that someone actually did delete me.
That person should be more careful. -.-

The first day I was in pizza and the second was a double shift (ergh to 6am starts) starting in dining room and moving onto burger.

The managers have a copy of my schedule but since I got erased I am not in their work schedules. So they have to try and chuck me in the mix.
I could just have said nothing and then not gone to work....but then that would have stuffed up everything and then there would have been no chance of me getting paid...and the Epcot thing could be jeopardised.

Which, I need to do something about. No way are they replacing me just because I disappeared. I bought white shoes and socks and I am psyched to work Food and Wine festival! They aren't going to take that away from me!

Yesterday wasn't as bad, but the first day I swear people did treat me almost as if I didn't exist. I felt kind of hollow. It was so weird. I think maybe becuase I still was entirely sure what was happening.
A lot of people were sympathetic to me, but no one had ever heard of my situation before. So they were just like "oh that sucks" and then carry on with their buisness. It was this horrible alone feeling. Same with the day this all started (friday), that bus trip. Yeah it was as if I was the only one on the bus because I felt as if no-one could relate to me.

Anyway, I am acting as normal as possible, even though I have to sign in and out imaginally in front of managers. That and everyone got their new work schedules yesterday and I didn't. :( *feels left out*

I reeeeally hope this gets fixed soon. It's not very nice.
PERSON WHO DID THIS TO ME: GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! You owe me. I had a mini heart attack and all that stress cannot be good for me!

I 'work' today and the next 2 days. Then 2 days off! Yaaaaay!
I can't wait for Halloween Horror Nights and Mickey's Not So Scary party!!
Should be good. :D

That and I'm going to Latin night next tuesday! :)

Off to do other things
I really don't want to go to the costume shop becuase I know they will make me pay for a part of a costume I lost.:( ....unless.... when I vanished off the radar that discrepancy also vanished...? Maybe that is one good thing? Haha. Who knows. I was going to get costumes today, but since I just realised my card doesn't even work there would be no point no would there??

I'm going to Walgreens to buy TOILET PAPER. Because my roomate never does despite saying she will. Sigh.

In the next month or so I'm gonna push to change to Chatham or Patterson again. I really am not a fan of this apartment. No one respects anyone. ..and then Vista Way just falls apart all the time so yeah...

...okay I'm actually going to go now..


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fun and Fretting

Hola everyone,

I love days off, just like everyone else. ..and mine started off fine.
However, yesterday my mood was suddenly chopped up into tiny little pieces. :/

I shall explain later.

On Thursday I went shopping with my friend at the Premium Outlets. Which was fun. :)
After the stressful night before where I worked overtime and the manager blamed me for things that I didn't do, I was thankful for some retail therapy. :P

I was trying to find an outfit (or at least get some ideas) for halloween, and a few other things. I also needed to buy some white shos and socks becauuuuse....

I am being deployed.

To Epcot. ...for the Food and Wine festival.

At first I was suprised because I didn't think I was one of the people being sent there (only 3 per resort).
However, as I started to think, I came up with some positives and negatives of the situation:

I get to work at a themepark
the food and wine festival is really popular and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity!
new places, new faces? (hopefully nice ones?)
maybe I will get to work at the NZ pavilion and represent my country?! :D
it's only temporary...

6 week change
more training...
probably going to be an outside role (gaaah :/ )
the costume, like many here, is quite scary looking (esp those white shorts..)
I will miss my Carribbean people!
the C bus is allllways crowded

Anyway, so shopping was fun. I wished I could have gone to Florida Mall too, but at least I got my shoes and socks. (I got the same type as my black pair but in white because I know they are comfortable :) )

Eventually my friend had to go to work, and so I decided to go to Walmart and see if they had anything useful for Halloween.
I found out they didn't have too much, but I've decided to improvise. I'm prolly just going to go as a cowgirl and then add some orange and red ribbon etc to make it more halloweenish (not that anyone dresses to any type of mould anyway..).
I bought a bluetooth! So now I can look like those buisness people who talk to themselves. Haha. But yeah, it should be handy, and hopefully better for me than having a phone to my ear for ages...

When I was at Walmart I contacted Michael and we decided to meet up to see Fantasmic. I had never seen it before becuase every time I went to see it, it wasn't on (it's only on a few times a week).
Prior, we went on some rides, and then we got ice-creams and watched the insane line of people waiting to get into Fantasmic.
I had hope that we would still be able to get in, even though the line was insane and the guy said that we would have to stand. ...and we got so lucky! We joined the line at the end and followed the massive crowd.
Somehow, we managed to get in.
Somehow got a seat
..and somehow we got a seat at the FRONT. lol!

Fantasmic was amaaaazing! Very cleverly done. ..and although throughout the whole show I was wondering trying to figure out the tricks, I was still very impessed. I especially liked how they used water for effect.

After that I experienced one of the prettiest out-of-a-novel evenings of my life. ...and only if you are a close friend or family member will I reveal that. ;)

Yesterday however, we were meant to go resort hopping, but ended up going to Publix, then jumping to Epcot so she could buy her Not So Scary ticket. Eventually we managed to get to the guest buses and go on an adventure (the monorail was down) to get to the Grand Floridian.

The Grand Floridian was petty grand, but not exactly like I had pictured. I mean it was all posh, but I was execting it to have alot more stuff. ...maybe we only saw a small part of it? I liked the sand and the hammocks the best. :)

..but then that's when things turned for the worse.

We were looking around a merchandise store and I went to go buy a Halloween pin. When I tried to buy it my card would not work.
They were like - have you been fired?

You have nooooooo idea how much I freaked out. I was so scared. No way did I want to be deported back and have 48hours to get out of the country!
Not only that but I am one of those people that are so careful not to do anything wrong. I know Disney doesn't have to have a reason to fire you, but it'd be awfully inefficient if they just fired people for no reason. ..that, and it would make people angry and the buisness would probably get a bad name.

Anyway. So that was the longest and most stressful bus journey in my whole life! I wanted to get off and talk to someone so bad! If I was termed, surely I'd know? Surely someone could explain this to me?!

When we finally reached Vista the office people gave me some numbers to ring. Except none of them were useful because their lines closed at 4.30pm each day and then are closed on the weekend! (why did this have to happen to me on a friday?!)

The only person I got through to was the IT person and he couldn't help me except to say that my status was an "inactive employee".

I was super freaked out by that phrase and even though my friend and I were meant to cook together that evening, I knew that I wouldn't be able to sleep unless I talked to something other than an automated voice!

So, even though I hated the inconvenience I got on a bus and went to work.

..and thankfully my fav manager was there!
She e-mailed a whole bunch of people bunch even she didn't know what was going on or how else she could help.

Right now I am in a state of non-existance....

Talk to ya'll later. Hopefully I'll exist soon.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Main Entrance Pass awesomeness!

My Main Entrance Pass finally arrived today!
(or at least it was avaliable to me then, since one of my flatmates keeps the mail key with her so that no-one else can check for mail. >.< )
....so that means I can get 3 people at a time into Disney (park hoppers) on 6 ocassions. :D Woooo. :P

Anyway, so Sunday I was put on dining room. But since we weren't busy I was put on the WHOLE dining room (usually it is split into 2 sections). It was kind of crazy to begin with but when it died down it was easy. You definately get your exercise with that job, since you are walking around looking for things to do! I was happy that I wasn't as bored as the cashiers looked, but I'm still not so keen on dining room!

Monday I had a double shift. ...and I swear it is the last double shift I pick up at POP unless I'm desperate. That place is so scary! Little kids everrrywhere and so much mess and its just so much more chaotic and stressful!

In the afternoon I was put on burger front. Which I was fine with, and somehow I managed to survive. I felt a little surplus though, and the manager even said I was an extra person and asked if i wanted to go home. I would have LIKED to have gone home, but I kind of wanted to stick it out since I had hardly any hours this week anyway!
After only getting 1 hour of sleep due to my STUPID flatmates, I was impressed I survived so long. Yesss... who thinks it is a good idea to loudly unstack the dishwasher at 2.30am, and then have people over around 3am?! Not to mention the 2nd one isn't even allowed. -.- Next time I am calling security, no joke.

Yesterday I was on Pizza Front. ...but we had too many people there most of the time so I heled out in back. Which was fun. I passed on some kimmie-ness to the newbie. :P Oh, and I started writing a song about working in Pizza Back. I was that bored. Scary, huh?
The song was pretty funny though. XD

Anyyyyway. I have work this afternoon, until midnight. ...and then the next 2 days off! WooooOOOooo!! :P Awesome. :D

Oh, and I am pretty sure (unless the tickets are sold out already) that Iam going to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party on the 23rd of this month! ...and then I go to Halloween Horror Nights on the 30th!! Very awesome. :D I know the Horror Nights ne will prolly FREAK me out. But I'm allfor experiences. ..and it's supposed to be pretty much the best Halloween experience you can do!

Talk to ya'll later!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Work work wok

Hola everyone :)

The past few days I have just been working. ...and I will be doing that for the next 3 days, as well as today!

On thursday I was put in dining room doing chairs and trays. Normally this would be okay, and I've done it before, but it was soooooooo boring. It was at the point where if Isaw a crumb on the ground it was almost cause for excitement.
Luckily the awesomeist manager was there, and she started talking to me. I told her I was really bored and then she sked if I'd like To go home early! Of course I said yes!
...so I got to go home, whilst the others watching me wishing they could too! haha.

Friday before work I got a haircut! Woo! Go me. :) So my hair actually looks tidy. hehe. I had an interesting experience there too. I love it when people think they are having an exclusive conversation when they aren't. ;)

For work, I was put in Grab n Go. I had never done it before so was kind of unsure how it would go. However, once I fiured out where everything was kept it was pretty easy. In fact my shift was meant to finish at 12.30am, but I finished 45mins early so I got to catch the 12.01bus :D Go me!
I was invited to TGI Fridays after my shift, and I thought, hey why not? I mean it was late, sure, but my whole body clock is different now anyway.
It was a random adventure.
After quickly getting ready to go out I managed to get the next bus. This bus however takes aaaaages to get to the place I wanted to go (the last stop! :( ).
So by the timw I got there it was 1.40am. ....and it looked very closed. So I didn't get off the bus.
I pretty much just went on a long bus ride in the middle of the night. Yeeeeah. Fun stuff. I did make a new friend though. So that was good. :P [too bad I found out yesterday that my workmates were still THERE at that time. Darn not having anyone to contact...]

Last night I was put on cashier. Which was weird, because when you are on cashier it shows on the Hub, and it didn't for me. So they prolly changed me around last minute I'm guessing.
It was weird being on cashieragain because I had to try and remember everything. I mean it wasn't too bad, but I did have my moments. :P

Omg, and I had some magical moments! My fav was this one where this little 3yr old gave me a hug!!! It was soooo adorable! :D

Today I work 4.30-11. Which is a pretty nice shift. Man I'm having all these tiny shifts lately though. My pay check is going to be tiny. :(

..I have a double tomorrow. Yay for POP shifts... lol. Means I'll have the fun job of dining room again most likely.

My next days off are thursday and friday. Should be good. I have some people to hang out with. :)

I need to get going
Have a magical day everyone!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Days off!

Hello everyone

Just a quick blog abot wat I did on my days off.

On tuesday I hung out with this random cast member guy that I met outside Pop Century. can't say I've ever hung out with a rocker looking guy before. But it wasn't bad. We went get some photos developed and have lunch at Wendys. Then it was pretty much prfect timing to get on the bus to go to Downtown Disney.

Once there, we saw the movie 'Going the Distance,' which was actually not bad. The tickets were only $6.50 which was awesome. :) I got annoyed at this arcade game though - becuase I almost won a big prize. I swear one day I will win that game!

Then we just strolled around Downtown. It was fun. We saw magic, irish things (yay for symbollic jewellery!) and musicians. I loved one musician somuch I bought his CD. :)

After that I came home and relaxed for a bit, and then suddenly Michael was at the door. It was nice to catch up, but then he had to go and I had to get ready for Latin Night!

Latin night was fun. Except they played similar music to last week..

Yesterday I slept in. That was good. Then since my friends abandoned me ( :( ) I went to Walllllmart. It always feels better once you've stocked upon food. :P hehe

Last night was Buffalo Wild Wings. That was an interesting experience.. Can't say I liked some of the repulsive dancing though! It was actually terrible. I am also not a fan of dancing amongst cigarette smoke, ya know? But the inside karaoke was fun. My throat was sore so I didn't partake.
Actually my throat has been sore for a few days now. It suuuucks. :(

Back to last night - I realised just how crazy my guy:girl ratio is when it comes to knowing/being friends with people. It must be like 5:1!!

Work for the next 7 days straight... Fun stuff.

Lots of change lately...


Sunday, September 5, 2010

You are the best thing, that's ever been mine...

Hello ya'll!

Right now I am sitting on my bed relaxing. It's quite nice.

This morning however, I got up early to use skype and then went for a swim. I always love having the pool to myself in the morning when it's not too hot and lovely and quiet.

I also love nice clean hair. Which I had, after I washed it following my swim. :D

I have work this afternoon. But until then I am going to relax and bask in he awesomeness that is my free time. :) ...and sleep.
I didn't sleep last night. No idea why. My brain wouldn't stop thinking and then I couldn't breathe properly. :/

A random thing I want to express...
Relecting on my experience so far, I just want to say how much I am enjoying this experience, despite the things that go wrong and the challenges I face. It is character building and I know in years time I will look back on this year with fondness.
It is an amazing thing to do, and I encourage anyone to try it or something similar. You just learn so much and meet so many wonderful people. I think I have become more independent and grown quite a bit already. I am therefore very thankful for this *magical* opportunity.

But onto the past few days!

On thursday I worked in Broiler. :) It was good, but I was by myself most of the night so that was a little boring. I met a new culinary person and she kind of scared me to begin with. I think it had something to do with her sense of humor. I did not know when she was being serious andwhen she wasn't. However, I was still nice to her and in the end she opened up a little to me and she says hello to me now when she sees me which is nice.
It's always good to have lots of friends and people around you who support you and might even miss you if you vanished.

On Friday I was in burger back with a new culinary who was nice to me but whom I hadn't really talked to. In fact I kept forgetting his name. :P Not that such a thing is unusual for me!
Burger back was pretty fun though. Lots of singing and dancing and socialising. Whilst working, of course. I smelt of burger shop after, but hey who cares if I had fun and don't even have to wash the costumes!? haha!

Yesterday was another story. I had to get my POP costume fo tomorrow's double shift. It was suposed to be an easy stress free thing to do before work. However, I managed to drop part of the costume and when I was on the bus I realised. Of course it was too late to go back. So I got back to vista and then had 30mins to get ready for work and get on a bus to go and get the last piece of the costume. Once I had it (thankfully it hadn't been issued to me so I don't have to pay for it!!) then I had to walk (omg the heat!!! So HOT!) to the guest bus stop to get the internal bus around Carribbean. I couldn't wear my costume so I wore a random top with my costume pants. I wonder if anyone noticed...? At least the guest buses are nicely air conditioned and clean.

I was on Pizza front. Which started nicely since I had Prince Eric to hang out with and get hugs from. Got to love hugs. :)
The whole evening was craaaaazy though. There was a non-stop rush of people. I barely picked up the napkins to clean the place up and someone else would come. Therefore, it was pretty much messy all night.

There were 2 newbies in the back (I'm not a newbie anymore, woo!) and they had to work hard. I was quite enjoying watching them attempting to cope with everything. I was funny. Especially when I gave them more work to do. ;)

I was quite suprised at how well they did do though. ...and then they helped me at the end of the night when I was asked to extend to close pizza (meaning I was there an extra 30mins). I was like awe! Its so nice to have help to close shops!! :)
..especially when I throw soup all over myself and my shoes. yeah...

That's the second time that manager asked me to extend. So I'm thinking maybe he is noticing me more and thinks I am capable to do extra and do an OK job?

Tomorrow I have a double shift, and I just picked up some more double shifts for next week. Loving my bank account balance which allows me to do fun things. :)

Looking forward to tuesday when I have latin night and wednesday when I have osmething else that evening.
No idea what I am doing during the day. I need to find someone to hang out with!

The question is "Luau or Buffalo Wild Wings?" Life has so many tough choices. ;)

Random stuff:

I am very much liking the new Taylor Swift song, 'Mine'

...I heard about the earthquake in NZ! I think the reason no-one got hurt despite the scale of it, is becuase we are well prepared in NZ and our building are pretty well constructed?
I did think that ya'll would be happy to get a week off uni, but hearing that it just cuts off your study week actually makes it super lame! Curse you, tectonic plates!

Here are a few of my fav pics from Typhoon for ya'll. :)


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Latin Night and Typhoon

Aloha everyone!

It's about time I posted, huh? I was putting it off a little because there's just sooo much to write for this one. I will being giving the more condensed version, but that's still a lot of writing!

I had better start chronologically.

On tuesday I slept in a little before I caught the bus to costuming.
I luckily ran into a lady wo said to press the doorbell because someone was inside to help, since they were actually closed. I was confused Uh...closed?
Apparantly they re-start with 7 days a week in several months time! lol! I never normally have tues and wed off as well so that might be why I didn't even bother to check.

In any case, they allowed me to go in and get more costumes. Which was good since I didn't have any more and didn't want to have to come back!

After that I did washing and a few other not so exciting things.

Then I caught a bus to the Commons (next time I shall not catch the C bus though since it actually takes me to Epcot first XD) whereby I walked to Premium Outlets. Yay for actually knowing where I was going for once. Mistakes make you learn. Oh, and convenience. Yup.

I had a nice time wandering aroujnd Premium Outlets. I got some more of the socks that I like (that allow me to do 12 hour shifts without my feet hurting :D ) and ane swim suit. Now never would have bought a new swimsuit except that I knew I was goign to Typhoon the nextday and my swimsuit isn't exactly pretty. XD
I like to call my new swimsuit my "temporary" swimsuit because, well, its kind of what I'm using in the meantime.
One day I will buy a super awesome swimsuit. Ideally it would be purple and sparkly, or at least sparkly. hehe.
....but this one will do for now. It has a skirt bottom which I liked. :) Not to mention it was also 50% off! Woo. :P

After that I realised that I didn't even get the main thing I came for (typical girl, I know) which was headphones. Headphones are useful not only for my iPod but also for skype!

I didn't knw how to get OUT of Premium Outlets. So I asked a taxi lady who notified me of where to go on the map. Of ourse, she told me the wrong way to go and I swear she did it with ulterior motives...but anywho.
I went where she told me and since I didn't see Publix (I was initially going to go there to see if they had headphones, and I knew bout a place right near there too) I managed to make the most of the situation anyway. I noticed an electronics store across the road and headed towards it.

I only wanted to quickly browse the headphones, but the salesperson started talking to me. I dind't want to be rude, and he was asking about NZ etc so I kind of felt obliged to stay and help him expand his knowledge of the world.

I wasn't going to buy anythign from there, but then he offered a discount and I was like, whatever. I guess I can deal with green headphones, and go them.
Of course that's where it got weird and he tried to ask me for my number and give me his. lol. I politely declined and attempted to get out as fast as I could. :S
Some situations I find kind of creepy. ....and that would be one of them. :/

Of course the day ended up getting worse than that on the scale later on....

...so eventually I found Publix and got some things (got to love my organic yoghurts. Yup). The free tester guy actually gave me the inspuration to make burgers for lunches etc. I think it's a pretty yummy way to eat healthily.
One day I will use the taco cases etc I have in the cupboard too.....

When I finially got back to Vista I just relaxed for a while.

Then I got ready to go out to Latin night!!
I found out however that the people who were/might have been going pulled out. So it was just me. :( So many things end up just being be and its laaaame.
But that didn't kill my spirits. I hardly ever get tuesday off, so I wanted to make the most of it. I hadn't danced in ages so I felt I needed to, even if it meant going by myself.

When I got there I found out the dancing started at 10.30pm....so later than I anticpated. I had about 30mins to kill so I soaked up the pretty nightlife of Downtown Disney. :)

When I managed to get in past security etc I found out that it takes at least 30mins for people to stop staring into space and and being shy, before they dance. It was so dull up until then.

I got asked to dance a few times which was nice, but weirdly it was with no-one really close to my age. :/

One of the guys said he was a dance teacher. He showed me his buisness card etc.
However, I can't say he was a very good dancer! So I feel kinda bad for the poor students he teaches. :/

After a while of being lonered this girl came up to me. She was by herself too. So we danced a little. ..and then she asked some guy to dance. I offered to hold onto her bag whilst she danced. Sh was happy about that. The only thing was that she didn't exaclty come back.

That's when the night turned interesting. A latino guy asked me to dance. I said that I couldn't really because I was carrying 2 bags.
Strangely enough he told me it was fine, and somehow we merengued whilst I was carrying 2 bags!!

I couldn't find the girl whosebag I was holding, so as the floor got busier this guy and I went somewhere where there was more room to dance and I could actually put the bags down.

That was fine and we danced. It was fun.
Though, I kind of wanted to dance with a lot of guys. Not just a few.
It didn't really turn out that way.
This guy stuck wih me the whole evening.

After abotu an hour I was thinking to myself. Wow. What happened to the latin music?
They had changed to club music and didn't appear to be changing it back.

Then I was thinking these people dance the way latin people dance in the movies. Close. Sexy. Personal.

Not keen on this super close and personal dancing style though. I know it's how it's meant to be danced, but I can't say I'm used to it...and it makes me feel I'm being hit on all the time (which it turned out in one case especially I actually was).

...and I kind of had to join in. I felt a little uncomfortable and out of my depth, but I fit in at least?

Of course I only fit in to a point, because as the guy I was with said "you dance well for a white girl". ...so glad you pointed out how white girls obviously can't move their hips to a latin beat. Grr.

The night eventually came to a close when I finally found the girl whose bag I was holding onto. She was like "so, I think we're friends now that you held onto my bag for 3 hours!". She works for Disney too, so yay for making a new friend. :)

Anyway, onto yesterday.
I went to Typhoon Lagoon with a bunch of friends. Some of them had to go to work in the afternoon, but it was good fun regardless.

I have so many photopasses its not funny. So when I get those photos I shall put them up. :D

My fav culinary guy, yeah he had an adventure. Not only did he miss the bus despite 2 alarm clocks, but he also caught the wrong bus.
I rang him and found out he was at animal kingdom. I was kind of dumbstruck. Animal Kingdom?! What the? Why....? :S

Nevertheless. Eventually he made his way to Typhoon. (but he will never live that one down I am sure haha)

I enjoyed Typhoon. I'm not sure if I can really compare it to Blizzard because of the weather difference and since I was with friends, but there were a lot of fun rides.
Unfortunately there was only one big wave because it kept breaking. ...but we got on all the rides really quick. Only about 15mins per ride. If that. ;)

Yay for getting a ride home too. One less bus trip is one happier kimmie. hehe.

Off to work!!

Have a magical day!