Monday, March 22, 2010


I booked all of my flights to get THERRRE last week. That took a lot of agonising over! Especially with the baggage. That's what helped me make up my mind - Air Tahiti Nui and Southwest are awesome in terms of that. :)

So I leave *officially* on June 29.
Wellington --> Auckland flight at 10am
Auckland -->LAX 2.05pm (stopover in Tahiti for an hour)
arrive LAX at 9.05am
I arrive in LAX on the same day (due to the date line).
LAX --> HOU Texas 1.55pm
~stay here with some lovely people for a week~

6th July
11.35am HOU --> NC. Arrive there at 5pm.
~stay here for about 10 days~
-->drive down to ORLANDO, Florida!!! :D

So now I have that sorted, I'm looking into insurance. I've come to the conclusion that insurance companies are annoying. Apart from ONE company, none do 13 month covers. ..and the majority won't let you extend unless you come back to your home country first! What the!? As if I'll be doing that! So at the moment I'll probably end up going with Work Nomads (recommended by Lonely Planet :) ) --> am going to wait a while until I make up my mind though.

Oh, and by the way I haven't got my visa or even my Disney Pack yet! I'm just being super organised. With Uni stuff I do this in between.

..and I knoooow they tell you not to buy your ticket before you get your visa, but apparantly it's highly unlikely they'd decline you in NZ. I really don't want to miss out on the cheaper seats just because I'm waiting for my visa.
Plus, I figured that if on the tiny chance they DO decline me then I totally deserve a vacation to the states anyway!!!!!

Looking forward to that Disney pack though. I've heard rumours us Aussies and NZers will get ours in the next few weeks! [ages behind the rest of the world but anywho... :P]


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