Sunday, October 31, 2010



I have been lazy lately when it comes to putting pics up -- and this is because there are just SOOO many! They take ages to load (oh my goodness dial up speed is not funny XD )

A quick update. (I will put more pics up sooon when I have time - promise!)

Universal was fun. ....the 3hour trip to get home, not so much. haha.

In the Harry Potter section I ate at the 3 Broomsticks (can't believe they offer fish and chips..) and bought a Hermione wand (yay for disconts! hehe).

I enjoyed getting to check out a little of the Universal park before it closed too. :) The Rip RockIT coaster is pretty interesting. Would be better if it didn't shake your head around so much though! ....the beginning - going up vertically, I was impressed with though!

I went on the Shrek movie thing. I was very confused to begin with (is this a ride, a moie or soemthing else...?) but it was an ok attraction. Prolly wouldn't bother doing it again though.
I was sad that the park closed so early for Horror Nights. ..but at least with my annual pass I could come back. :)
I got the jist that there really weren't that many awesome rides at Universal though. :/

I had to find a first aid place at one point because my finger had a chunk out of it. I don't know how it happened but it was full of lovely puss, so I didn't want it getting worse. ..of course the people in the first aid place treated me like I was a baby.
It's my finger and you can think its pathetic all you like but I don't care. I like to have a fully functioning kimmie. ;) hehe

My 3 hour excursion home was random. Not only had I encountered some guy earlier on in the day who wanted to hang out with me/make friends (creepy or just being nice?), but on the 2nd bus ride I encountered a guy from Morocco who also wanted to make friends with me. :/
Now, my guard was up, but you know how you want to give people the benefit of the doubt? Well, I didn't give them any info (the moroccan dude wanted my email addie but I wasn't happy with giving that), but I talked to them both as if I wasn;t suspicious.

I don't know, what do ya'll think? How do you tell if people are being nice or if they are being creepy or if they are trying to hit on you? Because seriously, I can't tell if people are drunk or just bubbly, so I def can't tell what some people's intentions are!
....and I wasn't really 'hit on' in NZ so it's kind of a shock to the system and I find it weird that guys would actually be interested in me. I am like, why me? What about everyone else around me? know?

..anyway. So I have to catch 3 buses to get home. They took forever. That, and when I *finally* got to Downtown Disney the bus broke down. Sigh. -.- Not cool. I got home eventually. ...and then I went to bed.

Friday I was opening Ireland. I love having the afternoons off. Ok, youhave to sacrifice the getting up early thing, but it's worth it to be able to go home in the afternoon. :)
In fact it is also good because one of my co-workers has the same shift as me on a friday. we decided to hang out. :)

Luckily I had bought a change of clothes with me, so I was able to have a shower. ...but I forgot a towel. It was lucky though that I had thought of that in the morning and asked my co-worker if I could borrow one. :)

So after we showered (which was a weird experience - the drain was a hole. Safety risk?! Anyone could crock their ankle on that thing!) we headed to Hollywood Studios.

Before the park closed we managed to go on the main rides and entertained ourselves with overpriced food and drink (it was good though...).
When the park closed we decided to go to Steak and Shake (the place has awesome shakes!!). I love that he has a car. Man things are so much more convenient that way!

We enjoyed that (except for one of the shakes which was too gluggy and made my friend feel sick.. -and the funny thing was I was served by the same dude as last time and out in the same seat!) and then came back to my apartment. There we watched a movie called Whip It (directed by Drew Barrymore). It was kind of entertaining, but helped pass the time. My friend wanted to go and see Saw 3D [final chapter] but it was late and I was tired. I also knew I couldn't sleep in the next morning and therefore needed some sleep.

Not that it really mattered because we saw it the next day anyway. XD ...yes, after work on Saturday, the crazy busy day, we went to Saw 3D.
Now, I actually hadn't seen any of the other Saw movies, but was hoping I could get the picture. ....not that I would have willingly chosen to go to a movie with such a title if my friend didn't want to go. :/

The movie was pretty gruesome. It wasn't overly frightful, just gory. I thought it ended well though. Which is a good thing. It would suck to watch all those movies and be let down with a terrible ending. XD

Sunday, the 31st= Halloween! Not that it was overly exciting. I did some laundry and slept in and then went to work.
However, it was a super slow day (I did wonder why anyone would want to come to Epcot on Halloween...) and I pre-closed so that I got off work 45mins early! Woo!

I had all these people asking if I was going to House of Blues(aks "HOB"). I really didn't like the Sunday at Hob that I went to once so I wasn't that keen, but if worse came to worse I would go just so I didn't have to sit home on Halloween!

I was in Greece today and when I looked across I saw a cast member who I thought might have plans after work. So I called him on the nextel (which was amusing, and the other people in the kiosk seemed kind of confused/intrigued by what I was doing...) and he said he'd grab my number after work...
...and so he did.

When he mentioned plans to see Paranormal Activity 2 I was like, meh. I guess. Like Saw, it's not one I would go and see if I was to choose, but I wanted company and something to do! So I got the bus home (miscommunication... ) and had a 10min turnaround! Yes. That's right! I had a shower and got ready in that time! Go me!

The movie was kinda boring to be honest. It had its fright moments (like a loud bang that makes you jump) but most of the movie I was trying hard not to fall asleep! When I had the first movie explained to me and I put the pieces together after the movie, it kind of made more sense and seemed smarter. ...but it still wasn't a very entertianing movie. They could have done a much better job.

...but anyway. It is 1.25am on NOVEMBER 1. ...woo! It's November. Awesome.
That means all the Christmas stuff will start happening soon. :D I can't wait to see everything decorated for one thing!

I bought some fun things on Amazon today. an underwater camera (for the cruise, yay!) and Taylor Swift's new albulm (love!!!!) as well as her christmas one. So excited. ^_^

Then of course there is Louisiana this month! 11 days! WoooOOOO!
Can't wait. :D

....I am still freaking a little though because the pre-approved time off that they cancelled and are working on getting back for me, isn't confirmed. ....the manager person is apparantly working on it but whn i ask they don't have anything to say to me. :( Boo. I gave over a months warning about it. It better be fixed. I will not be happy if I get points on my record for this.

Well since I am awake I will post a few pics on another post.
This one is too long. :P


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Universal again!!


First, I just wanna say - readers - I love you guys and your replies! You're awesome. :) ---> and of COURSE I will write on the cruise! will have to be a blog entry when I get back though becuase I don't think there is much internet on the ship (but if there is I bet it costs a fortune!!) If ya'll want any exact prices et, let me know and give me your email so I can send it to you...

I feel like I haven't posted in a while! It's becuase I am on the go a lot and when I start to write a post I then suddenly think of something else to do and my blog gets a little rejected at times. Sorry blog!

Let me recall the past few days.

YAY. Cast holiday discounts have started!!! ..and they are AWESOME!
eg.60% off some resort reservations and cirque for 50% off..........
See? Disney does love and appreciate you!

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were pretty normal guest flows for each day. Once again I was dead BORED on the monday at Chile. Seriously, I was cutting up the napkins and going crazy with the corkscrew!

Weird thing is that I was actually sick on Sunday. I felt really odd. I was coughing and blocked up and feeling terrible.
My manager guy was lovely though and gave me an ER(early release) so that I could go home and rest. :)
...and rest, I did! Also, I took his advise and got some chicken noodle soup and some (real) orange juice.

You know what? I was fine within about 2 days! It was amazing! Woo! I love you kick-ass immune system!

...I am still curious if the chicken noodle soup did anything. People say it is good but it's too difficut to tell with all the variables involved. In any case, I don't even like soup, but it wasn't too bad. it smelt bad, but the taste was bareable.

Wednesday at Brewers it was sloooow. ...and I got beer all over myself like usual! This usually is a result of people changing kegs, not telling me and then letting me pull the lever only for it to spray everywhere....

Oh, but! There were sme moments at Brewers!
Not only did we have a problem with some family who kept trying to let their minor drink, but I had a pecial encounter!
There was this family. They were a normal family, but then the dad got excited by my name badge.
A lot of people go "oh look she's from NZ!" (really loudly so that I can hear and then I reply by looking at them funny since they think they are whispering lol), but this gentleman went further. He explained that his daughter had just been given an assignment on NZ! I was so excited! ..not entirely sure why, I guess because NZ was involved in a school assignment even though we are so tiny and far away and most people don't know we exist....

So anyway, I was like "here's my details! If you want to interview me or get more info on NZ, let me know". I really wanted to help the little girl out on her school project. I mean, if I was doing a school project on a country and someone from that country wanted to help me, I'd be so happy! So, I hope that I helped make her day better and that they will contact me so that I can make sure she has the coolest assignment everrrrr! :P

Anyway. I digress (what is unusual about that though?).
Ysterday was a day off for me! WOO! haha. Yes, but I still had my class....
Actually, yesterday's class was awesome! Seriously. The guy was actually entertaining. ...he kind of avoided m question and I was suspicious, but he held my attention for the whole class so I was impressed.

Also, I got to catch up with one of my friends from CBR who I hadn't seen in a while. Yay for late night Starbucks! (NZ friends, are you proud?!)
I also stuffed my face at Cici's. ...well, I tired a bite of everything (it is a buffett) and didn't particularly like much. XD
Oh - and I have a small story!
When I was at cici's, they asked if I wanted a drink with my meal. I said no, becuase I had my own (which I later learn from my friend you aren't allowed to do and they can make you pay for a drink...). But they sit a glass in front of me anyway and charge me for no drink.
I was like....tht's odd. But ok. Free drink!?

...I looked around to see there were red glasses and clear glasses. Now, maybe something should have clicked but I was like "why in the world would you pay extra from a diff coloured glass? That's just straaaange".
Iwent about my buisness, only to later be told by my friend that they give you aclear glass for WATER only...
oops. :S

I guess I know now, right? ...and so do all of you! :P

....okay! Today I am off to Universal Studios!! Woo! Excited! I love that place. :D

Have a magical day!!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Animals and adventures

Hello readers!

I have ben meaning to post the past few days but each time I try to Idon't have enough time!
So, now I do!

Wednesday in my class for security we had a guest speaker.t was kinda interesting, but seriously irrelevant to my life. :P Not that many of the courses here would really be helpful to my uni life,but I shall persist! Even if it is just for the Mouseters!!

After class I wanted to DO something. Since I can't really do much before class I figure that I can make up for that by adventuring after!

So I managed to get a hold of Michael(trusty steed haha) and after much indeision and differeces of opiion I managed to dragb him onto the A bus. ...which goes to the Magic Kingdom. My intention was notto go to the MAgic Kingdom, I wanted to resort hop, but we ended up gong to the MK!
Well, it wasn't a Mickey's Not So Scary day, so the park was open 2 extra hours. Therefore we played for about 3 hours. We got fastpasses (crazy enough they were still avaliable - but it was a non-peak time so maybe that's why) and went on our fav rides. ...I got the wettest I have ever gotten on splash mountain. It as crazy. I was soaked!

We got to watch Wishes (missed the start though, whch I was sad about - but anyway I will do that another time!) which I hadn't seen in years. I love that fireworks show. :)

Thursday I was excited to go to Animal Kingdom. I had only been there once and hadn't had enough time to soak up the atmosphere.

Unfortunately he trusty steed was sick, so I had to go alone.
No matter though. I had a really fun day. :)

I bought some different foods(like a pork and shrimp roll) and enjoyed the pretty landscaping. The landscape kind of reminds me of NZ. It is very pretty.

I went on Everest multiple times because I got fastpasses plus got to be in the single riders line. :P hehe. The ride is pretty cool. But not as thrilling as I would have liked.

I enjoyed being able to take my time. ..but even then I ran out of time. There's so much to do and see there! I need to check out Rafki's Planet Watch a little more next time, for one thing.

I went to go and visit a really cool person, but they weren't working that day. :( So I wrote a note for them instead. :)

After the park closed at 5 I decided I was in an adventurous mood. That, and Animal Kingdom takes 1hour to get to by bus, so I wanted to make the most of it.
So I followed the guests to the guest buses(I love being able to jump on guest buses). I had a big choice - one day I will go to the Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter!! lol. I really wanted to check out Animal Kingdom Lodge though.

So after about a 20min wait for a bus (the 1st was packed) I got on. There, I met the cutest couple on their honeymoon. Interesting enough the ladywas an ex-cast member. :)She used to work on Pirates of the Caribbean. How cool is that? :)
They were staying in the awesome suites where you could see the animals from your balcony. :P

I enjoyed looking around the resort. It is very nicey themed. It also had a pretty pool and a really nice relaxed feel. You could sit on rocking chairs on decks overlooking a savanah area, and watch the animals. :)

When I had hd enough of looking around, I caught another bus to Downtown Disney. Here I enjoyed strolling around. Some shopsthat are normally closed when i go, were open. I so enjoyed looking in them. Oh my goodness. I found the awesomeness that is Giradelli's! Chocccccolate. :P hehe. Of course, I had to try some too... ;) hehe

Whilst there I managed to catch a show that was on. It was halarious entertainment. All these kids were plaing Simon Says, and some of the things they did were really funny! The guy running it was pretty good too. Knew how to make impulsive jokes.

Eventually I grabbed a cast bus back to Vista. I was contemplating going out to Bliss since it was free for girls that night. ..but I decided to mellow out for the night instead.
All in all a fun day. :D

Some pics:

Friday, it was back to work. ..and early. Good thing I had relaxed the night before. :P Not that I got any sleep. I was somehow sick all of a sudden and couldn't sleep. :(
But I had to persist anyway. So I opened Ireland which was nice and easy. Then I got to pour Guiness and Honey Mead for pretty much the rest of the shift (woo for 1st dibbs since I was there the earliest :P).

I had the afternoon off after my early start, which was nice. :) I love that.
Guess what I did?

Why, I booked a 7night Western Caribbean Cruise, of course! WooOO! hehe. :D Yes, I had been price watching. It was actually lucky I looked when I did because the 45day out discount was suddenly avaliable about 52days out! The price had been cut a further $300. now it was vey cheap for a 7 night cruise! The price even included taxes and insurance and food etc!!! Uhm, good deal!?
Lovin' cast discount, yupyup.

So I am going on this cruise from Dec 11-18. I managed to get all the days off except the last 3....but hopefully I can give those away!!!
Here's the Itinerary:
11th - leave Port Canaveral at 4pm (have a reservation at the posh restaurant PALO at 7.30pm) :D
12th - arrive at Key West at 12.30pm
leave there at 7.30pm
13th - at sea
14th - Grand Cayman at 7.30am
leave at 4.30pm
15th - Cozumel - 9.45am
until 6.30pm
16th - at sea
17th - Castaway Cay (Disney's private island) - 9.30am
til 4.30pm
18th - arive back at 7.30m

Now I am excited because I have Louisiana annnnd Caribbean to look forward to!
It's so much fun to plan adventures!!! Yaaaaaay!

Anyway so then SATURDAY - it was crazy busy like normal. :) I started in Greece, but then was switched to Ireland (didn't see THAT coming. haha). The expediters weren't the fastest and th design of the line was not good.
So I took things into my own hads (the line was MASSIVE) and changed th design of the line ropes. ...and it seemed to help! Yay for efficiency!
Then, I got asked if I was fast (which I replied, uhm, yeah!) and so was put on expediting. ...and oh yeeeeah that line moved by fast. Woo hoo! It was a work out, but I liked it.

Today I work from 4-10. I don't particularly like to close, but it has it's perks. ;) hehe.

Laters everyone!!

xx the way, welcome new followers/readers! Whatever made you find and want to follow my rambles? haha. :P ...In any case I am pleased to have you join me on my ventures!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'll miss you...

Aloha everyone

Just a quick update before work.

Yesterday I worked in Chile. It was insanely slow and I had to try hard no to break the corkscrew from boredom. lol. I also managed to hurt my hand by opening so many wine bottles. :(

Nothing much interesting happened other than a report to stop serving some pirates. Which I reeeally wanted to see becuase they would have been good entertainment!

But yesterday was not only slow, but I was a little sad throughout the day. Why? Because one of my good (abiet crazy) NZ friends has decided to self-term and go home. :( Upsetting. One less NZer here, and one less friend.

So this blog entry is dedicated to you, ok?

I will miss your craziness!! It's almost as bad as mine. :P hehe. You're a fun person to hang out with, even if we clash on decisions sometimes. ;)
I will reminisce on all the fun times we had together, like at MK and iHop (unlimited pancakes! woo!) and Typhoon... I hope you enjoy going back to NZ (you seem to be excited) and do all the things you want to.

When I get back we are hanging out!! lol!

So Au Revoir, Chau, Auf Wiedersehen, Adios, À bientôt, Farvel and all that jazz. :(


Monday, October 18, 2010

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

...I haven't seen that movie in ages. So I got it out from the Vista pavillion and watched it. It was somuch better than I remembered! The music was good but it wasn't totally unrealistic either.

This morning I was woken up because the apartment inspection people were here. I was in in my pjs. lol
We passed but we did't get a White Glove because of our shower (which was stained befoe we got here so we weren't happy) and our oven (which wasn't even dirty). They are so picky and it kind of irritates me. I mean do they expect us to be maids or something? At least they left us shortbread. But honestly this place looks very clean.

Work the past few days has been ok.
I had a really long tiring shift on saturday (which is the busiest day). I was orignally in Greece, but was very happy to be moved. I've decided that Greece is my least fav pavillion. It's too hot and I don't like how it is set out.

Guess where I was moved? Ireland. :) Yay! Except it was nearly a 10hour shift and I was on register for about 95% of it! That meant I stood in one place. The line was MASSIVE. We didn't get any break in it the whooole day! We had 4 registers going. It was crazy.

Yesterday I was also scheduled for Greece, but luckily I was once again moved! :D This time it was to Champagne and Dessets. :)
I'm such a pro at opening champagne bottles now!

The eality of the situation, and it's irony, hitme yesterday.
Isn't it crazy how I can touch an handle as much alcohol as I want at the Food and Wine Festival, bit if I'm even caught holding an alchoholic beverage for someone here at Vista I can be terminated! How crazy is that?

Then after work I managed to get a ride home which was nice. It was the same group as last time I got a ride. There's this one guy who can do an awesome Irish accent and tells me that I giggle a lot. haha. :P

When I got back I then got ready to go out again! I went to see what Sunday at House of Blues is like. I didn't like the music very much (it didn't really have lyrics and was too repetitive) and it was very crowded. I got stepped on several times. But it was a good experince I guess. Can't say I want to go again though. At least tuesdays has good music...

Today I am meant to be in Chile. Last time I actually stayed in Chile, so maybe that will be the case today...?

A shift dcame up to work in Aussie on thursday. But do I really want to forfeit my day off? I mean I guess if I want to go on a cruise at some point I need to save, but I do like having days off. :/ Hmmm.

Oh - and I gave the days that I need of to oe of te nice managers and he is goign to try and work soemthing out so that I hve those days off and can go to New Orleans! Since I've had the plane tickets or ages I would not be happy if I end up with shifts thatI can't do - esp since I got them pre-approved ages ago. Gah. That is such an annoying rule and I personally think they need to come up with a better system so that they don't dishonour things.
Crossing fingers that it works out!

Ayone else think that Keith Urban and Tim Mcgraw are awesome, by the way? I love their style of country. :) Then again I kind of did fall in love with country from the moment I first heard it in the USA a few years ago!

I'm gonna go do some things before work. :)

Have a great day readers!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Lemon couscous with parmesan crusted chicken

..sounds good, yes?
Yay for days where I have time to experiment in the kitchen. :P It tasted pretty good, too!

Onto the main stuff!

On wednesday I went to Typhoon with Michael. Although it wasn't Universal like I was hoping, it was still fun. :) After, the silly F bus left ithouts ad we couldn't be bothered waiting 50mins for the next! So we walked to Downtown Disney! Go us!

When we got there we looked around and then got the the problem of what movie to watch! We both wanted diff things but then Michael was a sweetheart and surprised me by gettig tickets to one of the ones I wanted to see called "Life As We Know It". Thanks, Michael!!! :D You're awesome.

The movie had its funny points but honestly I think the trailer kind of gave away the best parts!

After the movie we had dinner at a place called Paridiso 37. That was really nice too. I had Mexican. Loooove Mexican. :D

Then I treated him to ice cream/dessert at Haagan Dazs. It looked good. Very caremally.

Yesterday I went to my first security class. We got out an hour early which was awesome, but from what I heard I liked the sound of it!

Not only to we get to listen to some interesting speakers, but we actually have a fun excursion planned! It involve DOGGIES! :D So I'm excited for that!

Although it sounded as if it wasn't related much to my studies, it was definately interesting! Who cares if it's not directly related anyway? I don't get credit and all knowledge is power! Why not, I say! ;)

After, didn't really know what to do. So I just hung out, relaxed and watched dvds!

Today I had to get up early to go to my first morning shift at the food and wine festival. But it was at Ireland and it was cruisey! I didn't have much to do to begin with, but when we opened and the people came, the time went pretty quick!

I quite liked getting out in the afternoon, but then I didn't really know what to do with myself after!

Anyway I'm gonna go out for the evening. Maybe go to steak and shake?


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

With good there seems to ALWAYS be bad

..well at lest that's how it is for me!!


I need to fill ya'll in about the past few days.

Alright so on Sunday I was designtedto Greece. It was the first time since my termination mishap where my schedule was like everyone elses!
Too bad I was only in Greece for an hour or s and then I ws moved again. :P So much for having a home!

Not that I minded, I was put in Ireland and Canada, and those places are good fun. :) The Greek pavillion is not as well ventilated, the wines were harder to figure out, it was slow and the greetings ere hard to pronouce. :P I did try to say them, but no-one else did so it was a bit weird. I'm pretty sure everyone just wanted to say "OPA!"

However, since I actually worked in Greece, it meant that I had done everything in the red zone!
In regards to working in the booth and on registers, I have done both in every country/place except for NZ!!! Yes, I haven't been on registers in NZ yet! That makes me sad! Maybe one day I will get to.

I love how all the managers in the red zone treat me really nice and praise me a lot. :) They move me around because they say that I'm good enough and adaptible enough to do so!

On Monday I was in Chile, and I actually managed to stay in there for the whole shift! Wooaah. What a first. haha. After pouring wines for hours on end I wondered - can you be affected by alcohol fumes? Like, was my being aroundthe alcohol so much affecting my brain? Seriously, by the end of the night was so giggly and full of energy. It was weird!
But I had a great time with the guests.

Not to mention, one guest told me in spanish (I had to get the girl next to me to translate) I had beautiful eyes. Then he jokes around with me for a while and was like "so have you decided if you're my girlfriend yet?"

That night I also went to a movie after work called "Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole". An average movie really, the plotline wasn't that great. But the music was good. Though it was late when I got out it was a fun experience.

Oh my goodness. Do you have any idea how many times people keep saying "NZ?! How did you end up in X country? Shouldn't you be in NZ?" It bugs me to no end! I am trying to think of different creative answers each time, but yesterday it was funny becuase it was asked within a few guests of each other. The girl next to me and I looked at each other and cracked up laughing. :P

...and onto yesterday.
I was in Brewers Collection.

But before that I tried to get this bank cheque thing sorted. The kind lady who had been trying to help me, drove me to the bank. Only to find out I needed my passport with me. Gah. I don't carry it around with me for obvious reasons. So then we had to go and come back.
I took advantage of the fact there was free food and drink at vista whilst I was there. hehe.
Anyway so it was the weirdest thin ith this cheque. For one thing I had to talk to a screen person, and then put my thumb in ink and thumprint the cheque.
Hopefuly its all sorted now. It was all a much longer drawn out drama than I imagined. We had a fun roadtrip adventure. lol

She drove me to Epcot and then thats when the good turned to bad. :(
I was like, cool, I have like 45mins till my shift. Means can take my time and figure out this bus system and break room and cds thing in this new zone.

So I got the bus and figured out where these things were (and was shocked to find out I had to go on stage to be able to ge to th cds. It was odd.)
Then I went ot go cds in (like clock in) and to see a message saying "it's too late for you to clock into your shift."

I was so petrified. I freaked! Then I had to go find someone who could help. Eventually they manaually clocked me in but I gota mark on my record for being late which suuuuuuucked.
It's becuase I misread my schedule. :'( I must have had a brain explosion moment or something. I was so upset becuase I haven't had a mark against my name yet and I didn't want any! I thought I was early! :( Sigh.

It put a dampener on my mood. I knew I had to hide it in front of guests which was hard. But I somehow managed to push it to the back of my mind. When I had my break it loomed on me again though. :(

Brewers Collection was of course totally new to me. I had to learn the names of the beers, which were light, dark and medium and which were most popular.

I am pretty sure I pronounced them all terribly, since they were German. But I tried. The guests were humoured by my attempts to say Schofferhofer and other such names! I think I am getting good at learning things quickly. I guess you kind of have to at this event, but I am enjoying the challenge, anyway
Whe they put me on registers however, uh yeah that too a while to get used to.

On to today!
I have my first security class today! From 3-5pm. Woo! Hopefully that is interesting.
It prolly would be better if it wasn't at such a random time because it means I can't go out until after. But tomorrow I'm meant to go to universl with friends, so that should be good! :D

Rght now I am just having a chilled out morning, and then around 2 I'll make my way to Patterson for my class.

Later ya'll

Saturday, October 9, 2010

O Canada!

Evening ya'll

I worked in Ireland and Canada today!

It was CRAZY busy!

Ireland was good and I enjoyed the nn-stop flow of people.
I also learnt how to tap a beer keg since it blew up on me. ha. :P

I think my people skills are also improving. I am much better at starting conversations with random people for instance. One girl in the canadian pavilion actually thought I was friends with the random who I started a conversation with! haha
The same girl got beer all over me, and then another gil dropped a bucket of soapy water and it got all over my legs. I guess it washed off the beer...? lol.

Canada was pretty fun. Oh guess what?! I learnt how to pur Moosehead beer! Yes, that's right. I learnt a new skill, wooOOp! I was qite terrible, and then the girl who was doing the beer (I was on wine) disappeared and left me with about 10 orders of beer! I was like "I am not good at it - someone else want to?!" Of course no-one else volunteered, so I had to very quickly learn. The first few times was a disaster, but I got much better! Yay!

I got a ride home tonight which was awesome. I love kind people with cars! :D

I exissssst properly as of tomorrow! Woo! Too bad the first shift is a closing one! :S I haven't even worked in Greece...and now I have to close it?! :S Oh oh...

I need to go grocery shopping, but I don't have much time! It would be ok if the Walmart bus started earlier...but nooooo. -.- Also, I need to fix my paycheck problem on Monday (man that was annoying having to go gt the cheque from my old work).

Which reminds me.
So today I lost my phone! I freaked out but asked my roomate if I could ring it with her phone. I rang it and some guy answered. He told me he found my phone on the bus and that he'd leave it for me to pick up at vista. Taht was good. It would have been bad to have lost my phone!!

The only thing is that he took the liberty of finding my phone number and then texting me. lol. Interesting... I guess that's how you make new friends..?

Off to bed!

Friday, October 8, 2010

So.Stressed. ...but at least there's F&W!

Guten Tag,

Why hello everyone!

This morning did not start off well. I do hope today gets better. I am a little upset at the moment. :(

You know how I got accidentilly termed? Well it till haunts me. It was pay day yesterday and I was excited like most thurdays. However this thursday nothing happened. I was like, that makes no sense because I can see what I got paid....but why am I not actually getting paid?!

So I ring the people who deal with pay issues. They tol me that my card had been cut off or something due to the terminaion. Suddeny I was being paid by CHEQUE (nightmareeeeeee) to my old work location (double nighmareeeeee!! :( ). They gave me this other number to ring but it wouldn't work.

This morning I was determined to fix it. I went to the place that helped me the other time. They same people were thereand they recognised me which was nice. I didn't have to explain everything again.

Basically, they changed it back so I was being paid in direct deposit again, but this 'live' cheque they couldn't fix. So YAY for me. I have to spend about 6hours trying to get the money. Why does it take so long? Lets think about this. It takes about 3 hours to go there and back to carribbean because it stops a lot. Also theres thewait time for the buses becuasr they com once every 30mins (if they are reliable, that is..). When i am at the catbilding I have tofind out where in the world to ge this cheque. Once I finally get back to vista I then have to wait for another bus. Whnit finally comes I have to request to got the bank (becuase it is a reqest ony stop). When I finall get there I have to figure out how to cash the cheque. Then I have to wait for the bus to come back again (and I hav to ring up the bus company to make theu comeback for me..) and by the time I finih it'll be like 6 hours later.

..and do I have 6hours? Hmm, maybe if I wake up at like 5 or 6am! But then things are only open certain hours too and I have to work every day too!
It makes me so MAD!!!!!!!!!! Why am I stillpaying for this stupid mistake? Seriously? Did I stuff up? Did I do something wrong? ARGH.

Then, do you understand how unamused I was to get back to my apartment and see the block has been changed and that I had to go get a new key? -.-

OK. That was my rant for the day. Had to get that one out because it just makes me so angry!

Some good stuff.

The worst roomate has left!

Her programme finished and I'm so happy! At least I don't have to deal with HER anymore!!
We have a new roomate coming on the 10th. I reeeeeally hope they are nice.
Or at least less evil than the other girl.

Yesterday I had fun day.
After my loner day on wednsday I was happy to have someone to hang out with!

I went to the Food an Wine Festival with a friend from CBR and it was great! I tried 15 different things and only spent about $30. :) How did I manage that? Meh, we shall call it pixie dust. haha. But here is what I tried:

Desserts and Champagne: Strawberry Angel Verraine, Pear Steusel, Dark Choc Sensation [al yummy - but the pear was my fav, suprisingly!]
Angentina: Empanada [pretty good! It was like a samosa]
Mexico: Conga Frut Punch (yay for a non-alc drink!) [yummmmmy!]
Poland: Kielbasa and Potato Pierogie [very odd. It wasn't gross, but it wasn't really yummy. I guess it was ok]
South Korea: BBQ short rib with steamed rice and cucmber kimchi [te rib was so gooood.The cucumber however... :S ]
Hops and Barley: Pecan bread pudding [yummy - but it kind of was like a sggy cake whch was odd]
Belgium: Waffles with berry compote and whipped cream [so goooood]
France: Escargot!!!! and *chocolate* creme brulee!! [both were super yummy! However choc brulee was bizarre since I am so used to the tradiiona one!]
Ireland: Lobster and Scallop pie and Lava cake with Bailey's Irish Cream [pie was interesting. Nice chunks of seafood which was cool. The lava cake was rich but goooood]
Canada: Canadian cheddar cheese soup [disappointed by this since people rave about it. It was ok, but not really a fan. Should have tried the salmon instead]
Charcuterie and cheese: cheese fondue with crutons and roasted potatoes [ewwwww. Not a fan at all. The cheese was icky]
Greece: Spanakopita [pretty yummy :) ]
NZ: (WOO!) Lamb Slider [yum! Go NZ! :D ]

..and the night before last I had strudel so I guess I could say I went to Germany too.

Anyway so that was good fun! I loved the cultures and trying all this new stuff.
Especially the snails. They were so good!!

Oh and I was happy with the NZ lamb slider. It was cute and tasted yummy!

We managed to catch Sugar Ray in concert whilst we were there and that was awesome. As well as that we went on a boat and created our own video game. It's very funny - anyone who wants it I will send you the link!!!

What is up with a "non-alc" beer that I am no allowed to try?! :( False advertising I say!!!

The end of the night was finished very prettifully when we had dessert and watched Illuminations. :)

Are my eyes decieving me or did my foot get slightly tanned??? lol.
Ok it has to be deception...

off to work


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Food and Wine, come and dine...

Hey ya'll!

Yesterday I worked in a number of places because I was a breaker person. I almost made it into the Greek pavillion but then I wasn't needed there! Since I was in Canada and Ireland and Charcuterrie and Cheese yesterday, all have left is Greece in my zone!

Canada was petty busy! The most popular item was the cheddar cheese soup, but the salmon was also a favourite. To be honest I liked the look of the Salmon, Soup and dessert in Canada! I might just have to return tomorrow when I go around the world pigging out on things!

Yes, tomorrow I plan to go with a CBR (Carribbean Beach Resort) friend to the food and wine festival! It should be fun, I'm looking forward to it!

Today however, I woke up late and then explored the interesting things that international drive has to offer!
I went to Pointe Orlando (they have such pretty dresses in this one shop there!) and a flea market. The flea market was interesting but I didn't like being one of the only people there!!
Also I felt bad when I didn't buy stuff because they were all watching me!

Then when I eventually made it back (but with the 25cent fare I don't mind! - yay Disney discount!!) I went to the Oktoberfest event at Patterson (that place is a palace, so jealous of people who live there) and grabbed some free food and drink. :D

When I got back to Vista I grabbed some DVDs from the Pavilion. The lady gave me some free popcorn. I tried popping it but eneded up burning it. Wow. I can't even cook popcorn. How sad is that? Although, in saying that I did cook a very lovely pasta dish last night! It was so yummy, so I can cook some things...

Oh random thing: I love how people want to tip me. I can't take it but it is a sweet thing to offer. :)

Anyway goodnight

Sunday, October 3, 2010

NZ? You are in the wrong stall!


On Saturday I was actually put in the NZ stall for bit at work! That was quite exciting, and the guests got excited by it too when they noticed. You have no idea how many times guests told me that I was "in the wrong stall!" when I wasn't in NZ! Eventually it got tiresome to come up with remarks, so I eventually was like "I go where the managers tell me to go". He wasn't expecting that one lol. :P

Most of the day I worked in Champagne and Desserts - which appears to be my home recently!

I hve ben gettin a call every day from labour services asking if I want to exten my shift. So I extend it by an hour each day. Except the day I was scheduled to work 11 hours.But then I was guilt tripped into staying for an etra hour anywa. :/ So woo for 12 hour shifts that end at 3am...

So yes, the other day there was a special marathon event on. It would have been cool to have been a part of it, bt the part I saw was pretty awesome anyway. We had some cool DJs that didn't play Disney music! We were dancing around for hours! (around 2am we started to loose energy) There was also pretty lighting, and a nice atmosphere Not only were we allowed to dance but we could have fun with the guests. It wasn't hot either. :)

The only thing was that it was late and no-one really knew how to deal with all these coupons! Then of course some were soggy and some were different to others. So there were some problems. Oh and people got upset when our liquor liscence stopped at around 2.30am! Thank goodness I didn't have to close though!!!!

Anyway so it was a late night made later by extending (man I was so sore and tired and just wanted to leave....). I wanted to get home but guess what? No bus. A guy had to ring them up and ask them to bring one. ...except only a tiny van thing turned up so half of the people were left behind.I was so determined to get home that I got in the van, but still ended up getting back to Vista at 4am!

Yesterday I worked in Chile and Champagne. I was a break person/floater (which I am all week) so they could put me wherever. I was going to break someone in Greece but then someone else did! Never fear - I got my schedules for next week and I fully exist!!! Now my schedule is like everyone elses and I know which pace I a meant to be working at. So far I am scheduled for Greece, Chile, Brewers Collection (which is odd since that isn't in my zone - and oh my goodness I cannot pronounce any of the german beer names!!!) and Ireland. :)

It was kind of fun working in Chile because we had to speak in spanish at the registers. I didn encounter sm problems when actual spanish speakers came up, but other than that people just enjoyed sayig "Hola!" back.

One day I wil get a log on so I don't have to use other peoples to be on register, which I seem to be put on a lot!

I am getting better at using the walkie talkie radio thinger! Go me. :D

I did have one mistake near he end of my shift, but luckily I think it was overlooked. I could argue to the death to defend myself about it too, if I need to! But hopefully I don't need to..

Anyway, must get ready for work!

Hasta Luego!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Food and Wine Day 1

Aloha everyone!

2 posts in one day, crazy huh? Well today was indeed -crazy- and therefore a double post seems appropriate!

Right now though, I am eating dinner. Which consists of teriyaki salmon and rice. You are impressed, yes? haha.

I was meant to have a tiny 6hour shift today from 2pm til 9pm. So I slept in and was relaxing because I knew it was probably going to be a full on day.

Except I didn't get to relax too long! My phone rang, so I answered it. Then it was the weirdest thing that has never happened to me before - a machine answered the phone. I was kind of confused as to how a machine called me and left a message when I answered my phone?
It said a whole blur of things and then hung up on me. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get everything down, and I couldn't repeat the message! So I had to ring the labour people.
When I got through to them they asked if I wanted to come in early because it was super busy. I said okay, even though I could only do an extra hour by that point (since i had to get ready, clock in (somewhere?) and then get to my location...all of this takes around 1.5hours).

I rushed to get read but when I got to Epcot I was freaking out because I didn't know where to go to sign in. I find the place totally confusing and I can never remember where to go!

After wandering around like a lost guest for ages (and the people I asked for help either didn't speak english or had no idea what I was talking about) I finally found a place to clock in and rest for about 15mins before my shift started!

Talk about drama, but then the day got even crazier!

I knew the Food and Wine Festial was popular, but I didn't realise it was so popular that there would be never ending lines!

I didn't get a break for 5.5hours ( I had to wait for someone to come break me
:( ) and he bugs were seriously annoying. I wouldn't be surprised if I ate a few by accident.

At least I didn't get sunburnt. ...and weirdly enough I was so busy I forgot to drink. I only drink about 3/4 of ONE drink bottle for the whole day! I'm surprised I didn't get a headache or faint, really.

Even though my register broke sevral times (how did I manage to stand in one spot for so long?!) and the sun kept going in my eyes etc etc, I didn't mind it. I guess because it wan't too hot and once I got the hang of things it wasn't too hard. Time went pretty fast too since it was so full on!

Guests kept telling me I was in the wrong pavillion. lol. :P Well yes, I would like to have been in the NZ one, but I don't get a choice!

I felt like I was thrown into everything and had to learn it all so fast! People kept asking all the questions and I had no idea!
But you know what? I know all about the 4 champagnes in that stall now, and I can even tell you which ones are dry, very dry and sweet and very sweet - even though I have not tasted any! I had people asking me questions and since I actually knew the answers by then people thought I was some wine expert! I loved being informative and having people think I was knowledgeable about everything. It felt good. ;)
I was impressed with my adaptality, really. To be thrown into a totally alien environment with all this new information....yeah its an achievement to survive!

I can also load gift cards, which are one of the most awesome inventions ever for the festival. A lot of people use them!!

Oh and you know what?! I surved an Aussie today who said that the NZ dishes tasted better than the Aussie ones! haha! How awesome is that?

Oh and it's cool how we work through (or in my case, the beginning of) the firework show Illuminations! It's loud, but pretty!

I'm gonna have a little rest now!
I have a crazy 11hour shift tomorrow which goes til 2am!!!!


..and Dad - if you see this, I am getting your txts but I have no way to reply to them. I did try to e-mail you...

Halloween Horror Nights

Hey ya'll

Yesterday was fun. Gad I managed to get it off. Especially since it meant my Horror Nights tickets didn't go to waste!

I woke up pretty late because well, I could. ..and after all the late nights sleeping in is good. :P (eg. I went to Latin night on tuesday and danced til about 2am :) )

I didn't really have any plans set, but when one of my friends txted me back I was excited because I hadn't seen him in ages and there was lots to catch up on! Sorry Michael for ditching you but you prolly had better guy time without me anyway. ;) haha

So we went to pick up some of his friends and had a bit of an adventure, especially since th plan was to go have lunch and we didn't end up doing that for several hours. XD
When we eventually did eat lunch it was at this place called Panera. It was kind of pricey but it had nice food. It was the first sandwich I had eaten in the SA that really tasted awesome and similar to something you might get at a Wishbone in NZ.

When we had finished eating my friend sggested a walk, so we walked around te corner, and that's when I found out we were at Millenia Mall! I was quite excited. :P haha. Man that place is posh!

After, my friend had to do some things and then we just hung out at his place (he showed me pictures etc) until it was time to leave. A good coincidence was that my friend's flatmates work at Horror Nights so I just got a ride there with them. :)

Horror Nights looked scarier than it really was. I mean yes, some thins gave me frights, but nothing was really scary. The things that concerned the the most were the people with chainsaws who went up to people and turnedthem on. Yes, REAL chainsaws. I was like - it's that a bit unsafe!?

Horror Nghts wasn't exactly how I expected. They do a pretty good job, but I didn't realise that it was just a bunch of horror houses that you walk through and a few shows. I wouldn't go by yourself though...

My fav was prolly one called Hades, because it was the best decorated and most believable IMO.
Best frights of the night were:
-->When there were a group of employees dressed as soldiers lined up and some sargent person was talking to them. I wasn't paying attention and then suddenly they all turn around with their chainsaws! We were right behind then ad I tell you I got such a fright!

-->When we went through Hades for a 2nd time. We were at the very beginnngand there was smoke. I usully can see the people or the place where peole jump out before they do so, but this time I couldn't see. This person jumped out of me and I screamed. They got me a good one.

--> I was walking out of one of the last Horror Houses. That means the attraction is over, but there was someone standing around the corner, not even part of the attraction, who jumped out and scared me! I guess I wasn't expcting it so it shocked me. :P

I was glad that we managed to do all the Horror Houses and one show plus Hades twice and the Mummy ride. :) Since we came 2 hours late I was afraid we woudn't be able to do everything, but luckily it was a non-peak night so the longest wait was 30mins!

Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera with me last night. That was because my plan was disrupted making me forget about it. It was a good disruption, but I guess I have to just go by memory...

First day working Food and Wine Festival today! ...and it's the first offcal day of the event for guests! Hopefully it's not hectic? I don't even know were I am yet. Darn not existing. It still has its after effects. The next lot of schedules better be normal. -.-

So much to know.. :/ I hope I will be okay...

Hope you all have a magical day!