Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rain rain go away!

...unless you make it so I get paid to do nothing!!!

Today I got an ER (early release) because it was thunderstorming and there were tornado warnings... In fact several hours later it is still that way! The whole day we all just hung out in the break room. It was pretty hard work. yup.

After 3 hours of sitting there doing nothing we were offered the choice of either:
1. an ER
2. stay for another 6 hours.

Now, as tempting as option 2 was, to get paid for doing nothing, I was afraid of being sent to Wonders to be forced to stand and work. I preferred being able to do what I wanted.
I mean it is less pay but at least I did the AK shift to help make up for the lost hours.

My roomie bought Tangled and so I have seen it about 6 times now.
If you haven't seen it, go and see it!! she's here, shining in the starlight, now she's here and suddenly I know...

The only problem is I am not sure what to do with myself. Like I can just hang out and do some admin stuff or read I guess, but I feel a little unproductive!

Did I mention in another post that I booked my tickets home? Scary stuff. :/

I saw a hummingbird the other day. It was beautiful. :) Wish they were in NZ.

The Itallian event after the AK shift was really nice. Free food that was super yummy! ..and seconds, too! Was sad I had no-one to dance with though. ...Richarrrrrd where were you?? :'(

Got the Blake Shelton CD I ordered today. :D It's awesome. Country music love <3.

Well off to do something else with myself.
Shop, read, sleep, gym....something like that.

I wish I had more energy.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blake Shelton :)

Hey ya'll,

Yesterday I convinced my Flower and Garden workmate to come to universal for the Blake Shelton concert. :)

He eventually gave in, and we left at 6.
Learnt pretty quickly that we probably shouldn't have left it that late... Yeah. What should have been a 15min drive took TWO hours!!!!!! Ergh.

However, we rushed and parked and then grabbed panda express and somehow managed to get the concert just as it started!

I loved the concert. I got to be as much of a cowgirl as I wanted and fit right in! Blake Shelton is also an awesome singer and I enjoyed listening and singning along. Not to mention he is very funny and I was quite entertained.

Tomorrow I have to day off. Have some admin to do and then I hope to go to Typhoon Lagoon. :)

I couldn't deal with having another day off, so I picked up a shift at Animal Kingdom.

..and I am super tired. So talk later!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Stop and Stare..

Hello everyone,

I have been meaning to post for a while but I guess I got lazy.
Sorry about that. :P

Possibly one of the reasons may have to do with a guy... but that's of course no excuse! So I am posting now to make up for it! :)

I have been working a lot lately. 9 days straight, in fact! So today and tomorrow are such sweet blessings that I am enjoying.

What do I have planned for these sweet blessings? Well, I plan to relax, read, go to universal concerts to see One Republic and maybe also Blake Shelton (a country singer). So cool how they are free to passholders. I am so glad I bought that pass, it has been paid for a hundred times over!!!
I also plan to book a few things here and thre and sort out some back to reality things.

The other day after work I went and posted off my taxes (*mumble grumble*
can't believe I had to pay $9, plus a fee for a money order plus anATM fee because I had to pay it n cash which I didn't have! -.- Sooo not cool.)
I also went to the programmes office to make sure that my ER has been updated on my profile.
Yes, not sure if I mentioned that before but I managed to get an early release of my programme (and even that was a drama, I had to go trough so many people! Good thing I have an awesome manager at CBR who heled me out. :) ). My new end date is July 2 instead of July 8. This is so that I have a little more time to get back to NZ before university, since it starts on the 11th!
However, I am not returning straight away.

I never got to see my Utah family whilst here and so I am going there for a few days before I leave the country. :) Should be super fun!

Back to what's been happening lately though. At work I have been having some really awesome conversation with my fellow cast members. [and if I am going to be put in dead places like Japan and Gogo I don't see why I can't learn more about the people around me.]
I have learnt so much from them and I love hearing their opinons. There are some pretty wise people who work for Disney.
..and since I found this so valuable, I challange ya'll to get out there and do the same! Get to know the people around you! They may just emotionally touch you some way or change your outlook on something.

I have had a lot of 8.30am starts lately.
Not my idea of fun, that's for sure.
However, all the managers have been talking to the schedulers and maybe it has worked because next week I have noooo 8.30am starts at the Gogo cart. :D :D :D Yay!

I have had the chance to work in places other than Cananda and Mexico. Japan is kinda lonely (but is made barable with nice cast company) and a little dull. However, you get to hear both the Moroccan and Japanese musical entertainment which is kinda cool....the first 6 or so times.... ;)

I had a crazy incident at Japan the other week though, when these drunk guys started talking to me. They were been super creepy but the bad news for them was that one of the managers was there too. for them...

I like Germany. They have awesome bonsai plants (which may seem ironic - and I too am perplexed as to why the bonsais are in Germany and not Japan....) and wood carvings. They are fun to look at.

There are no fans to cool you off in either of these locations though! Argh! Talk about hoooooot.

The VP of Epcot and I keep running into each other. It's awesome. We are both counting the amount of times and it's so funny. :) I think he is cool.

I love how my roomies take us to cool places like Target to go grocery shopping. :) Got to loooove them!!

Righteo everyone
I am going to look into applying for Halls at uni or something so I have a place to live when I get home!

Love, Peace, Mickey!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hey ya'll

I love making new friends here. :) Not only does it benefit you with connections but it also can be helpful (eg. some people have cars!)
Lately I have made found some fun workmates and it has made work so much better! Time passes quickly becuase I have people to keep me company. ...and by the way, I even make friends with the middle aged and older people as long as they are not grumpy (yes there are a few of those)

The other day I went out to breakfast at Denny's with a friend. It was so nice, especially to have a cooked breakfast!

We have friends over in this apartment, and everyone gets on (or at least if they don't there isn't a fuss) which is nice. :)
The other night one of my roomies put on the movie Splice. Man it was creepy. Never going to watch that ever again, I think I am scarred for life, ergh!

I got to experience what it is like working at Germany and Japan stalls for Flower and Garden. Japan is kind of slow and lonely, but Iquite enjoyed Germany. It is right next to the bonsais which fascincate me, and the wood carvings on the other side are also very interesting.
I still prefer Canada because the CDS is used there and there is a good break system (it's self break with Japan anf Germany) and the break rooms are nicer. But it was a good change <--and no Gogo cart! haha

I picked up a shift at Animal Kingdom yesterday. I probably shouldn't have becuase it meant I had a 9 day work week, but they are cutting my hours next week so I thought I may as well make the most of the easy overtime while I can. The next paycheck should be good. :)
The shift was okay. Not hard but pretty long. I got to play with african instruments or the first hour or so which was kind of different. How many people can say they get paid to do that? haha

-- I looked at my paycheck for last week and noticed some strange things. I had been weirdly overcharged for rent! When I contacted the correct people they were helpful and I am hoping that I get the refund I was told I would be getting, and that the problem is fixed! Really don't want to be ringing them up all the time.


The other night was WICKED! I rushed after work to get to Vista but still managed to fit in a shower and some food. :D I was excited to see this show since everyone I had heard talk abou it had nothing but positives to say.

ALL I can say is this show is definately work the hype. It's funny, clever, touching and impressive. We had amazing actors too and they had beautiful voices. 10/10 for sure. Go see it if you haven't before. :)


Onto today, man it was long. Of course I had to start at the cart, but it was a long shift and it was HOT. Luckily I had my Aussie workmate to hang out with as well as the artis who is lovely. After work my feet were (nd still are, they thump!) so sore! I couldn't walk normally and my feet felt swollen. :S
I wish they could have better fans to keep up cool becuase I think that is one of the problems.
Funny enough the guests weren't so happy today so it was affecting them too, and my roomies were all super tired when they got home too!

Right now I am just relaxing, and the fact I don't have a 8.30am start tomorrow is nice. However, Today is just day 4 of 9... Looking forward to my days off though! I like to make the most of days off and on the 25th it should be good because my roomie and I are seeing One Republic at Universal for freeee at he Mardi Gras. :P Yay :D

Things I need to sort out though:
- taxes [need to send in my forms, because apparantly I DO owe $9... -.- ]
- flights

Hope ya'll are ok

Monday, March 14, 2011

Red Riding Hood

Hey ya'll :)

Last night I saw Red Riding Hood. It reminded me of The Village and a few other films smashed together. It was kind of interesting/intriguing, I would rate it a 7/10.

I am looking forward to my day off tomorrow! Will be great. :) Don't have many plans but will enjoy chilling out.

Next week I have an interesting week. I get to work in different places of Epcot and I am also going to One Republic at the Mardi Gras on the 25th. :)

Wicked in a few days! :)


The Gogo cart at work is going to drive me crazy because I kept being put there! It's so boring that no-one wants to go there! The CDS always puts me there and it gets on my nerves becuase some people have never done it. -.-'


Am making lots of friends lately, and my roomies are still awesome :D


Friday, March 11, 2011

I love my home country!

Hey ya'll!

Today I thought it was going to be a bad day, since I didn't escape the fate that awaited me. Yes, go-go cart was my assignment the secnd I clocked in. I swear the computer hatesme. I didn't even have an 8.30am shift! How do I have such bad luck with that thing?!

Anyway, so after a while of the cart this new guy came (he was in ops not merch though). We started talking and he was pretty nice. Then I found out he lived in the palace, in th same building as me! How crazy is that!? haha.

Then, I had another stroke of awesomeness when I encountered a NZer! I was super excited, but unfortuately he was just breaking me. he sounded like an Aussie though. I was like...uhm...have I forgotten wht a NZer sounds like or does he hang around aussies?? :S

After I had my break the computer sent me to Mexico. I was sad because I relly wanted to hang out with the NZer. Mexico is pretty small though and I finished stocking it after about an hour. ...and then I made my escape! :P hehe. Yes, I ended up back in Mexico and I got to hang out with the NZer! :)

We got talking about the funniest things, it made me miss home and our NZ sense of humour. We are so silly and laid back. :) Love it. It was also great to have someone who could relate to me and my view of things here. I had a great laugh and the rest of my shift went by quickly!

Man it's weird being a morning worker. It's not bad when you get used to it, and like having the afternoon to chill out, but having to get up at 6.15am and deal with Go-go cart kinda sucks. :(

When I woke up this morning I heard about the Japan quake and tsunamis. So sad. I woder if the whole ring of fire is throwing a tantrum at the moment? After Christchurch and now Japan who knows what will happen next? Kinda scary.
<3 to the people in Japan. I hope things clear up as qick as possible.

Miss ya'll!
Remember, if you need my new palaceaddie let me know and I will get it for ya. :)


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Go-go squeeze my brain cells

Hey ya'll!

This morning it was raining terribly when I went to work. Not only was it early (had to wake up at 6.30am) but I knew that was sucheduled to work outside at the cart. So putting all those ingredients together makes for a really horrible morning.

Luckily I was able to avoid standing out in the rain. The alternative was to hang out in the Wonders pavillion. Which was dry and I had cast member company...but it was still boring.

I was at least glad that I didn't get put on Go-go cart the rest of the day, even though I spent about an hour sweeping the ground of leaves (which was crazy since the wind kept bringing in more constantly). Fun stuff. haha

Yesterday I went to Universal with my Aussie roomie, which was good fun (though its such a pain with the public transport going to and from!). ...and the day before we did an Epcot scavenger hunt. It was fun. Didn't win - but we got awesome free food at the end!! :D :D :D

So there's this thing on my mind. I will elaborate more if anything happens.

WICKED on the 17th! ..and maybe the 22nd tooooo. :)

OKay, got to go

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Moved into the Palace


As of last night my Aussie friend and I are all moved into the Palace of Patterson! Woo! There are bags everywhere but we are slowly unpacking and armed with our lovely new PC I.Ds, we are settling in.

Love our roomies
Why? Let me count the ways...

1. they talk to each other a lot
2. co-operation
3. help each other - 3 have cars... wOOoop! ..and they helped us move. :]
4. have outings toether
5. look out for each other -they are like "be safe" and "have a good time!"
6. nice people!!!

Last night we had a Target outing. We were singing along in the car to music like Backstreet Boys and had a great time!

Once we had gotten home we watched a movie together. It was so nice. Like our own little cosy household. :) Think I will like it here!

I will take pics when I am all moved in and there aren't bags everywhere!

Tomorrow my Aussie roomie and I are participating in a scavenger hunt around Epcot. Should be fun! Then we have that day off and the next day. :D Yay!

Wicked on the 17th! Unfortunately I ave work that day, but I shall rush home right after (4.30 finish - have to be at Vista at 5.30/6) and hopefully it will be okay!
I have lots of mrning shifts the at Flower and Garden. Which is fine except it means a little boredom and of course waking up early!

Got to go to work (extra hours) - Hollywood Studios! Woo!

Friday, March 4, 2011

"Hey it's you!!"

Kia Ora folks :)

Today my Aussie friend and I checked out Patterson. We were impressed mostly. I think the girls were what made up my mind though. They are really nice. :)

The apt is a little smaller (eek what to do for closet room!?) than the one I am in now, but it is newer and cleaner.

Of course being the last people in the at meant we got the smallest and crappiest of everything, but in Patterson it's really not anywhere near a bad as if we had moved into another Vista place. Then we would have gotten the broken wholey stuff with mould. lol.

I think it will be a fun adventure to live with my friend. We are like crazyness mixed together.

Oh, guess what? 3 of them have cars. Awesome. They are all from Florida except one who is from Las Vegas. :) They are amused by some of the words we use. Like "boot"/trunk.

Unfortunately I didn't have the day off to move. But work wasn't terrible. It was a little boring, but my whole day was MADE when something small happened. I saw this figure walk past fast (kimmie speed! It was awesome, I thought "wow. So that's what I look like when I walk...). I recognised the figure and immediately connected his image to what I had seen every day on the way to work in Epcot.

It was the Vice President of the park. Now I am not sure why I was so excited, but I was! I basically waved him down and then I got to talk to him for a while. He's lovely! Everyone around me thought it was quite amusing how I did that, and it was kind of funny, but I was super happy the rest of the night. Wierd, huh?!

Now I can say that I met the guy on the TV :P. hehe. He may even remember me as the girl who was said "hey, it's you!" really loudly. XD

Anyway. Onto packing my things.
I shall post pics of the new apt when I am moved in. :)


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Flower and Garden, Day 1

Hey ya'll,

Yesterday was the first day of Flower and Garden. I got to bone of the guinea pigs. Or at least I felt like it. The CDS did not like me and I hardly got to scan anything. We had far too many people in some places and not enough POS systems.

I spent most of the day greetin an assisting guests. ...but for he morning part of my shift I was assigned to jump rope and hola hooping with little kids! Man, in the beating sun that is hard work! The adults got great entertainment out of watching me try to hola. With the small hoops meant for kiddies it's rather hard!

Had a few comical moments. Like watching a lady working near me try t copy what I was doig with the hola hoop. You know how you can flick your wrist and get the hoop to fly away but return to you (like a boomerang I suppose)? She tried i but it went th wrong way and somehow ended up between some guest's (a guy,too) legs! Oh it was bad but also comical! Luckily he didn't react adversely. Wooops! hahaha

It was nice to work outside. Except that I shall be using sunscreen a lot more from now on! I was so used to working inside that I forgot about it yesterday (luckily didn't get burnt though).

The managers are pretty nice too. They seem keen to help, even if they are powerless to do things in some instances.

It was also nice to return home around 6pm. I think all the playing with the little kids got to me though. When i got home I lay down to reston my bed and ended up falling asleep. I woke up the next day still in costume and having had no dinner! Never done that before. It was like I had taken a sleeping pill and it had knocked me out.

My new apartment is okay but I am going to look at another tomorrow in Un-Top Secret Plan: Patterson. Unfortunately since I have work at 1pm tomorrow I am going to have to get up early to have a lookie at the place. I am hoping it's ok. I want more sace and nice people!

My current roomies are nice enough but they have boys around all the time (that stay the night) and it irritates me to no end. Especially since they use my stuff and make a mess and talk to all hours of the morning wih the girls......

The frezzer is so packed I actually cellotaped it shut. The next person to open it will have an avalache attack tem. ergh. Why do 3 people need so much ice-cream for one thing!?!? It's crazy.

I have discovered a new like. Mocha. Yes, it has chocolate in it, but I never used to even bother trying coffee/tea etc. Hopefully I won't get addicted.

I started reading some things about the world today (I have kind of removed myself from such things for a while). It was pretty general. I swear so many news articles are just speculation.
I also started reading my History of Diplomacy book. I am quite enjoying it so far. :)

Waiting on people is annoying. I have so many people I am waiting on e-mail replies from. Like to shorten my programme by a week (due to uni) there's a big huge process to go through. To figure out taxes/insurance etc there is also lots to do. It's very annoying... (yes, yes "welcome to the USA/red tape/what everyone else has to put up with")

On a happier note.
Loving the sunny days here.
Loving getting to work out in the sun. :D
Loving the amount of extra exercise I am getting working at Epcot (it can be a pain but I know it is good for me)

The Magic vs Kicks basketball game the other night was awesome by the way! The stadium was massive and it was just interesting for me just to wander around it.
The Magic won (incedentilly well named being from where the "Most Magcal Place on Earth" is) which was awesome.
I learnt more about basketball. I was suprised at how much I didn't know actually. I would have been petty confused if it weren't for the lovely guy next to me. He talked to me quite a lot and was so friendly. :)
He was from Puetro Rico and explained a lot to me. It was nice to have company since hewas by himself too. I learnt later that it was his 21st birthday! Kind of sad he was spending it alone. :/ Especially since he was a sweetheart!

The tradtions (music/cheerleaders/crowd ativities) were interesting to experience. I love how I felt almost like part of a movie scene.

I would have to advise against the top seats of the Amway stadium. They are very steep and potentially dangerous! I was quite scared of toppeling over chairs from losing my balance. Not good.

Have to go to work.
How are all ya'll doing?


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Should I live in the Palace?

Aloha everyone!

Weird happenings.

You know how I just moved into my new apt? Yeah, well I may move AGAIN.
Yes. That's right. Apt no. 4.

I am atualypretty happy with my new apt, but then my Aussie friend came to me today wih a "proposition" (how dangerous. Next time I shall be more aware... ). She is upset with her roomies and want to move. She offred to move in with her at a new apt in Patterson. The palace. I have tried to move into there for ages but gave up. It might be nice to live there..

I was kind of like....are you -serious-? since hd jst unpacked and moved in here. But we wouldn't have to pay the dumb $50 fee (I think housing people are sick of us haha) and I guess it could be good? I mean I am fine with where I am but I woul do it more for my friend. Esp since I feel guilty about droppng her camera yesterday (it broke. :( oops)

Anway So friday we go check that place out and I may have to move again (what a pain.)
On the topic of my Aussie friend though: we had a fun day out yesterday! We hung out at the parks and she helped me move (lol....). We also ate at the Hollywood Studios srive in dinerthatthey have there which was exciting. Always had wanted to eat there. ...and what was even more awesome was that the lady gve me the wrong milkshake so I ended up getting a free one. haha. :P steak was super yummy. I normally wouldn't have picked it but since i never have it I treated myself.

Sucks I have a double paycheck dock this week. Blergh. :/

I am off to see the Magic basketball game now!

By the way, this undiscovered artist's songs are pretty addictive. If you agree let me know!