Saturday, April 10, 2010

I got magic in the post!

Yesterday morning I was complaining about how late our Disney Packs were (we were meant to get them mid-late march). Perhaps I was especially upset becuase the australians already had theirs. ...but then I got home from work to find a most wonderful surprise! My Disney pack had arrived! Hurrah!

I will upload a picture of it in the picture section (once I figure out how to do that, of course!) for those who don't know what I'm talking about.

Basically it had a whole bunch of documents in it. Lots of 'congrats' messages and then information about the programme. Onthe Other side was all the official documents and a list of things to do. My mind boggled when I tried to read through it all - but I got my head around it eventually when I broke it all down. I have pretty much done everything I need to do before my visa appointment! So if you set out to do it, it's possible. ...anything is possible. ;) See, I think I'll fit right in at Disney World. In fact, I think at work I'm going to start saying "have a magical day!" to see what people do...

My visa appointment is for June 29 at 9.45am in Auckland (I'm getting a plane up the day before). Apparantly it's only about 15mins long. The main point is not to say something stupid. You'll be fine if you act normal and don't mention anything about wanting to try extend your programme etc. They want evidence that you won't go to the USA and then not return... I really don't want my visa to be denied after everything so I'm heeding the warning!

I went shopping today to try and find a shirt for traditions/Disney University. I really was unsure about the sort of thing they want. I asked Disney constuming and hopefully I'll get a helpful reply. :)

I did find some useful guidelines here though:

Less than 3 months now! The day of my visa willbe the 2 month mark. Scary/exciting stuff!


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