Thursday, May 6, 2010


So after chasing the mail place I finally got my hands on my shiny new visa!
When i looked at it I was like - what? I get no letter telling me I actually have it? I guess since there's a giant sticker in my passport I can assume that is it haha.

It came super quick! I had my interview last thursay, and it came that sat!

Anyway, I'm so happy that I have that secured now! I was freaking out for a few days, since I had my flights booked already when our rep said not to do it before the visa (on the like 1% chance you wouldn't get your visa).

Only 53 days till I leave and its getting more and more exciting!

The couple who are going to be looking after my in Texas sent me a link to the Rodeo we're going to and it looksso much like I've seen on the tv - so exciting!
I mean everyone is wearing cowboy boots and hats and their parade on July 4th is to celebrate "Mom, Dad and Apple Pie". Awesome. :P

Right, back to uni... EWrgh can't wait till all the assignments and examsare over and I can just think abot Disney!


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