Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm covered.

For the past month or so I've been pondering on insurance choices. I came to find that a 13month cover was very rare, unless you came back to your home country before the cover expires (hardly useful to me!).
I ended up going wih World Nomads as they were nice and flexible. They also let you choose the value of high cost items. Plus I used a promocode and got about $95 off the price, yay! :)
I'm hoping it'll all be ok...

Uni has been crazy lately as I've had so many essays due, but now that they are handed in (with a minor mishap where I had a panic attack when I realised I'd handed the wrong essay in for one subject!) I only have 2 tests and an exam left.

Which is much easier to handle.

The weather here is horrible. Wet and rainy and cold! Although its not very nice, hearing that its on average 30degrees C in Florida, makes me wonder if I should just enjoy the cold while it exists! The heat is one thing I'm scared about.

One good thing is I'm meeting more and more NZ people who are going in July, which is great! Everyone seems lovely and that's always a good sign!

35 days till the big adventure!

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  1. hey kimme!

    so am totally backtracking through your posts.. as i'm trying to figure out which insurance cover to get for myself at the moment!

    how have you found world nomads to be?? good insurance coverage so far?? any issues?? it's such a pain comparing them all.. and this one seems to be the cheapest.. i'm just hesitant about what they cut out on to make it so cheap!

    any info u have would be awesomeee thnx =)

    love reading ur posts!!