Monday, June 14, 2010

TWO weeks!

Heya everyone :)

It's been a while becuase, well, nothing much Disney related has happened! However it's so close I felt the need to update!

The last things I really have to do are pay the assessment fee (have to wait till I'm told how to first though!) and pack!

I started chucking a few things in my bags (oh my goodness how am I doing to fit everything?) but its not just like a normal holiday! Packing for a year requires more thought. least I have my handy dandy packing list! (I once forgot some crucial things when we went to Aussie and since then I've always ticked things off a list... :P)

It's also not normal because I have to clean out my ENTIRE room at the same time. Not only that but apparantly I'm supposed to pack my entire room up too because Dad and Grandma want to move when I leave. Move house makes sense, since 4 bedrooms 2 people hardly is logical, but they want to move -countries-.

Alas, this means I have to get rid of a lot of things. Although they are going to kids who prolly want/need them more than me - I feel like I'm forced to give up little parts of myself. I know how I acquired pretty much everything in my room: the person, the occasion. I know I must sound a bit like a bower bird but I hate being forced to give up my stuff. Especially with people in my ear saying "oh you don't need that," "you couldn't take that to a flat" etc...

In other news, one week till my first exam. Not entirely great news. I will be super glad when it's over though! It's the final bump in the road. Then I have dinner and dancing with a friend (and he's actually PAYING. Unusual...) and a few other social meet-ups in between packing!!

I'll try update again before I go.


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