Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm leeavin on a jet plane!

I’m leeavin’ on a jet plane July 3

Hey ya’ll. Right now it is 5.45am and I am waiting at the gate for my flight to Utah. I’m pretty tired (only had about 5hours sleep over 2 days) but pretty clam. Things have progressed without a problem so far.
Looking forward to getting on the plane and sleeping. I am hoping that all the early morning Disney shifts have taught me how to sleep sitting up (buses…). Haha
I will be happy to get back to NZ security systems though. I had to take off my belt, shoes, jacket laptop, ears, phone, watch… It was crazy. So hard to keep track of everything.
I was even asked to show the inside of my Mickey hat. :/
My carry on luggage is the same size as my “personal” bag. Hahaha. …and it’s all so heavy! I have that plus my two bags which are *just* under 50pounds (23kgs) each. So I’m carrying much more than myself in weight around!!
So excited to see my Utah friends. :) It will be cool getting to experience a 2nd 4th of July too. I’m sure I would have been scheduled to work if I stayed and that wouldn’t have been anywhere near as fun! It makes me wonder who in the world would even come into Calypso Trading Post on that day? I mean I guess non-Americans who don’t care…
I have so many things I am grateful for. Here, I posted this online, but in case anyone missed it…
I’ve had plenty of challenges during my year abroad in Florida. I’ve been frustrated a lot. But through it all I found myself growing stronger as a person. I learnt things I never knew I would. I made friends from all over the world. I got to work at a place that was designed to bring joy to people, and in turn it gave joy to me.

I learnt how to be more proactive, patient, interpretive and understanding. I now am more confident about initiating conversation. I improved my knowledge about different cultures. I learnt how to readjust my sleep schedule and manage money. I am now very observant and easily notice untidiness. I became more independent and time aware.

I even learnt how to hula hoop (Flower and Garden), open a champagne bottle (Food and Wine) identify fictional Star Wars characters (Star Wars Weekends), the value of a simple sticker and how to stand for hours on end. Not to mention I managed to adapt to all different types of weather conditions.

I tried my very best to live by the Disney Basics.
I projected a positive image and energy even when I may not have felt my best, because when I did it was reflected back to me.
I wanted to stay in character and keep Disney’s reputation in tact. I also wanted to help keep the cast and guests safe – because, of course, safety begins with me!

I wanted to be courteous and respectful to everyone, because that is good service, and it is also polite. Not to mention it makes everyone, including myself, happier because….we create happiness!
I wanted to go above and beyond. I yearned to make children smile and brighten up their day. I sought to help take away stress from parents who were tired with lots on their plate. I wanted to be proud of myself for going out of my way to help create magic.

The best part of it all though, is that I made amazing friends for life and found out more about myself along the way.

Thank you, Disney.
Thank you all the wonderful cast members and leaders I have worked with.

I am pretty sure this will forever be one of the best years of my life and I will remember it fondly.
I got to experience Disney World, I got to experience Disney’s cruise line, I got to experience Florida and travel around the country.
I’m sad to leave, but ready to spread my wings on another adventure. I’m a world traveller and I love thrills and change and exploration. Who knows where the wind will blow me next?

It’s not all over though. I am taking some of that pixie dust home. I am going to spread superior guest service wherever I go. I will continue to create happiness for people.
I may not be at Disney anymore, but Disney will forever be with me. …and you never know, I may just end up right back in the most magical place on earth again someday. Definitely as a guest. Possibly as a cast member once again.

Anyway. It’s finally time to start boarding! Bye Mickey. Bye Florida. Bye friends. I love and miss you all.

....but I’m super excited to see my NZ friends in a few days!

See ya real soon!

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  1. Mmmm, jet planes... I had some yesterday :P

    Is there free wireless at the airport??

    Hmmm, yeah. All I have to do is empty my pockets and take my laptop out of it's back, whenever I fly home...

    Far out! I think I'll park the car close to the airport, if not in the (expensive) carpark! XD

    I hope you have an awesome 4th of July :D

    I'm glad you learnt a lot while you were away :)

    Lol at adjusting sleep patterns :P I'm constantly changing mine :)

    See you soon!!! :D

    ~Richard :)