Sunday, July 3, 2011

Last day of work!

Today was my LAST DAY as a cast member on the ICP!
It was a day I was honestly dreading. ..and yes, it was sad. Yes, I didn’t want to leave. But at the same time it ended so wonderfully that I felt satisfied and not as sad. I even was smiling, for pretty much the whole afternoon. :)

Here’s the sitch. (hehe KP – Kim Possible)
So the past few days I have been stocking at CBR. I was pretty content doing that and it was fun working with some workmates that I love. :D
I managed to do Magic Kingdom and Studios for the last time with my NC friend after my shifts. …and pack. It took a while but I think I am okay now (just. Lol.)
It was great to finish with Magic Kingdom. It was beautiful, and I really enjoyed Magic Memories and You and the firework show, Wishes. I got a little teary watching Wishes. Its so beautiful, and even though I had seen it before, since it was the last time I would see it for goodness knows how long, I appreciated it more. It was special and touching.
Of course, I had to end the theme-parks off with a thrilling type ride, and that would be Big Thunder. :)
So glad I don’t usually go to MK as a guest though. What an ordeal! Honestly. No wonder guests are frustrated and tired.
After MK we had to get the monorail (and tip guys, always get the resort one cos it also goes to the TTC!!) we had to wait for a tram thing and after all that it prolly took about an hour to get to the car! Ergh. Gross.

But onto today. I had a 6.15am shift. It went by pretty smoothly, and I enjoyed it. Nothing really unusual happened.
Then it ended….and it felt so odd. I clocked out for the last time. I said good-bye to everyone. But I felt kind of hollow inside. Like I had to properly say good-bye to everyone but couldn’t. :/ Plus, the friend who I was hoping to meet in the early morning before my bus didn’t come. So I was a little sad.
Anyway, so I went to costuming to return all my costumes (sad times). The costuming lady was kinda rude and when I was distressed that my raincoat wasn’t off my record she kept arguing with me. It made me mad. …but I have evidence with me that I retuned it all, with her name on it. So they better not attempt to charge me for anything!
Then we went back to my apartment and finished packing. Ergh. So much stuff. ….I ended up abandoning a lot of stuff. …and making a mess. Yeeeah, the cleaning people can have a whole bunch of free stuff. Haha
Then I remembered I still had a company lanyard. I felt guilty keeping it so decided to give it back. Plus it was a good excuse to see CBR and my friends again. ^-^
I am so glad I went. I mean, I felt terrible abandoning my friend whiles he waited on me. I kind of lost track of time. :/ …but it was so wonderful. I felt so much better. It was like my unfinished business got to be done.
I was so happy to say goodbye to a lot of wonderful people. I got to even join in with the dancing for the last time. That was great fun. I had the best time getting my groove on. :P
There was one thing that made my day totally and utterly complete though. My last wish was granted. I had such a wonderful afternoon enjoying the sun and the fresh air. I had amazing company and I wish it never had to end.
I won’t forget you, and if you’re reading this, you know who you are.
You make me smile. You create magic just for me. You finished off my last day perfectly ...and I appreciate it.

I get on a plane early tomorrow morning. It’s the start of a new adventure. I’m a mixed bag of emotions, really. I am excited for some things and terrified of others.
I will miss everyone SO badly. …but at least I can keep in touch.
Off to Utah!
Chat soon :)

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  1. Second week of holidays... :/

    Lol, Kim Possible :P My flatmate has that as his text ringtone XP

    The monorail sounds pretty cool :D

    My last day of work was a Friday, so I bought cans of Coke and Sprite, some chips and some Gingernuts and took them to work for a last day shout. We finished in the yard at 2pm, and I just chilled and had a drink with the guys for about an hour or so...

    If you can get to a scanner, you could scan the receipt as a pdf and email it to her :P

    Lol, I wonder what the cleaning ladies will think of all the free stuff - they'll prob put it in lost and found! XP

    What kind of dancing did you do?

    Hope you have a good flight :)