Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Utah :)

Hey guys!

(I am writing 2 blogs at once because it would be unfair to clump them)

I just finished with my awesome Utah adventure. I had never been to Utah before so it was an exciting new place to explore. :)

The trip there was pretty long with the transfer at Texas (all the flights were on time even!), but I got there eventually and was SUPER excited when my Utah sis Jenn suprised me from behind! I love that girl so much. <3
Once I had my bags we went outside to meet my Utah Mom (who is seriously beautiful and should believe it) and Jenn's younger sis Bekah.

We went back to their place and then Jenn invited me to her church. Now, I can't say I had any clue what a mormon church would be like. But you know, I'm all about experiences and I thought it could be interesting. I would ave to say I looked and felt like a fish out of water. Ha. Not only did I have no idea what was happening but it probably looked like I was rude or something. What to do with the water vial I was given? How to read the music (the lines skipped and it took me a while to pick up the pattern)? How to dress properly? When to act serious? :/
But it's okay. I survived. Actually, it wasn't as intimidating as I had imagined. It was pretty relaxed, really. :) Plus, Jenn found entertainment in me, so I had a purpose. haha :P

Oh and can I just say, I wsh people would stop making fun of Mormons. Seriously, they are just normal people who have beliefs. What is wrong with that?

Later on, we went for a drive through the canyon and it was super pretty. :) Utah is a place where I am sure my Geo teachers would have a blast. So many fun landscape features!

That evening I went for a walk with Jenn and her sis Rachel. It was nice except we were toally spookd by everything after encountering a rattlesnake. ...and man I was lucky! I thought it sounded like a cicada and was quite close to stepping on it!
Let's just say, after that...I was on guard!!

4th of July in Utah was fun. We went to a super long parade to start the day. ..and I found out some interesting facts! (the things you learn whilst observing strange things! haha) An example being that scools like to show off their beauty queens. Then I found out the girls who win these competitions get scholarships! Yes, that's right! You get a scholarship for being pretty!

We were all hungry/thirsty by then and so Jenn came up with he idea of Chinese. I as thinking - Chinese is so random to do on July 4? But then I realised pretty much everything else was closed! The same for Christmas...
The Chinese was super yummy too. I really enjoyed it (the fortune cookies were seriously lame though haha). Thank you, Joe Mardesich!

The afternoon was a nice enjoyable family type thing where we just hung out. I enjoyed it :). Miss family-ness.

The next day Jenn showed me her Uni campus. It was a lot bigger than the ones in NZ, that's for sure. Oh and it had this feel about it that you see in movies. Quite cool. :P
After we picked up Jenn's sis and went to Sundance. I didn't really know what this was but I vaguely know about sundance movies and the festival...

That place is reeeeally pretty. :) It was in the mountains and super cute.

I enjoyed my clemintine drink ad this awesome raspberry slice thing too. :P

Later on that day Katherine and Joe took Jenn and I to Temple Square. It was a very calm and pretty place. I especially was entriged by the colour changing organ room.

Jenn then took me to a place called Spark. It's a place in Utah to chill out, and it has mocktails (mormons don't drink alc..or coffee, interestingly - Bri, don't faint)
Unfortunately we got the just before it closed, but we still got to have a yummy drink. :) Yes I always have thought that you don't need alcohol to make a drink good.

We drove by one of Jenn's 'friends' places and then hung out with a gil called Emily, who is a good friend of Jenn and is about to go to London for a month to study. She was realy nice. :)

The last morning Jenn and I hung out (I love listening to you sing and play the piano! ...and you are so creative. Wish I had that amount of talent!) and then it was time to go to the airport to drop me off!

It was so great to see everyone. I am super grateful and and love you all so much. <3

air attendent "do not steal"

Ok. I will write part 2 later. Maybe on the plane (in a word doc, of course. ;) )

That one is a LONG and PAINFUL and GRUMPY blog. :P



  1. Heya :)

    Glad you had fun in Utah :)

    Hmmm, a mormon church sure would be interesting :S

    Am looking forward to part two :D

    See you soon :)

    ~Richard :)

  2. Oh kimmie!! this is the FIRST chance I have had to read this. Had very poor internet in cali, and just got back last night, and today I was at work!! let me just say...I enjoyed every second with my sis!! I can't wait to see you again! :-)

  3. Awe! Yay! I loved hanging out with you SO much :)