Thursday, July 7, 2011


This was probably one of the longest and most stressful days of my life.

It started off like this.

I got on my flight from Utah to LA (stop-over at Denver). It left late.
I was concerned I would miss my connection, so I asked the flight attendant. She did some calls and said it should be fine because it was a southwest to southwest flight and we were landing at the gate next to the one I needed to get to.

So I relaxed.
….and I shouldn’t have.

When I arrived I found out the plane had left without me! ..and it was only 10mins after the plane was scheduled to depart (and when to planes ever depart at that exact time?!). I was so upset, but I went up to the counter and asked what to do.
They said they could put me on the next flight which was in 5hours time.

But that was the least of my worries.
I was scared I would miss my international flight, since the delay only gave me 2 hours at LA – and with waiting for my bags, rushing to the next terminal, checking my bags in, going through security and finding the gate I needed, I knew would be pretty impossible.

But I was willing to run. However, that was crushed when the flight was delayed a further 3 times in Denver. Yes, I was in Denver for quite a long time. …and I eventually arrived in LA around 10.30pm, when I was meant to be there around 5.30pm. -.-

So yes, even though my friend Michael (who was willing to be on the phone with me and guide me through LAX whilst he was in NZ) had optimism, it was never going to work.

Luckily my NC friend had been very vigilantly trying to help me and had come up with some helpful (though somewhat distressing) solutions. First, I was offered (after much work) free accommodation for the night, since the next flight wasn’t for over 24hours. (argh!) Second – my NZ flight was changed to the next day (luckily they didn’t charge me or I would be SUPER upset) and my Air NZ internal flight was changed for only $15… Third – My NZ friend Michael managed to change his plans too so that we can still hang out. :)

The Denver people not only were rude to me (and they didn’t cover our luggage so it got drenched! -.-) but the LA people were rude too. ….and after all that waiting and crappy internet (thank goodness for friends to talk to) I was tired and pretty cranky.

Luckily when I eventually got to the hotel there were no issues (other than I couldn’t find my room…) and the eating place was still open for another 30mins. So I had a feast at about 1am. :P

I slept well and then I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. My Utah friends weirdly were in Cali too but couldn’t hang out. So I just chilled out and was online (freeeee internet) and read and ate (eggs Benedict!) and got my hair cut.
I wish I had had more $, otherwise I would have had a fun day in LA!
How is it that LAX doesn’t have free internet and also has a very sad amount of power plugs!? Crazy. I thought they would be more well equipped being so big.

NO more USA phone after I hop on the plane.  Sadness. I am quite fond of it.

Helpful cheap-ass hints I’ve learnt recently:

all places with fountain drinks/sodas can give you free water. :)

Helpful hint 2: be nice to people who can give you free stuff. They are less likely to do so if you insult them, even if you are angry and it’s not your fault.

Helpful hint 3 – use free internet as much as you can, because internet you have to pay for is no-where near as awesome.

This is my last written post in America (though, posted in NZ since LAX doesn’t have free internet -.-)

It has been a pleasure writing down my thoughts for you all. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope I have been of some help. …but if not I love having a written document of my year long Disney Adventure that I can look on in years to come.

I can’t stand to just stop writing since it’s kind of become a part of my life, so I have created this new blog for all ya’ll who liked my writings and want to continue to follow me and my adventures… :D

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the USA. I still love Disney. I love guests.
I have a new perspective on the world, I have new talents and memories
I have better guest service techniques and can easily tell good from bad service
I have made wonderful friends for life <3

Would I recommend the Disney ICP after all of this?
DEPENDS on the person.
Yes. With all my heart yes, is what I want to say. But, you have to know the pitfalls. You have to have a strong personality. The programme is not for everyone. You have to be okay with the pay (not there for $, for experiences), you have to be patient and open to new things. You have to LIKE Disney!

I am excited and scared for what lies ahead of me, but I know I have great friends and I am a stronger person now. I know I only have 1.5years of uni left and then I can move again.
I know that I have a passion for travel and adventure, and I will continue to dream big and explore the world.

I know I worked for an amazing company (some people don’t think so after working here because they just see the negatives). I worked for a place that inspires guests and tries to bring them happiness. I even got to create happiness for numerous people. I made magical moments and they will stay with me forever.

I am excited to help promote this once in a life time programme in NZ as a campus ambassador. Good luck to all future ICP/CPs! Take every challenge head on and every opportunity that comes your way!

Thanks for following my Disney adventure!
… that’s all folks!
See ya real soon. :) Follow my new blog!

Peace, love, Mickey!
Remember – it all started with a mouse! [and insert all other fun Disney quotes here ;) ]

p.s – I forgot to mention in the other post that I saw a chipmunk in Utah. :P
pps – my USA ph probably wont work after this evening – but I will re-activate my NZ one ASAP. Plus, I have skype ^_^

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