Thursday, June 30, 2011

Airboats and alligators

Hey ya'll

The day where I get on a plane is almost here.

It's started to hit me. So much to do. I won't live here anymore. I will be living alone in an apartment I've never seen but hope is nice. (I come to looooove PC so much <3 )
The cold. (Argghhhh!)
No guests
No cast privliges...
No accents
I'm back to being normal...
No Disney
No country music on the radio!!!
No abilty to randomly jump to a new state on an adventure
No one to hug (except maybe in he holidays)
No stupid blue buses (but Welly buses instead)
No job at the moment. (no crazy schedules though, so I guess that's a good thing)
Work. Assignments. Exams.
A few friends.
...but alone.
So alooooone. :'(

I'm going to need all my friends help to slowly break me out of the Disney bubble. I love you all so much. My NZ friends and m USA friends that I've made. I know I will need company, so will be sending letters to those willing to reply. :) I will probably start up a new blog too. Words, I find comforting. :)

But... on what happened recently.

So I had my last evening shift. *tear* I did the dance routine like it was the best moment of my life. Yes, I really REALLY tried hard. It was fun. :)
Tomorrow is my 2nd to last shift! Eeek! It's also at 6am. -.- Which means another 3.40am morning. joy. lol. BUT not complaining. I am HOH (heart of house) and can listen to country music and stock and hang and enjoy myself til I am totally content. :D

My friend from NC picked me up from work and we went to Best Buy. Why??
A guest offered to take my pic and then dropped my camera[they did give me their card though and were really nice. Poor things. I felt bad that I may have ruined their vacation]. :( Soooo that sucked. Hopefully the camera insurance will sort itself out, but I also needed new headphones since my green ones decided to die on me. :/ Later I craved dessert. So we wen to the Cheesecake Factory which I had never been to before. They have some niiiice desserts. Very much liked the chocolate mousse one I had.

The next day we went to iHop for breakfast. I won the table game and was seriously excited!!!! That thing takes skill, yes! I even bought one so I can show all you NZers and you can see if you can do it! The we headed off to the beginning of the Everglades to go Airboating. It was really cool. :) It's kind of how I expected it t look too. We got to see alligators, a bald eagle, a deer and fawns (seriously cute!) and many other wild creatures. :)
I even got to hold a baby alligator! ...he was so CUTE! ...and soft. :P <-- yes, I DO have photo evidence of this. ;)

After, we headed off to Hollywood Studios for some last tme fun. Michael - when we did Great Movie Ride I thought of you. :)
The weather sucked....and the wait for Toy Story really sucked. So we did pretty much everything apart from that..

Then I made dinner and washed my hair. Right now I am wanting to sleep but have to wait for JIMMY to contact me so I can get my name badge and then sleep!! (<3 you though, don't worry)

Question - Should I go crazy after my last Disney shift and do all things Disney look doesn't allow!?! lol!

Ok. So my bags are packed but I'm pretty sure they are overweight. lol. XD Will weigh them tomorrow and try to figure it out....

Right. I'm tired. Just going to rest and hopefully wake up when Jimmy calls/txts....

Take care everyone



  1. Heya back!

    It sucks that you're camera is broken again. Hope they have it repaired before you leave :/

    You'll have to show me the table game when you get to Wgtn - I have no idea what you're talking about XP

    Haha, I will have to see this "evidence" :P

    Why don't you have your namebadge?

    No, you should be sensible, since they'll be a future job referee :/

    Take care too
    ~Richard :)

  2. lol - I meant after my shift hun. Haven't done anything yet. Kind of want to get my hair cut/styled/coloured when I get back though. :P