Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Awesome news

Ok. Today was long but it was totally amazing. Super glad I picked up the shift I did today. Why?
1. The managers were awesome and made me reeeeally want to be deployed
2. I met another aussie. She thought she was awesome (and she pretty much is - but don't tell her I said that ;) )
3. I got to play with bubbles and make little kids happy!
4. I got to practice some spanish
5. I got to work in a PRINCESS shop. Looooooove. <3
6. I was outside most of the time and the weather was nice
7. I traded pins SO much. :)
8. I got to interact a lot with the guests. They told me stories and we had a great time! I even kind of came out of my shell and tried to make things even more magical for them. :) I love seeing their smiles and the parents' relief and happiness. I love to help and I love to make them happy!
9. I met a blog follower (more on that later...)

Of course there were some bad things too. Like when I first arrived I thought the shift was going to be awful because the girl I first went to for help was....unhelpful! She acted like she couldn't care less about anything!

However, the minute I was given a task other than "dust and clean" from the CDS, I enjoyed it. I just love getting paid to play and sing and dance around with little kids. I mean sure I have to do transactions in between but, really? I wouldn't mind doing it more often, that's for sure! The shift definately went faster than my CBR one this morning (I did a double today).

Onto an awesome thing. Point number 8. (see, told you I would get back to it. :P )
This evening when I was finished my shift an hanging out with my new Aussie aquaintance (man it's good to be able to discuss frustrations that other people don't understand!) a lovely gil came up to me and asked if I was Kimmie from this blog. Of course I said yes and what do ya know? It's my first and apparantly number one fan! Awesome to have met you!
That's the 2nd reader of my blog I have met in the past few weeks! How crazy is that???

Which reminds me. If you have read this blog and you see me here, feel free to say hi! I woud love to meet you! :)

So anyway, my amazing follower fan (though I hate to use that word since it probably makes me sound up myself), I am sad that you leave soon! Hopefully tomorrows plans will work out(we are trying to go to Cinderella's Castle for breakfast if we can get in).

Onto a random note (because I love to digress. My brain works in crazy ways):
Picking up shifts - it is hard to pick them up in merch - : Although I was scared at first since I didn't know where to go, how to get to costuming etc, it's not that bad and can actually turn out to be a fun experience. Here are my tips:

1. Do not pick up a shift the day prior to that shift unless:
a. you work in a similar place and know your way around
b. you know costuming will be open and you have time to get your costume (and try it on for sizing which can be a challenge)
c. you follow the rules (eg. 8 hours between shifts from one day to another), because otherwise you can get poits and reprimands

2. Do not try and pick up any shift unless:
a. you feel confident in your ability to work in different places (like you have been through your area training and feel like you could survive by yourself)
b. you are able to deal with change - every location does things differently
c. you are willing to learn
d. you can deal with being clueless (until you get the hang of things - trust me, you are going to be clueless at some point. Whether it is not knowing where the stockroom is to being unsure where to direct the guest to a certain attraction or area (like smoking area or the restrooms))
e. you are fine with that fact that you will proabably be dressed crazy (and that Disney sizings are just crazy). Got to love Disney costume designs.

3. Get to the shift early. Find the managers/co-ordinators. Talk to them. Get connections. Try to make a good impression. example --> today I saw the manager of the Once Upon A Time shop I worked in last week. She recognised me which was awesome. :)

4. Make sure you have enough time so that they can put you into their computer system.

5. Ask questions. Make friends. ...the only way I found out how to get certain places was by asking people. Don't be afraid to ask. I was a little nervous to begin with since I didn't think people would appreciate me randomly coming up to them and bothering them, but turns out pretty much everyone is willing to help. I love friendly Disney folk. :)


Tomorrow's my day off (WOOP!). I have some inventory to do, but since I got invited out (oh my goodness I wish that would happen more often!!), I totally want to make the most of that!

Re: my roomate sitch. I have been trying to get along with them all more (I know I have been busy and kind of ignoring them lately (which I guess comes from the fact that I've been through so many roomates that it's not a big deal for me anymore. I know they are going to leave anyway so I figure what is the point, really?)). My roomie is living it up here with her Norwegian friends which is fine but it means I don't see her much and our relationshi has kind of disintegrated a little. It's okay. Hopefully we can get back on track now that we've revealed to each other our thoughts...? I miss my fairy godmother roomie. :( <3

NYC next week! :D

Anyway, it's late
I'm so happy that my blog has had some use other than being for my own personal record. All you readers out there: I love you!!! [in a non-romantic way, of course..]


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