Friday, February 4, 2011

West Side Story

Last night I went to see West Side Story. It was interesting. I think they need more food avaliable to buy, but I tried a granita. Translation: cherry slushy. Ergh. Wish they had told me it was cherry flavoured. I swear everything in the USA is either peanut butter or cherry flavoured. Neither I like. :/

The musical was half in Spanish which was different. Very predictable though luckily. Quite romeo and juliet like.
But I still had to I had to try and interpret it.
Some of it I understood (yay Spanish at uni - wish I had continued with it sometimes, since it's so relevant/prevalent here) but some scenes when way over my head! I any case, I enjoyed being able to experience something new and soak in some culture. :)

Other musicals coming are Wicked and Shrek. Very keen to see those! Esp Wicked since I have heard it is very good.

In any cse it was lovely to catch up with my aussie friend again. :)

I picked up 2 shifts at Hollywood Studios and one at Animal Kindgom.

The Animal Kingdom one is at the place I worked before (this time I know exacty what to do!)
The Hollywood ones I actually get to wear some cute costumes.
One (that I am doing tomorrow) is at a High End section so I get to wear this suit type thing. It's cute.
The other is an an animator's theme. So the shirt has character drawings (looks cool close up) on it and the pants are navy blue.
Here are examples of what I have to wear:

Am a little anxious about it but I managed to get some help with where I go tomorrow. After that shift I will have worked in all of the 4 parks! :D :D :D

I am hoping soon that I find out if I get to be a part of the Flower and Garden festival. I reeeeally want to (though they better not delete pre-approved time off like they did with Food and Wine!) work there if I can. I love different experiences and I think that it would be good to be a part of another festival. I had never even heard of this one, but from the pictures on their website it looked very pretty!

That, or make me a stocker faaar more often.
Yes, stocking is far more fun and keeps my mind busy!!

Dad visits soon. Should be fun to show him around the place. I like being a tour guide. Esp since I have all this info. Got to love being knowledgable. My managers seem to like it too. I fire off all these facts for them and they seem surprised. haha.

My roomie is never hoe these days. :( I feel almost insilted. But there are worse things she does that insults me these days. :/ I swear I am watching her crash and burn. Ever feel like you are warning a lost cause? Sigh.

Okay. Off to work.
Ciao y gracias!


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