Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dilemmas in the USA!

OK. This post is dedicated to my super awesome friend in NZ, Richard. :) (SO glad you and all my other Chch friends weren't affected by the earthquake!!!)

I haven't blogged in a while because of a few reasons, but I guess I have to write a giant post catching ya'll up as punishment. Right? okay.
Not promising any logical order though. :P

I have been having some problems that have made me want to tear my hair out at times.
They come under the titles of:
1. flower and garden training
2. health
3. taxes
4. moving

I shall go into them in some depth soon but just to let you know I have some positivetitles too:
1. magic/knicks
2. other possible opportunities dependingon my schedule (eg. WICKED)
3. free food
4. tim mcgraw?!
5. friends and family

Lets begin with the bad and end with the good, shall we?

1. My first day of Flower and Gardne training reminded me very much of Food and Wine. It was shorter though, which was nice. I still saw people falling asleep, however (which makes sense because we were made to sit and listen to people talk and point to a screen for hours on end in a place with terrible lighting).
I didn't mind this day despite its slightly boring nature, since I got to learn about the festival (I love being one fo the first 'in the know'). I almost died of heat stroke when we had to walk around Epcot (because it was -totally- new to me..) in an awful amount of heat! I was freaking out about getting burnt the whole way and was running from one shaded spot to the next. :P

Anyway that was the first day, but the 2nd day was worse! At least I learnt something the first day. This second day was downright pointless! It was the exact same day I had for Food and Wine. I was like, it's 4 hours of my life I feel are being wasted.
Sure, you could look at it as getting free money, but then I could have been sleeping as opposed to having to be at Epcot at 8.30am! Why should I have to do the same day of training twice? Isn't that bad for the company and me? I mean they are paying me for no reason, and I don't even feel I am getting anything from it...? Very strange.

2. This one is a long story. Basically I was at work like usual (stocking, which I loved) when I suddenly got an itchy arm. I was like, gah. Stupid bugs. Why do they have to like drinking my blood so much??
Later, I noticed I had these spots all ove my arms. Uh..bed bugs or something? What the heck?
Then I noticed I had 2 on my back, 1 on my tummy and 3 on my legs. I was kind of baffled as to what they were. Al lI knew is they were crazy itchy! They weren't bug bites, by the way.

I decided after my Epcot training that I couldn't take it anymore and I was too self conscience of these horrible spots all over me. So I went to thehealth center. There, I had to wait about an hour to be seen. When I finally got seenthe lady stayed as far from me as she could and treate dme like I was contagious. :S She had no idea what was wrong after asking a bunch of questions. So another lady was called in. She didn't know either.

So guess what? They said, "you canno work until you see a doctor." Great. So I was being forced to see a doctor and had no job until I did so. -.- Good thing I had a friend with a car or this could have been far worse than it was.

I went to a doctor that same day, because I wanted to get it ove with and be able to work again! The doctor told me what I already knew - that is was "probably an allergy". Well, to what?! That, he didn't know. So great. I was forced to pay $150 to see a doctor (which, by the way is the cheapest you can get a doctor for here apparantly- how outrageous!) for him to tell me what I already knew. Not fun. He gave me soem cream and some steroids (not body builder type stuff, ok?) and sent me on my way with a note saying I was okay to go to work.

I was thinking. Uh, so if I am allergic to something and don't know what, how is that meant to help? I could get a reaction from it again and then not be able to fix it unless I go to the doctor to get more steroids?! This is crazy!

I went to the health services to show the "I am ok to work" form. The lady told me to go sit dwn. I am like, huh? But here is my form! The doctor says I am okay!!!
Turned out I had to wait to be seen by a nurse just to make sure. Really? You mean I had to waste another few hours of my life doing that? How ridiculous.
I decided to come back the next day cos I was so mad and tired of it all.

Luckily I got it all sorted then, and fnally to finish it off I had to go tell work about it. What a process though. My goodness. Especially if I had had no car. It would have been downright impossible and I owuld have had to miss work for some days till I could get to a doctor probably!

Anyway my spots are disappearing slowly and aren't itchy anymore so hurrah. :)

3. Taxes. My goodness. If I hadn't had enough with the health stuff, this just made me want to scream at someone. I went to go do my taxes. I had to run to my bus and was almost late, so bad start. I had the wrong form with me, so second bad thing (lucky I could re-print it!). Thirdly, I went to DU and no-one was there to help me, I had to ask everyone until someone was helpful! Fourth: the lady tells me I OWE money to the govt instead of getting a return. What the HECK?! I was like "are you sure? Everyone else I know is not in this situation!" ...adn she made up all these reasons why. I was totally baffled and quite aggrivated.

Let's just say this is a work in progress but I am trying to figure out if what shedd was wrong and if I actually DO get money back. That would totally suck and make no sense otherwsie. :/

4. Today was the day I was forced to move apartments. This is becuase everyone else in my apartment is leaving. I had 2.5 days given to me to move out of my current apartment. :( Not so nice. I really didn't want to have to move again. Especially since I would be the new person and the new person always got the worst deal (broken everything, least amount of space etc).

The apartment they gave me was ina terrible location. I was not happy just from that. ...and then it got worse.
I shall break it down.
--> it smelt gross
--> stains on the carpet
--> TINY
--> gross bathroom
--> would have to share said bathroom with 3 other girls
--> zero space (cupboards etc full)
--> super run down. cracks and chips everywhere
--> not welcoming
--> notes on fridge. They were complaining about people leaving food etc out and cockroaches and people eating other peoples food etc.

It looked like an awful nightmare. I did NOT want to move in there AT all. Sounded like drama I didn not want a part of. That was for sure.

Basically I marched straight back down the the office and refused to move in there. I implied that they needed to find me another apartment because there was noooo way I was living in that place.

Luckily, the lady managed to find a new place. I asked for a smaller place and I managed to snag a 4 person one. Yaaaay. Less people = less drama, more space and a bathroom shared only by one other. I was far more hopeful.
Not to mention this one was in a pretty good location.

Of course, whn I turn 21 in April I can ask to move again since I can be put in a non-wellness apartment. We shall see how well I get on with the people in my new apartment. So far they seem nice enough. My roomie is from Hawaii and says "aloha". haha. Thought that was quite amusing.

It's so horrible having to move all my stuff though. I have SO much stuff. It's crazy how much I have accumulated!
More on this story as it progresses, but a reminder to all:

MY ADDRESS HAS CHANGED BECAUSE OF THIS MOVE. If you need my new address please let me know. The new people moving into this apartment will not forward on my mail. :(

Onto good things now.

1. I am going to the Magic vs the Knicks basketball game on the 1st. Excited for that. I can't say I'm a sports fan, but I thought it may be my only chance. ...and with the price I got it's all good!!

Am waiting for next weeks schedule to come out. Must.see.Wicked. ...and there's a scavenger hunt around Epcot that looks fun. :)

3. Got free food tonight on a case of good timing. ...and Kimmie likes free food. Yupyup.

4. I heard on the radio that TIM MCGRAW and other amazing country singers are coming to ORLANDO in May. Want to go sooooo badly. Tickets go on sale March 4 and I wish I knew how much it would cost! I bet its too expensive to consider. :(

5. It has been awesome to have seen friends and family lately. :) Thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to more in the future. ^_^

It is late.

Hope you enjoyed all that Richard.
It's 2.20am, so forgive the crazy writing/typos etc.


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  1. Hehe love the dedication, thanks ^^

    Well, if you do the same training twice then I suppose you can use it as a review and to refresh your memory. Also to fix any bad habits, maybe...?

    You shouldn't have to owe money to the US IRD equivalent since your employer deducts money from your pay for taxes. And if they came up with the wrong interest it's their fault not yours, and you shouldn't have to run around trying to fix it...

    Hurray for getting out of moving into a dodgy apartment! Though dunno if it'd actually be THAT bad. Sure, in my flat we don't steal each others food, but we do share two bathrooms and a shower between 6 guys! But there's six bedrooms so we don't have to share rooms at least :) We also have cooking nights as well.

    Lol at your Hawaiian roomie - she sounds pretty cool already ^^

    ... Good thing I haven't written a post-card yet... Lemme know your new address asap

    Basketball is a good game to watch - lots of action and it's non-contact. Wicked sounds cool - I think it was on in Chch last year, but didn't go :/ ...

    ... I sure did enjoy reading your blog, thanks - I listened to some Tim McGraw on YouTube while reading/commenting

    Hope you slept well : )