Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Being the Disney Basics example of the day

Well hello there :)

So I have some random things to report on!

Today for example I slept most of the day, but managed to find some energy to go to Animal Kingdom costuming to get my costume for tomorrow's shift (yay for working at AK agian! :D ).
At work I created a magical momen for a little girl who had lost her mickey toy (I managed to find another one). I looked all over and tried asing as many people for help as I could and finally the lifeguard girl helped. So I was the 'basics example of the day', which is awesome. :) It basically means I portrayed the 4 Disney Basics (please don't ask me what they are -come work here and you will never ever forget them. :P )

I am goign to NYC.
In a spontaneous act of uh..sponteneity? I decided that having a few spare days before Dad cme to visit without getting paid seemed crazy. Especially since I may not be able to snag some EHH shifts(they are rare and yo bascally have to stalk the EHH).

I made some crazy mistakes when I was booking though and wanted to give up (omg: note to self - not only do you triple check before pressing the 'book' button, but make sue you aren't a zombie person who is half asleep. It's when you make veRy bad mistakes).. ...but eventually, like many things here, I prevailed and so I am going to be in NYC from the 13th to the 16th. Then Ihave some days with my Dad here in Florida. Yay for a mini holiday. :D
Hopefully I will have time to do lots of the things I really would love to experience in NYC!

OK and one thing: don't people on phone lines who don't understand what you are saying drive you NUTS!?! Especially at like 3am!!!!!! ergh.

So I now live with Brazillians. They don't go to bed very early. In fact I don't think they sleep much at all!
Can't say it helps with my ability to sleep...

Ok. I am tired. Soooo tired.
Going to try and sleep...

Night ya'll

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