Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cindy's Royal Table Brekkie

The other morning I went with my newfound friends (yay :) ) to MK in the hope that we might be able to get into Cindy's Table for brekkie. Unfortunately one of the girls forgot to turn their alarm on, so we got there later than we had hoped. However, since it was bad weather and it isn't peak season, I think that tilted things to our advantage.

After talking to the lady in the front entrance of the castle she reluctantly managed to get us in after a small wait. It was so exciting!
I was a little unimpresed by the cast who worked there though becuase they all seemed super grumpy. :/

INside the castle it was pretty but small. We were in a line to get our picture taken with Cinderella, and then after that you had a choice. The elevator or the staircae. Now, in this instance, why woud you choose the elevator unles you neded to? The spiral staircase was so pretty...

So we climbed the stairs and eventually got to the restrooms which amused me (Lord and Ladies). It wasn't too much longer until we got to the dining section. The room was pretty small and circular. It was kind of dark and exclusive looking (no wonder you should book and dinner is always sold out!). We got taken to our seats and I think we got really good ones. :) We were in the centre of the room!

We were given pastries and orange juice and then a select menu of 3 items.

We all picked the 2nd option because the other two (cooked brekkie or yoghurt/cereal) were pretty normal and you could get them elsewhere. Option 2 was this creamcream french toast with strawberries. And it was gooood.
We also go fruit on the table which was nice. :)

The princesses all came around and greeted us (though Jasmine wasn't there...). I got photos with them all.

They had some show features, you got a wand and there were some awesome as carriage confetti pieces scattered around (I asked for more :P )...but to be honest on reflection I think that they could have done much more to make it more special. We all felt like for what you pay you don't get too much. Especially since the princesses don't talk to you for long (unless you are a cute little princess girl then you get a little longer) and it felt like they were trying to rush us. I felt like we were on a converoybelt and they wanted to get as many people through to eat as they could.

So to summarise:
food: 9/10
service: 5/10
experience: 7/10
value for $: 5/10

I think the Cindy's Table dinner is mean tto be better though (so yay for the booking in April with my Aussie friend!).

The rest of the day I packed for NYC and then hung out with my Aussie friend. :) We went for a walk to Downtown Disney from the post office. We had a movie night and ate dinner together. It was nice. :)

Today I tried to fiure out how to get where I need to go in NYC. I'm a little anxious about it. But I am up for the challenge. Ya'll know how I like challeges. SO long as I don't get lost or something I should be good.
I get some people saying that NYC is scary and dodgy and others saying its fine (especially in the daytime). So who knows, I guess I will find out. I figure if I get lost I can get one of the taxis that are everywhere. Right? XD

It's a test of my geo skills? And all other skills.... hahaha

Tomorrow I am going to gt some last min things, work till 11.45pm and thennnn my friend is picking me up. I am staying with them until they drive me to the airport so I am there for my 7.55am flight. :) Yaaay.

So later ya'll!
MAy not get on here until after NYC and my Dad's visit (so that's until the 19th). We are staying at my work (weird..) and I am showing him around the USA. :)


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