Thursday, February 3, 2011

Coral Reef is beautiful...

Hey ya'll!

The past few nights I treated myself by going out to Disney table service locations for dinner.
Firstly I wnt to Boma, which is at Animal Kingdom Lodge. I actally thought it was another place I had envisioned in my head when I last visited, but anyway I couldn't really do much about it.

I didn't realise it was a buffet. It was okay but I would have preferred the place I was thinking of - which I found out was called Sanaa. The food quality was average in my opinion. But it was still fun. I enjoyed being able to wander around the resort after. The place is so pretty and peaceful.

Tonight I ate at Coral Reef, which is in Epcot. All I can say is -wow-. That place is amazing. It's so cozy and exclusive and the food is GOOD (I could tell from the moment they placed the amazing sourdough bread down as nibbles.) and we had such a beautiful view. :) I loved watching the fish etc while I ate and waited for my food.

Onto other things though.
Work has bee okay. I like that I now am trained on stock because it keeps me busy and I feel more useful. Plus the time goes muuuuch faster.

Today I was breaker as well as stocker since we were short staffed. I got talking to this couple who had been on the mainden voyage of the Disney Dream and oh my goodness I was so jealous! :P Really want to go on that ship!!

If we can make it work I am excited about the prospect of maybe going to Tennasse in March with my Utah friend. :) Southern boys.. uh, I mean - music. ;) hehe.

I am going to West Side Story tomorrow. :D :D :D Should be good. Plus I get the day off to relax which is awesome. :) I mean, it means I have less hours this week since I had to give up a shift, but to make up for that I picked up 2 shifts next week. One is at Animal KIngdom (same place as last time so I should be a pro now!) and the other at Hollywood Studios. I am a little more anxious abotu that one. However. It will man that I complete one of my goals - to have worked in all 4 parks!! :)

Random thing - I was somewhat warmed inside when I bumped into a reader of this blog today. He was an Aussie and now is on this programme here. So yay! Thank you all for reading and I am glad to help and be of some kind of service. ;)

Off to bed now.
Faith. Trust. Pixie Dust.

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