Friday, November 19, 2010

Back to the drawing board...

Hey folks,

Yesterday was my first day back at CBR. I was kind of dreading it because I knew it would be weird. ...and well, after just having an awesome adventure it just didn't seem that fun.

The manager kind of gave me a panic attack when I arrived because he wanted to see me. Luckily it was for a good reason, though someone told everyone that I liked Food n Wine better than CBR so they were kind of teasing me about that. I am not sure who told but it would have been obvious after a while anyway prolly.
I can't help that my personality type prefers more full on, busy environments with a nice network of friendly work mates/cast members...

So I was put in Grab n Go. I don't mind grab and go, but it is so coooooldbecause you are continuously going in and out of freezers! I worked a lone for most of the shift, but it was kind of nice to have some company near the end.

I had this weird lonesome feeling and sadness that drifted over me. I tried to be happy and it was nice that people had missed me, but I just didn't feel overly happy to be there (and the managers know it too :P ). I think it's a mix of missing food n wine people/environment, just coming back from an adventure and feeling like I am going back to something less challenging that I have mastered before.
Maybe I just need something more challenging, or maybe I just need some time to settle in again?

Some rules and ways of doing things have changed as well which is kind of strange...

In any case soon I find out what is happening with me in Jan when I switch. I was offered to stay where I am but I sort of feel like a change. Even if it means I go down in pay. :(

Today I don't have work till 5pm. I have ants in my pants and hate staying still when I have time off, so I am going to do a few things and then hopefully hang out with a friend who I haven't seen in ages.

I do have some good news!!
I am happily the owner of a brand new GHD!
I have wanted one for ages since my straightner was nowhere near as good. It makes my hair so siiiiilky. :P

Righteo, I'm gonna go do some things, including getting a new key (one flatmate left and they changed the locks again..) and then complaining about how that flatmate took the mail key. Gah. -.-

Have a good day everyone!


22 days....

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