Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Night of Stars and the Evening of Enchantment!

Hey everyone!!

So the last few days have been pretty eventful!

On Monday I was scheduled my usual shift in Chile. I was not exactly excited because I like it when it is busy and in Chile, it's really not!
However, when I got to the break room another cast member was complaining about working in Champ and Desserts. I like working there so offered to swap. She liked te idea and the managers didn't have a problem with it so we swapped!

It perked both of us up. We got to have a change of pace and it made us happier which is always good for the guests!
Added bonus was that I met a new culinary that I hadn't worked with before! At first I thought he wasn't interested in talking and being friendly, but then we got talking. He started opening up to me and it was a fun and very interesting evening! I seem to find it easy to make friends here. :)

It’s so hard to give away shifts though… :( I’m trying so hard for my Louisiana shifts that were pre-approved and then cancelled!!! Its very hard to give away the days I need. …and when I find people the requests are denied because it would convert form normal time pay to overtime! Grr! Stupid. -.-

Wednesday was Brewers Collection. One of the only days I don’t bring my raincoat and guess what happens? We get –flooded- out. Yeah. Good timing. At least that day I managed to get a red winter coat (they didn’t have my size last time – and I wasn’t going to take an XXS or an XXXL….)

One interesting thing though was that an Aussie took over a shift of one of the girls who usually work on Tuesday. …so an Aussie and a NZer were working side by side! …and not only THAT but when the others left and were on break it was just us 2 running the stall!
I thought it was pretty cool. I even had one guest who noticed and asked if we got along. :P hehe

Today was my day off. Yes. Tomorrow I work because I was NICE and picked up a shift for someone (why can’t I find people who can do the same thing? :( )

I had a great time shopping in Downtown Disney with my 40% off cast discount. :D I know it will prolly go up in Dec from the rumours I’ve heard but I just wanted to shop NOW. Haha.

So I ended up getting these awesome Disney hole punch things that I’ve been wanting for ages, as well as some pics for my memory lanyard. I am creating a lanyard containing pins from things meaningful to me. Eg. I have a CBR pin and an Epcot pin, since I have worked at those locations. I also have a Halloween and Christmas pin.  I will add to it as I do things here.

I also checked out the Christmas shop. That place has some neat stuff. I am starting to make a pile of pretty Christmas things to take on the cruise so that I can decorate the cabin all prettyfully!! It can be like my tree decorating thing.

After all that shopping (hard work, no?) I treated myself to a Ghirardelli’s ice cream (those things are goooood). …but that was after my small adventure…

When I was walking to the bus stop I saw something move on the ground (oh that reminds me!! I saw a SNAKE on the ground outside my apartment the other day! Not what I would have expected to see on the concrete..). It was a turtle!! A baby turtle at that. Super CUTE. I wanted to help it. So I bent down to move it so it wouldn’t get run over.

Then the weirdest thing happened. Some other guest sees me and pretty much picks it up out of my hands. I was like… huh? This is my turtle, what are you doing? Stealing my thunder and glory? Anyway, so she picked it up and tried to think of where to put it. I gave her directions and we put the turtle back near the foliage and water. …but I was still a little annoyed that she did that.

When I got back to Vista I had just enough time to get ready for my Security class. It was a pretty cool class. Learnt a lot of fun things and got shown cool examples of secretive stuff. ….we also got to see a video which was kinda funny!

After that I had planned to go to Night of Stars. I thought I was going to be late, but it turned out the event didn’t start till an hour after the entry time, so we were early for the show. In fact we were positioned in just the right area that we got to go where the VIP seating was -and sit down! Lots of people had to stand (sucks for them!). It was a fun show. Very enjoyable. :) The girl who won deserved it too.
There were prizes. I like free stuff – you should all know this by now! When they tossed stuff into the audience I actually didn’t catch anything but my friends did and so I ended up with a top and a towel. Yay!

The finale with the Professional Interns (how do they get that job? Looks fun!) was pretty awesome. I love Glee and the music from it so was excited to see them do a Glee melody! They popped confetti stuff everywhere at the end which was AWESOME.

Another really exiting thing about tonight was that they revealed a new event! I am so excited for it! It’s called the Evening of Enhantment. Basically, it’s a Disney Housing evening that’s like a prom. …which of course gets my attention cos I love that type of thing! Dressing up, dancing…what’s not to like?! It’s Dec 6. Which is even better, I will be here! I just have to get the evening off…and it would be nice to have someone to go with.

I have a morning shift the next 2 days. So I had better get some sleep.
Night ya’ll!

Have a magical evening!


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