Monday, November 29, 2010

New roomate today...

Well hello eveyone!

My wonderful secluded paradise called my ensuite bedroom, is sadly being given up today. Yes, a new roomate is arriving today. I will miss you, sweet empty bedroom.
...and I really hope you are a nice person, new roomate. Pleeeeease.
I really am beginning to resent living with girls. I swear after this programme I never want to live with a bunch of girls again unless I know them very well!!!!

Hopefully she will turn up before I go to work. Otherwise I guess I will see her tomorrow or late at night when I get home from my midnight shift...

The Disney housing formal is coming up (Dec 6). It's only 4 hours, which seems really short to me, any anywho... I'm looking forward to it. Even more so because wonderfully the scheduling team actually gave me that night off! Which is a miracle becasue I usually get wednesdays and thursdays off!
So I get to dress up all pretty! Which I am super excited about. :D

Work lately hasn't been overly exciting. I have mainly worked broiler and burger. Which I don't mind because I like those two jobs.

In other news..

GAH! I've had enough of people stealing my food! What the heck!? I never take other peoples foods so why can't they leave mine alone?! Esp since it's such a trip to go to Publix each time! -.- Plus I hate spending my hard earnt money only to never get what I buy anyway!

I had more problems with scheduling for my cruise time off (hopefully now fixed..).. :(

A few days until Wednesday, when I can go see the movie Love and other Drugs with my friend. :)

I got my FIRST fanatic card today. Yay! Finally! ...kind of odd though since I didn't really do anything out of the ordinary...

Other things I plan to do soon:
-->Friday, call my USA Mom. :D
-->start looking at UNi options..
-->Go to see Christmases around the world
-->Go and see the Grand Floridian's gingerbread house...
-->PACK...for cruise (ohhhhmygoodness super excted)

Ok off to eat and be merry.


12 days...


  1. Hey Kimmie,
    Can't you be termed for stealing? (Even if it is only food)
    I hope you are having a better time with your new flatmate!!

  2. you can, but I meant in my apartment. You can't be termed for stealing a roomates food, unfortunately. -.-