Thursday, November 11, 2010

The final countdown...

Hey everyone :)

(I never finished this post so will do so before launching into my large Louisiana one!)

Yesterday (the 10th) was my day off. I got up early for a day off so that I could go to Florida Mall (yay for friends with cars!). We shopped for a few hours. I didn't buy much but it was a nice unstressful activity.
Those annoying people in the middle that try to get you to buy stuff... yeah they get on my nerves. Especially when what they sell isn't really that great. I know products better than the things they sell even though they claim they are the best!

I ended up getting a few pretty tops and then we had to rush to my security class!

The thing was that we were rushed for time and my ride sped a little too fast.... So guess what? We got pulled over by the police/sheriff! It was a first for me - and I am glad the guy was nice. ...but I was kind of panicing because I thought I was going to be late for class for sure now!

Eventually we were allowed to go and we drove to Patterson. Some miracle meant that I got there with about 2min to spare. Woo! It was definately an adventure though..

My class was pretty good but after I was in the mood to go out. I was meant to hang out with Michael but he ended up doing his own thing. I was just going to hang out at home but then I got a txt and was invited to dinner at the T-Rex. I was keen and got ready very speedily.

I got what I must say was probably the most impressive salad I had ever seen. Usually I don't order salads when I'm out but I wasn't very hungry. This was a monster of a salad though!! It had so much stuff in it and was very yummy!

I love the theming of that place, it's pretty neat. Dinsosaurs everywhere and meteor showers and changing lights etc... Lots to look at and enjoy!

Thursday was my last day of work before New Orleans! It was a nice shift but I was so excited for New Orleans that the time went super slow!

I was in Ireland and it was slow to top it off. However, the weather was pleasant.I was enjoying the sun. ..but then the bees came along and totally freaked me out! I hate bees and wasps so wasrunnng away from them. Probably not good show but they seriously scared me and I could't help it. :/
At least there were some people who tried to help by catching and scaring away the bees!

The bees I could ignore a little more when I swapped to expeditor. I had a moment that made my day here, too. :)
It was Veterans Day and so there were a lot more elderly people than normal wandering around.
One man in particular caught my eye. He only had one leg. I smiled at him and then he was like "excuse me ma'am, can I get someone to help me carry food to a table?"
I was so touched, and was like "of course!" So when he came around I helped hm out. I felt good. It was so nice to be able to help out and he was so appreciative!

Anyway so my shift was eventually over and I was so excited that in the midst of everything I almost lost my ID card (that owuld NOT have been good!). ....and then when I was rushing to the bus (I was meant to go to Disneyquest with Michael but that didn't happen... :/ ) that mid way to Vista I realised that I didn't have my nametag. Yes, in the midst of returning everything I had, I left my namebadge on one of my shirts. Sigh. I was mad at myself.

I was just going to stay on the bus and pick it up on the next way around (gah so painful..) but I had a headache and was hungry, so stopped into Vista for a bit first.
I was lucky because when I got back to Epcot I managed to dig through all the flag tops and find mine! Yay! Lucky...

So now I just had to finish packing and it was holiday tiiiiime!
Too bad I had to call in on Sunday and get a point on my record. Sucks. What a lame situation.

But that's ok. Becuase it's holiday TIIIIIIIIIME!!! :D :D :D


Someday I'll be liing in a big ol' city and all you're ever going to be is MEAN... why you gotta be so mean?

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