Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Last Brewers Collection...

Why hello there :)

I have a run of bad luck - I wonder when it will stop? Maybe Louisina can be the turn around so that I have a run of good luck for a change?

It's really hard to volunteer for Give Kids the World because it's really popular. I was excited to finally get accepted for a position. ...but then I get an e-mail today saying that it has been cancelled for the day I was scheduled!

Boo. That sucks.
But I shall prevail! I will particiapate in it before the end of my programme!!

Yesterday I was designated to Chile but got to change to Champagne and Desserts. :) That was fun. I love helping with the desserts and opening the champagne. Also I had fun with the culinary in there. We were singing and telling stories. ^_^

After work I had to wait for the C bus. Ergh. The first one was too full and so we had to wait for about 20mins for the next. So annoying. Almost didn't get on that one either but I was like - ahhhm! I don't care if I have to push I am getting ON that bus!!!

When I eventually got back I got changed and then I went out to iHop with my new culinary friend. :P
I had a yummy mango drink and a club sandwich. Gooood.

Today is Brewers. ...but Louisiana is so close I really don't mind! Can't wait to explore a new place.

Random rant of the day:
I don't know what's up wth the emotions of my roommate but it's impossible to know how she'll react to things becuase her emotions are all over the place. I've kind of given up talking to her because usually she snap at me or is bitchy. It makes me mad. I'm a nice person, and I try to help people...but she just doesn't treat me nicely. Which means she doesn't deserve my help anyway. It's a weird situation where we are always tip toeing aorund each other though. :/

Other random things:
GAH. Ihate people touching/mving/using my stuff in this apartment!!! Not only because the people aren't even nice to me - but I just hate the feeling that people have touched my things without me asking. Not only is itrude but it makes me wonder what else they ave touched that I haven't figured out! Hisssss.

I watch Camp Rock 2 the other day. It was ok... I like one song in particular though called Wouldn't Change a Thing.

Ok talk later...

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