Sunday, November 21, 2010

CBR and roomates


So I've had a few more days at CBR and am still finding it a little hard to get back into he swing of things. I swear there have been all these changes that no-one informed me about, which I have to learn as I go!
Ahh the simple days of Food and Wine... lol.

As you know my first day was at Grab n Go, well my second was on cash. As I predicted, my user and password did't work so they had to reset something-er-ather and finally it was fixed again. Yay!

Cash was ok but there were all these rule changes (and new items) that no-one had bothered to tell me so I was getting a little frustrated sometimes. I was surprised at how much I remembered off the screen considering I had not been on register at CBR in a long time!

Next day I was put on burger front which was pretty cool. I like working in the shops. Not to mention I was working with a cool person. ;)
Gah but apparantly things have gotten stricter since I left. I was a little scared but then reaised that I shouldn't be scared since I follow the rules and anything I do wrong is probably becuase I haven't been reminded about things. I don't deliberately go against the rules.

Anyway so that was a fun shift and I got to talk to some guests (I love the ones who chat to me about Disney Cruises and give me tips :) ). Yesterday I was on dining room. I wasn't too enthralled because let's face it, who likes to be put there?

But then I had a really terrible night because I was doing s much work and there were all these people doing nothing. So it bugged me.
It's called initiative people!! ..not to mention the phrase team work!!!

Then I complained to the manager and then had everyone whining about how they had to do something. It got on my nerves. But they only cleaned a few tables and then went back to doing nothing anyway. So thanks.
Oh, and then my fav part of the night. One cast member yelled at me in front of everyone including guests about how I snitched. Well, maybe if he would DO his job then he wouldn't get in troule, hmm? Anyway so they he decided to be a loser and grabbed his trash and created this gross mess all over the floor. I swear he did it on purpose. ...and he dind't help or anything. GRRRRRRR. MAD. ANGRY. ANNOYED. Too many emotions.

Not to mention there is favouratism in the workplace and some of the managers encourage such behaviour by not reacting to it.

I was also upset because here was this little girl and so wanted to cheer her up. It was a magical moment waiting to happen, but then nothing was done to help her. Poor girl. ALL I could think was the only thing she will remember about CBR is losing her doll!
*mumble grumble double standards and not ever following through on what is preached*

Then there's my roomates. Gaaaaaaah. I hate bitchyness!!! So inconsiderate and self centred! >.<

Lately I have been getting crappy hours too, so I have been trying to pick up shifts. Its really hard, but I picked up one for the Magic Kingdom. I'm quite scared because on my day off (Wed) I have to go there ealry to figure out where I am meant to meet and clock in and I need to get a costume...

The costume doesn't look bad though..

Off to make food!

I am in love with flavoured greek yoghurt. :D

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