Monday, November 8, 2010

New Orleans is around the corner...

I feel like poached eggs on toast with bacon. Yup that's todays craving. Of course I could go and buy some eggs and then fulfil the craving.... but I am not a master at egg poaching without the egg poacher! :(
Oh well.

So you know how I have been trying desperately to give away shifts I had pre-approved ages ago but were then taken away? Well, I have made progress, albiet with a lot of stress endured along the way!

I woke up yesterday and checked the Hub for updates on my schedule. Then I saw my worst nightmare. My CBR shifts now hadn't been honoured either. So I was scheduled to work on Monday (everything is counting against me, isn't it?). I then txted my friend who I was supposed to give my sunday too - and suddenly he had a shift on sunday even though that's his normal day off!

Now I had 2 days I still had to get off. I wanted to scream in frustration. I was so mad and upset. Could anything else go wrong?
I rang up the labour people and they told me to contact my CBR managers and the schedule that was meant to come in on monday. In other words: unhelpful. ...and make me do all the work to fix this which wasn't my fault, as usual.
You know why it wasn't honoured? It wasn't just because they decided to cancel it since my Food and Wine ones had been - nope - it was because of my "separation from the company". -.-
Honestly. It's actually ridiculous how much stress the person who typed in the wrong end date has caused me. ..and it appears to still be on my record which I am NOT happy about. I think they owe it to me to erase it from my history.

Good thing I am persistant (and somewhat strong - I am not insane yet, right?). I found my area manager's e-mail on the Hub after much searching. I did try to ring but couldn't get through. He e-mailed back in about 20mins and fixed it all for me. Which was lovely. :) I was happier.

Now I just had Sunday. ..but I figured that it would now be best to just give up and resign to the fact I was going to get a point on my record for that. I hate that I have to call in but it's the last day of the festival and I don't know anyone who isn't working! I think I have done a pretty good job to have gotten friday, sat, mon and tues off though. I'm proud of myself.

So now that everything is pretty much sorted I can relax, start to pack and look forward to the nice little break that I'll get when in Louisana THIS friday! WOOoOOP! Exciting. :) I will take lots of pictures and relay as much as I can on here.
I deserve a break after all this stress, yes?

Oh - and I got even more excited about my Caribbean Cruise (gaah not looking forward to trying to get rid of the last 3 days of the cruise in december. Hopefully I can find people to help me!!!) when I recieved a fun booklet in the mail the other day. It had my bag tags and other useful info. That'll be an awesome adventure too!
My clock countdown says...33 days till the cruise! Yaaaay!

On a random note - my GOODNESS it's freezing in Florida at the moment. It must have been 10celcius yesterday evening. I was working in shorts and a t-shirt (I didn't bring my coat - smart, no? lol) and was sooo cold. I had to keep moving. ...and the warmers/ovens were my friend.

Today I would usually have my *fun* Chile shift, but I'll prolly swap with Kelly again. Yay champagne. I love opening those bottles, they're great. :)

Okay, off to do some excitng things like washing.


---> oh and it was daylight savings the other day. Lucky I remembered but sucks for people who didn't and came to work an hour early..

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