Monday, January 31, 2011

So lonely...

Today I had a day off. Except I didn't have anyone to hang out with so I was kind of a loner.
I didn't want to wallow in my alone-ness so I went out. I went themparking, ate out, went to a movie and even had dinner....alone. Yes. It was kind of sad.
I feel like such a sad loser right now. :( Wish I had more people to hang out with. ...and I wish I could meet some cute country gentleman or some gorgeous Irish accented guy. Where are all the nice alc free guys around here?? I feel like none of them know I exist and I also feel like there are hardly places to meet such people anyway. :/ Oh well. I know I don't need guys but I sometimes want to feel admired or like I am noticed. Hmm. Anyway......

There was this lady who I rode Everest next to today. I thought that would be the last time I saw her but then freaky co-incidences meant that we ended up bumping into each other another 2 times! It was sooooo odd! She had such a pretty family. :)

When I was at Downtown Disney today I watched a performer. He was an aussie. ...and he reminded me from the guy in Cyote Ugly. He was humorous and he liked to pick me out of the audience as part of his show. haha. :)

Gah. What is up with my weird schedule and these morning shifts. Yes, I am glad I am being trained in Heart of House and stock but do I really have to start at 6 or 7 in the morning?! It's crazyness I tell you! :(

One good thing though is that I have some fun dinner reservations (which hopefully I won't have to go to by myself becuase then I really would be SAD) coming up and then West Side Story as well. :)

Also, on the 2nd some people will hopefully recieve some fun presents from me. I hope they get there and I hope the people like them. I am excited for their reactions. Giving presents is always fun. ^_^

I see all of your photos, my NZ friends. I miss you. I want to hang out with ya'll when I get back!!!


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