Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Should I live in the Palace?

Aloha everyone!

Weird happenings.

You know how I just moved into my new apt? Yeah, well I may move AGAIN.
Yes. That's right. Apt no. 4.

I am atualypretty happy with my new apt, but then my Aussie friend came to me today wih a "proposition" (how dangerous. Next time I shall be more aware... ). She is upset with her roomies and want to move. She offred to move in with her at a new apt in Patterson. The palace. I have tried to move into there for ages but gave up. It might be nice to live there..

I was kind of like....are you -serious-? since hd jst unpacked and moved in here. But we wouldn't have to pay the dumb $50 fee (I think housing people are sick of us haha) and I guess it could be good? I mean I am fine with where I am but I woul do it more for my friend. Esp since I feel guilty about droppng her camera yesterday (it broke. :( oops)

Anway So friday we go check that place out and I may have to move again (what a pain.)
On the topic of my Aussie friend though: we had a fun day out yesterday! We hung out at the parks and she helped me move (lol....). We also ate at the Hollywood Studios srive in dinerthatthey have there which was exciting. Always had wanted to eat there. ...and what was even more awesome was that the lady gve me the wrong milkshake so I ended up getting a free one. haha. :P ...my steak was super yummy. I normally wouldn't have picked it but since i never have it I treated myself.

Sucks I have a double paycheck dock this week. Blergh. :/

I am off to see the Magic basketball game now!

By the way, this undiscovered artist's songs are pretty addictive. If you agree let me know!


  1. Aloha Kimmie :)

    What parks did you go to?
    Why do you have a double paycheck dock this week?

    Have fun at the game :)

  2. aloha richard :P

    We went to hollywood. But we plan to go to more soon!

    ...double pay dock due to the week off in NYC...

    By the way you never answered the question!

  3. Oh yup...

    Sorry... Hmmm, I didn't think much of this song - it sounds just like another mainstream Stan Walker/Dane Rumble/Chris Brown etc kind of song, so it didn't really stand out that much.

  4. no I meant wether I should move into the palace :P

  5. Lol jokes XD ... Depends on whether the people there are better to live with than your current but recently new apt, and on the condition it's in... But living in "The Palace" does sound cool. When someone asks you where you live, you can say "I live in - wait for it (dramatic pause) - The Palace". With only that to go on so far, and the possibility of more freezer space, I think you should move in anyway. Plus your friend'll be living there too :)