Thursday, December 2, 2010

I came to dance dance dance...


So I have a new roomate. She is from Brazil. She's normal looking (ok, whatever that means..) and pretty considerate (quiet). But that's all I really know. I actually haven't had a chance to talk to her yet! That's because whenever I am asleep she is awake and vice versa. The fact she's a newbie to the programme prolly is a reason for that. I know when you begin nothing is routine or anything. So she is prolly getting used to everything.

I am hoping in the next few days I will actually get to talk to her though! Might be kind of nice? Esp since I will be leaving for a while soon...

Yesterday was my day off! Woo! Haha. I went to Epcot to see Christmases around the world, but turns out that mostly occurs at night. I saw Pere Noel though, so yay.
I really want to see the Candlelight Processional. That would be awesome. Maybe instead of seeing Harry Potter next Wed after my LAST class I can do that...?

I watchedLove and Other Drugs with my friend. Wow so that move is long. I saw a side of Anne Hathaway I'm not really sure I wanted to see to be honest!!! The movie was pretty average. I mean it had a nice theme, bu it was kind of boring. 3/5 stars.

9 days till cruuuuuise!
ONE more security class! Woo! ...and I am one of only 4 who haven't missed a class and apparantly there might even be prizes! Oooh. I like. ;) haha
Disney Formal on Monday!

OH my goodness! It's COLD in Florida. I never thought I would actually FREEZE here. Yes, I was frozen last night. Lucky I have some coats here, but I still have way more summery things. Good thing I work inside though! Ahh I love not working Outdoor F&B right now. ;)

Anyone who wants me to write them a card - send me your address asap, I am going to send them out soon all at once!

Things are looking up. Like my paycheck. What an improvement from $57! lol! I just realised I'm gonna get negative paycheck with this cruie stuff. XD Wooop. Awesome.
Oh well. I guess I can make up for it. Plus, the experience of cruise is gonna be worth way more than what I would get paid from work!

Ok got to get ready for work!
Have a magical day!

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