Sunday, April 17, 2011

Beach Boys

Hey ya'll,

I went to the Beach Boys in concert last night. It was amusing and yet boring at the same time. Not only were they barely moving due to their age, but their music all sounded exactly the same! After about 3 songs I was ready to go. XD ..and yes we left eary like a lot of other people!

My experience this time was different to all the other concerts.
That's becuase there were a lot more people and universal did some strange things to accommodate the crowd. It seemed like they were overwhelmed and didn't know what to do. I got annoyed with the barriers and the fact that we were made to walk around the whole park just to ge back to the concert area. It was also so tight with people that we were constantly being pushed or having our toes run over or something similar. Not so good.

I did get a cocktail though! It was exciting top be able to do that. :P I also got to try about half the flavours before deciding which was great. :) Can't say many of them tasted good, but I enjoyed the experience.
Of course universal does not seem to be a proper evening trip without Panda Express. So that is what we did. :)

Oh and on th 21 subject, I got my ID decal changed so that it doesn't say UNDER 21 anymore! :D

One weird achievment. I can say I have officially parked (or at least people I am with have) in every one of the Universal parking lots. Which is somewhat awesome considering you never get a choice as to where you park because they assign you...

In other news. This week I have been given all these weird evening shifts. Reminds me of Carribbean Beach because I hardly ever got morning shifts there.
I can't say I like the change! I was quite enjoying the switch! Plus I got used to getting up early and think it's lame that I have to now work late. :(
I tried giving away my closing shift but I didn't manage to. :'( Sadness.

This week I have decided to pick up a few shifts and although it will be hard work I need to make the most of the overtime, since my paycheck this week will be about $10 because of the trip I just went on.
So over this week I will work in Hollywood twice and Downtown Disney once. I will be getting my costumes in between my Flower and Garden shifts and hopefully it will work out okay and I am not too tired!

I submitted an interest form to be a part of Star Wars weekends at Hollywood. I know a lot of people who have applied but I have heard it is fun and so I figured I may as well see if I can do it too. :)

Anyway, I have to get ready for work now!

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