Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hey ya'll :)

So a few fun things to look forward to at the moment.

My roomie and I managed to get into a backstage tour of Everest (only 15 places avaliable, so hard to get into!) the day after the formal. ....and of course there's the formal to look forward to! I am going to habg out with one of my Flower and Garden workmates as well as my awesome flatmates. :)

Tomorrow I finds out if I get to do Starwars weekends. I would be super happy if I got to. I love variety!

Tonight I am goint to Jellyrolls. Will update on this later! It's a dueling piano bar and I hear it's very good.

IN other news.
- just over 2 months til my programme is over! Hard to believe. It's goign to be a huge shock to the system. Especially the weather!!!!!
Will be interesting to live in a student Hall though. Especially Cumberland, my first choice. :)

I got some new music for my iPod with a iTunes gift card I got. I love all my new listenings! Lots of rockin country to dance to! :D

I love all my Disney managers. They have their own styles and I love them all for it.
...and with all the complaint I have, I am still a super proud cast member. I love working for The Mouse and I will look upon these days with such happiness!

Oh - can I say that I am also goign to miss being thought of as funny/entertaining. Americans actually understand my jokes and laugh at my sarcasm! That never happens in NZ. I swear I am funnier here! It's awesome. Going to miss people laughing at what I say. It makes me happy. :)

The other day I worked a 12 hour day because of a call in. Am excited for my next paychecks because these next 2 will be great. Which of course is great since my last one of $16! haha

Yesterday I had a fun girlie shopping day with 2 of my roomies. I ended up losing them half the time (which I admit is probably mostly my fault since I get distracted easily...) but it was still great. Except for the getting home part. We got kind of lost and confused with the bus system!
Oh, and the bus drivers were super weird! One dropped us off in a weird place and gave us bad directions and then the other stopped on the side of the road to pick up a golf ball! What in the world!?

Okay! I'm off to meet my friend for Jellyrolls!

Take care ya'll!


p.s - I love the letters/postcards. I am working on replies, promise!

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