Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mustangs are beautiful :)

Hey ya'll!

It's midnight here but I know that I have to post becuase otherwise I will forget to!

Work has been okay. Nothing much exciting. My days off were pretty fun though. :)

On my first day off I slept in for a bit. Which was awesome. Then I decided to go check out cast connection/property control for a bit since I hadn't been there in ages. Only got a few things but it was nice to get that urge out of my system. :P

After that I rushed to my apartment and got ready at light speed to catch another bus. It was time for Typhoon! I went with 2 friends and it was good fun. :) The weather was nice. ....but okay. Here'smy dilemma. HOW in the WORLD did I manage to get sunburnt when we were only there for 4.5 hours and I re-applied waterproof sunscreen twice?! Gah. Stupid pale skin!
Then it was time for a movie night. :D Yay!

---> Oh. That reminds me. I forgot to tell ya'll that the other week I made brownies. It was quite an adventure. ...and although the middle part tasted awesome somehow I managed to make the outsides as hard as rock.... :/ Ever done that?

The next day off was my roomie's birthday. We went to Beastly in the morning (even though I was a zombe from a late night prior. The movie is pretty predictable, but it was still cute and I liked it. Prolly giveit a 7/10, since it wasn't that original...
It was also Cinderella's Royal Table night! We had booked this 6months ago and were excited about it for ages. We planned to dress up etc and have a great time.

We managed to get another friend in too depite protests about how we couldn't do that. I find that the people on the phone always say it's not possible. ...and then when you go in person every time I have asked, they have been okay with adding people!

Anyway - we dressed up all pretty! ...and one of our Bippity Bobbity Boutique roomies did our hair. So awesome!

The only thing was that Cindy's Table was not the best of experiences. I mean the breakfast I had there once before told me that too, but I was told the dinners were far superior and so put my prior experience to the side...

We had several problems, but the main problem was that we were sper disappointed because after all the anticipation and preparation it didn't live up to our expetations at all! One of the biggest things I had problem with was the cast. I do not think they stayed in character and played the part at all! It was so un-magical. :(

Then, we had problems with our bill. We thought it was all good since we had pre-paid, but then we had issues. So maddening. I am wanting to write a complaint letter...

On another note though - I went to work the next day with my princess hairstyle. Of course I had to take the tiara out, but everything else was perfectly in tact. Yes, the gel was THAT strong. My hair felt like it had a cement type glue on in and the bun was super hard!

I was afraid I would get in trouble for having my hair that way but I didn't have time to try and take it out (a mission, I tell you now!), so I risked it. Turned out the managers didn't mind and actually kinda liked it. :) Of course they asked if I got it done at the Boutique. ....and I said "uhh no, I have friends"... :)

In more recent news though, my shift today dragged on for ages. I was so tired! Not to mention I was closing and I really am not a fan of that.
However, there was one awesome posisitve.

When I was clocking out I started talking to another Flower and Garden cast member. It turned out he had a car. ..and he offered me a ride. Not only was that awesome, but when got to his car I was like.... woah.
It was such a nice car. ..and the inside was even more beautiful.

Now, I'm not usually a car person, but this car was super nice. Not to mention it had a whole bunch of extras that made it super amazing! For example, the inside changed colour!

I must say that although country music was playing (yay!) and he drove really safely, I still felt a streak of rebellion or excitement. Maybe it was the whole sports car thing? Maybe I felt like I was riding in a total chick magnet car like the movies and that got my body buzzing?
It was pretty thinlling experience, anyway. Made me want one....

Some fun countdown things:
1. Mum's gonna be here soooooon :)
2. I managed to get a booking at Le Cellier (tip for all ya'll dudes/dudettes: make friends with lots of people here! Espesh ones with power!). Looking forward to it!!
3. My 21st soon!

Here's a nice guest magical moment to finish with...

So, I was working in Germany the other day. This guest walks by with her husband. She admires some butterfly garden stakes we have.
She proceeds to admire them for quite some time and make comments like "oh, aren't they pretty?" to her husband (who seemed to uninterestedly agree)
They walked off and the guest begrudgingly left without buying anything.
....and then the daughter (who i didn't even notice until then, age around 10years) came back, picks up the Mum's fav garden stake and says "I'll buy it fo you mummy!"
The Mum was so impressed and touched by her daughters actions. You could see it in her eye.
I thought it was beautiful. :)

Off to bed!
Faith, trust and pixie dust!


Yes, there are pics.
Roomie has them.
Not sure when they will be uploaded....


  1. Heya

    How was your dinner btw? Did it take long to make? What did you have?

    Sleep-ins are great - it's awesome not having 8am lectures anymore ^_^

    I've never made brownies. But I have made chocolate fudge, though it was a long time ago... : /

    I don't like it when the day just drags on. It's always good to be able to do something at work, other than just standing around.

    Wow, it does sound like an awesome car. Maybe you should get a photo with it ; ) ; )

    What's Le Cellier?

    Looking forward to seeing more beautiful pics : )

    Was good chatting earlier : )


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  3. Le cellier is a very hard place to get into. It's fully booked all the time. You have to book 6months ahead. Look it up here:

    I had pizza and garlic bread for dinner haha. Took about 15mins.

    Good chatting to you too!

  4. Lol wow, they even say "To ensure a seat at this celebrated cellar decorated with stone arches and candle chandeliers, make reservations up to 180 days in advance. Then head north for a sensational sizzling steakhouse experience."

    Lol, you shold've come back online for a bit longer :(