Saturday, April 2, 2011

Heeeeey romeo....let's go down to Mexico.....

Hey ya'll :)

Last night I went to a Sean Kingston concert at Universal. I'd have to say so far I liked Blake Shelton best. His CD is great too. :)
Sean Kingston drove me somewhat insne with his "put ya hands up!" after every 5th lyric. Dude, find something different or more -original- to say.

Work has been okay. I like the people I work with. Well, except for one or two. Like this older lady today who spazzes when I tried to help her. :S So weird.
Yesterday was interesting because power was out in Canada so we got be usher all day, directing guests to a building with working POS machines. Of course, guests were upset that they walk further, but regardless I enjoyed the change. :)
In fact work has been odd lately. The day prior the weather was horrible (well, everyone was freaking out, when personally I thought it was just like a typical NZ storm) and we stayed in the breakroom for 3 hours before before being released from work, like I mentioned in the previous post...

My next days off are the 4th and 5th. I was planning to go waterparking and do cincerelas table, and a few other fun things. But kind of lost some enthusiasm. I don't want to go to those sorts of things by myself. I mean I can, but it's so lonely! Hopefully I can find people to hang out with. :/

I feel all lonesome at the moment, actually. Wish I had dancing friends. I miss dancing so much. It's one thing I want to ge back into when i get back to NZ. I mean it won't be as good because I wont have a chris or a richard to go to classes with, but at least I can feel the music in my bones and let my soul soak it all in.

Anyway, I am going to go check out Bongos tonight for a bit just to see what it's like on Saturday nights. See if the dancing is any good. If not I will just come back and go to bed.

I feel a short rant coming on. Want to hear? Okay, then. Knew you would.
....I am in the kind of mood whereby I want to give up on boys all together. :( Seriously, they change their minds and moods too much.
Actually, that's probably just how girls are.
But I am just sick of it for the moment though. No boys. -.-' Nope. I am going back to my keep-to-myself...self.

May I just say that this may be a touchy topic, but I want to know what ya'll think. Religion difference in relationships.
Can it work??
My conclusion is: not without much difficulty.
So I think I am just going to avoid going into anything like that again. ....yeeeeah. Accept me for who I am and if that's not good with you then you're not good with me!

On a side note....
Mum is coming over soon! Looking forward to seeing her. :)

Chat later!


  1. totally depends which 2 religions though i guess... but yeh, everyones different - some people are just more accepting than others! if both sides choose to accept/respect the other.. then it's not too difficult =)

    keep smiling kimmie =)

  2. yeah I tried that.
    but some beliefs really get in the way!

    thanks. you too! :)