Thursday, April 21, 2011

Excited for my KP day off!

Hey ya'll!

Yesterday I worked at Hollywood Studios. I hadn't worked in that area before. It was the Muppets sectionnear the back of the Studios. I hadbarely been there as a guest! However, it wasn't a bad shift. I had lots to do because it was super busy! I had people coming at me from all angles!


Today I got to work early like normal. I waited to clock in and then did so when I could (15mins befoe my shift). Then I realised I wasn't working in Cananda!!! So I had to high-tail it to the other side of the world showcase! Luckily I made it because of my fast pace walking. I felt gross by the time I got there though because it was super hot and sticky! :/

ONce I had gotten there I realised I had left my lunch in Canada. :( So in my break (which luckily was 45mins) I walked all the way back and after resting in the breakroom I walked back. I managed to skip a few countries near Japan once my co-ordinator found out and offered me a lift, but by then I had already walked a lot! Yes, I got exercise, but in that heat it was so horrible...

I closed today too. I hardly close (have done so twice) Flower and Garden and I really am not a fan. It's so much effort and it sucks if you get it wrong! One girl showed me a good way of doing it so I understood, but I still prefer opening!

Am excited for my day off tomorrow. :)
I'm going to play Kim Possible at Epcot and then have a dinner planned at France. :)

Although I have early mornings the next few days I have things to look forward to so not complaining. :) Not only do I get a cool dinner tomorrow but the day after I am eating at Hollywood Studios at a place my operations friends rave about.

On a work note..
I love having friends in Operations as well as merch. :) Not only that, but I am excited to break into the Sorin' crowd too. Especially since the break room is pretty segregated!

Q for ya'll, cos we were talking about it at work.
Anyone else think shows like Jersey Shore are stupid? ..and ther people on it should not be famous because there are people far more impressive and with actual skills?


I got word back from Uni saying that I should have recieved an offer from the student housing in NZ. I haven't but that would be great if I got that secured because then at least I know I have a place to live!
Then I just have to hope Dad can help me out with his work funding....

Gah NZ is so close! Scarrrrrry! I'm gonna miss Florida and Disney so much. :(

Anyway!. I'm tired.
Off to bed :)
Night ya'll!


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