Saturday, April 23, 2011

KP leads you to the margharita stand...

Aloha :)

My day off was awesome.
The first part wasn'tso successful though. I have been trying to cash a cheque for forever, but no-one will do it. There's only one place I know of that might, but I don't have a car to get there. So I have to see if I can get one of my friends to drive me. :(
I swear that is one thing that happens a lot here inthe US. No-one wants to take responsibility, and lots of people just pass you onto other people who also can't help you! So annoying!!!!

But getting onto the rest of the day.
My workmate and I managed to get thorugh all 7 KP missions before our dinner, with time to spare. :P It was quite entertaining and you got to see things you wouldn't as a guest who just were to stroll through the park.
I think that there should be a prize for doing all missions! Disney: howcome you can't at least give out a button or sticker?!?

We ate dinner at the French pavillion, at a place called called Le Chefs de France. It was nice, but think I expected better? I'd probably give them a 6/10?

Saw Mum again last night (after my wonderful Gogo cart shift)for the last time. :( Gonna be quite some time before we reunite again. Siiiigh.. :/
We went out to a place on the Boardwalk for dinner (everything else was booked and it was a black-out date for park entry...). It was pretty nice. My chocolate martini was interesting. The last gulp was like 100% alc and made me cringe!

Later, we walked around the lake and then checked out Dance Hall. It was deserted because it was early, but it was impressive and I can imagine it being popular.

Today I had another Gogo shift. I asked little kids to tell me jokes. It was quite funny. I got some awesome responses. My fav was:
"The banana crawled up the tree and slipped!" lol. It was so random I cracked up lauging. XD

Luckily I wasn't at Gogo too long before the free sampling took over (they are doing it for a few days to get out product knowledge) and I go tot close the cart. There were 2 call-ins so I was moved to stock. Which made me happy because I like to stock. :)
-->By the way! I now know what the applesauce at Gogo tastes like. Ad it doens't taste like what I expected. For one thing the apple-strawberry tastes like banana....

After my shift ended I quickly got organised and got to Hollywood Studios for my 2nd shift.
It was a Fantasmic shift and I was a little nervous about it. Not only was it Food and Bev, which I hadn't worked in a while, but I had to try and find the meeting place. ...and that was quite a mission! It was totally out of the way and down a windy pathway.

I was happy to find nice people to help me figure out how Fantasmic food and bev worked. For some reason I had a lot of questions! I guess I was a little nervous.
But there wans't much to worry about. Everyone helped you and even the managers were nice. :)

Unfortunately the park wasn't busy so we closed early. I was a cashier so I finished my dities and then got an ER. I was sad to miss out on the extra few hours pay, but it was nice to get to go home early.

Right. I'm going to bed now. I hardly got any sleep last night due to various roomate cased disturbances!
But I get to sleep in tomorrow. :D


By the way, I am getting better at closing shifts by the way! I learnt a much easier method for counting everythin out at the end of the night! :]

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