Saturday, April 9, 2011


Another weekend, another free concert! Yay!

Lifehouse was alright, but I only recognised 4 songs. The rest kind of bored me... But hey, it's free entertainment, so all good!
I had this really yummy shrimp sandwich thing with cajun freis. Delish. :P

Work has been ok. Had some weird guest moments.
Like the kid with this joke:
Why did the 5 ckickens cross the road?
not sure... why?
Because they wanted to get killed!
..... *blank slightly disturbed face*
Why would they want to get killed??
....because all chickens want to get eaten!
:/ ??? Not sure how that is funny....

Ok and one more.

What does the inside of a clean nose look like? has fingerprints!

wow. boys...


I went dancing last night. It was a weird experience. I miss going dancing to just dance. ...and getting to dance lots. Here people just kind of stand around staring at each other. ..and generally the girl asks the guy to dance. :/


I got my microwave egg poacher in the mail!! WooOOoo! Will def be making some fun creations. Or at least attempting to. Good thing I have alot of eggs....

My Mum arrives here soon! :)
It's going to be great having a 5 day holiday and a roadtriiiiip! Fun stuff.

Okay, talk later!
21 in 3 and a bit days! :]



  1. Yay for free concerts! I don't usually go, but the free one after the 4 Sept Chch EQ was pretty cool.

    Lol those jokes are crazy-funny. Trust a boy to think of them - and like them :P

    Wow, dancing in the US sounds boring... Where's the exciting LA salsa (aka linear)??

    Roadtrip?! Awesome! :D

    ... Yard glass or 21 shots? (lol)

    Have fun