Friday, April 15, 2011

St Simons, Savannah, Charlseton annnd Folly Beach

Hey ya'll!

So I just got back from my little break last night.
Got in a little later than expected, but eventully made it!

My time off was great. :) Nice and relaxing. Road trips are definately fun.
Probably needed more music, but the country music stations were awesome so that kept us entertained. :D I think I even converted someone to country music.... hehe

Quick break down.

St Simons was fery tiny. Not much there. Cute though. Shopping could have been better! Lots of scary old lady shops. :P
The hotel was super adorable. Liked it a lot. :)
Ate at a cute little seafood place. I tried some weird stuff that I can now say I've tried but am noooot a fan of. Like hush puppies (no, not the shoe brand...)

Savannah was pretty. Had lots of horse carriage rides like in New Orleans (though there they used mules). Old but had character.
Ate at this seemingly dodgy looking (well, I thought so, anyway) turkish place. Good food, but I was scared the whole time about the atmosphere. Not only was it a Hookah bar (quite common here) but there was only this one guy who ran the whole place??
Dinner was super yummy. Was on the waterfront and on a balcony. Nice live music. I really enjoyed my salad and main.

Charlseton is pretty. Nice characer. Cute shops (I went waaaay overboard with bling buying... It was so much cheaper than NZ though. Couldn't help myself XD )

I turned 21 in Charlseton. A different place to turn 21 that's for sure.
Had my first cocktail since NZ. It tasted great. :) Of course I dind't get drunk, but it was fun watching others be. :P

Folly Beach has beautiful sand. :) It was a lovely beach actually. I could lie there for ages.
The water was warm! :D
Too bad about the jellyfish!

Had milkshakes on the beach. :D

Okay, au revoir! Got to go. Lame 6.15am wake up tomorrow. :(



  1. Yay for road trips and good music ^^ Glad you had a time off andhad lots of fun :)

    What cocktails/milkshakes did you have and what were they like?

    It's great going overseas and the water is warmer than the typical NZ stuff :)

    Au revoir ^^

  2. uhm ome called a Thin Mint and one called a Mudslide. Thin Mint won hands down. yupyup

  3. Thin mint sounds like an interesting cocktail. Was it made from chocolate liquer? Mudslide sounds like a thickshake that'd get stuck in your throat lol XD

  4. lol. I think you can find the recipes online somewhere... :P