Tuesday, June 22, 2010

6 Days

Today I get to start seriously packing! Hurrah! Should be a mission. ...but I think I'll accept it. ;)

Can I just ask - does this happen to anyone else?
I am sort of fussy about what cereals/muesili bars etc that I eat (I hate raisins/saltanas for one thing, which appear to plague a lot of stuff!). When I finally find stuff that meet my criteria and I like, they suddenly stop producing them! GAH!

Also - anyone else not slept and then the next evening been sore EVERYWHERE? I don't understand why I was so sore last night just from not sleeping. Tossing and turning, sure, but how does that make you so sore? I still am all stiff and my back hurts. :/

Fun news!
I'm so excited that when I leave Wellington on tuesday that I get a send off by Chris and Richard V! :D
Then in Aucks I have my 2 aunties meeting me.

It's so lovely! You guys are awesome!

On that note - if anyone else I know wants to come too, I would love that! :)

This is just a random thing, but in INTP we were shown this show called Eurovision. I suprisingly had never heard of it before.
The funny thing is that the best singer usually doesn't even win because the voting is sort of based on friendships.
Anyway so you can let me know what you think, but I personally think
Azerbaijan should have won!

Germany won this year, but is kind of scary to me... :/ It's like she sings from the back of her throat.. I admit English is probably not her first language, but this song is not anywhere near as cool as Azerbaijan's! ...plus Azerbaijan's hand movements (at 1.09)are awesome! (not many things you can do in a dress like that(*love*) so hat's off.. -the back-up dancers do it scarier though..)

..and I admit, I couldn't place Azerbaijan on the map in my head...

Just to make this post Disney-er, I've added some pics from when I went to Disneyland on a prior trip. :)

Ok off to pack!

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