Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The last thursday.. ?

I woke up to grandma's cries of "Australia could have a woman PM, and she could be a RED head!" that, would be cool!
Equally cool is that the USA got through in the soccer world cup, and Aussie just won their game too! Yay! NZ uhm... it's great what they've managed so far, but if they win the next game I will be shocked.

I have been reading about how awesome Toy Story 3 is from the people in the USA at the moment. So I thought it'd be a good idea to see it before I left. Except that it doesn't come out in NZ till July 1. :(
Sometimes isolation and being behind everyone suuuucks!

Last night I got some good news about my exams, so I was happy about that :)

Packing is going suprisingly well. I mean it took ages to get into it becuase I had to empty stuff out and I also had a dilemma with studylink (I am SO glad cheques are pretty much being phased out).
I do probably have to refine things more though. ...but I'm so attached to some of my clothes and I think "oh that would go with that," and "that would be good for X occassion", and "I couldn't do without that!"
I have to keep saying to myself - I need room so that I can take stuff BACK. ..but then I don't know what is happening to my things when I go since my Dad wants to move [country]. So I think I'm a little scared of what will happen to everything. If everything were going to remain the same I wouldn't be so concerned about not taking some of my fav outfits.

I thought packing jewellery would be the hardest thing. Lets just say, I have quite an extensive collection. Somehow, I did mange to choose betwen things. ..again, probably more than I need, but I got it to all fit into my jewellery travel box thing, and that's all that matters! ;)

I haven't thought about this too much, but its dawning on me all the "last" things that are occuring in NZ. Especially when Dad says "we'll go out for your last day here - like meal of the condemned." Uhhh, great analogy there. Hopefully it won't be too bad having to cook all the time...
The other day I thought wow, that's the last proper uni exam I'll have to sit in over a year! Which is amazing, but weird at the same time. I didn't ever imagine myself taking a year off before uni, let alone during. This opportunity really did throw itself at me like a random gust of wind[a Wellignton analogy right there hehe], I wasn't expecting it, and I almost ignored it!

Right, so today's task is to get everything I've got in piles into the cases, whilst *trying* to kull stuff a long the way...


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