Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Texas Day 1 (pics to come later)

Firstly, I have to say, this house is amazing! It has super fluffy carpet and my living space is massive!! I even have access to my own (carpeted) bathroom and walk in wardrobe! The bed is also massive and I love it!

Today is my first official day in Texas!

After breakfast this morning of fresh fruit (yum!) and cereal we went out to go cowgirl shopping. This place was sooooo fascinating! There was everything you'd ever want to dress like a cowboy/girl! I was excited by everrrrything!

I'd have to say the sparkly belts were heaven on earth for me though. SO gorgeous!

It took ages for me to choose my boots. There was a huge selection. The ones I chose I loved right away except I was afraid they wouldn't go with everything. However, inthe end I just had this attachment to them, they were calling my name, so yeah, I ended up with them.

Taking the boots off was a mission. They have these boot wedges to help you take them off. Robert showed me how you take them off without a boot wedge, and uh, not a fan!!!

Hats were more of a challenge, but I found one I liked. :)

My belt goes with my shoes (both have wings), and my hat goes with my belt! (both have horse shoes!). Isn't it awesome!?

Then Robert went to get his truck. It's huge! You have to step up on a rail thing to get into it! Not to mention the giant wing mirrors! (abotu 3x the size of a normal one!)

We went to have lunch at this place called Southern Flier eatery. It was 50's themed and the girls were all dressed up.

I tried a malt shake and a burger. They were good. Filling. But good.

Then we went to this ice-cream factory famous in Texas and number 3 in the USA. It's called Blue Bell. They even seal it in those ice-cream tubs you see on tv! We went on a tour of the place and then got free ice-cream after. :)

After that we went to the bank (everythign is so far away and you have to drive for ages!). Unfortunately they couldn't really help me though. :(

Ok now I'm off to go shopping (fun! Can't wait to see what's there). Also we'll take BB for a walk. BB is adorable! I definately made a new friend.

Lastly, everyone says ya'll! It cracks me up. I love it. :)
Oh and the boys here, their southern accent is just like the movies and soooooo adorable!!! I just want to wrap one up and take 'em with me haha

I'll edit this post later and put pics on it.

It's warm outside! :D

My cowgirl boots!


  1. Hi Sweetie,
    you have finally arrived in the big USA. Texas sounds great. The boots are awesome. Take care love you