Monday, June 21, 2010

Celebrate yooooou!

If you haven't heard that song, go listen to it! ;) [ ]
It's so Disney and wonderful, and helps me feel happy about the fact that I'm well, happy!!!!

Last night I went to bed early, so that I could get a good sleep before my exam. Good plan. Too bad it didn't turn out to plan, at all. I tossed and turned and thought. Yes. Lots of thinking. ...and no matter how hard I tried, and tried not TO try, I could not sleep.

I thought, oh my goodness, I am doomed. I have an exam at 9.30am and I've had zero sleep! How in the world will I write a 3 hour exam on no energy?

So I had a Lift Plus (man I'm going to miss its awesomeness since it's not in the USA - petition, anyone?[good god, I actually wrote "partition" just then before I corrected it. INTP on the brain] :P ) and looked over my notes. My notes were the most comprehensive notes in the history of notes. I've never had so many for an exam before. Must have had about 70pages of them!

When I got into the exam and looked at the first section my heart plumeted. I hate it when that happens. You think you're all fine and then you look at the questions and you freak out. However, it appears that pretty much always happens to me before I really look at the questions closely. Then it's not quite as bad. Usually. ;)

Good thing the first section was a choice of about 10 (write on 5). I needed those 5 back-ups. ...mainly because most of them I didn't even recognise. :S Sometimes those examiners, they choose the most obscure things to test on, so not fair! Or if you miss one small detail, it's bound to be tested(like the date some random author came to NZ - what the heck has that got to do with European studies?!?!). Grr to that. ..anyway so I managed to answer 5 of them.

Then I had 3 essays to write. ...and this time my heart didn't plummet. They were REALLY similar to the past paper's questions. (getting a bit slack on the originality I think...) So I wrote 3 essays (with 2 pages of planning and nicely constructed paragraphs...even had 10mins to spare at the end for looking over everything!).
I was shocked. I'd never written an exam so neat and tidy before, or followed a plan so intently! Usually I just jot down important points and go from there, but I actually took time to properly plan. It definately paid off. I didn't run out of ideas or loose focus (prolly why the 20pages.... XD )

You know how the lecturers etc always tell you to plan? Well I've always heard it, but never really implemented it. Now I understand what they really were talking about! Man it works!

Once out of the lecture theatre I caught up with Klaudia and then made my way home by bus and then train. It is actually -sunny- today so it felt wonderful!

Sun + no more exams + good music + Disney in ONE week + no more stress etc + getting more independence soon and all the future FUN thoughts makes for...


Now all I have to do is socialise (uh, yeah. It's important :P Do you have any idea what my social life is like during Uni trimester? NON-existant!) and PACK. Yes. Pack. Lots of packing. ...not that I mind! It's all goooooood!

So right now, I'm celebrating me. Yup. Go me! I managed to write an exam on pure nervous energy and still (I think) do awesomely! :D
*dances around the room* ;)



--> my condolences to Heather Whitener though who appears to be going through a tough time. :(

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