Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Disney University Opportunities

I got another e-mail from Disney today (they are coming more often and it's so exciting! :D ).

The e-mail reminded me to look at the courses at Disney University to try and have an idea of what I want to do when I'm there (if I want to - but I'm so keen anyway!).

I had actually looked into the courses before, but htis time I looked harder.
This is what I want to do (if I'm allowed :P ) :

Collegiate Courses:
--> Creativiy and Innovation
--> Corporate Analysis

Professional Development Studies:
--> Security

Disney Exploration Series:
--> Exploring guest service
--> Exploring leadership

Now whilst I recognise most of those don't directly impact my degree, I think any learning is good learning! I'll be able to apply it somewhere!

I probab;y won't have enough time to do all those courses - but I have e-mailed them to ask. I guess if I can't I'll have to CHOOSE. Eeek!

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