Saturday, June 19, 2010

Get me out of here, pronto!

This post is a little bit of a whine (just a warning)...

There was a time where I never thought I'd leave home because I 'wasn't like most teenagers.'
In fact I hate a lot of stereotypes that I have been classed under. Especially this stupid 'Gen Y' thing. Honestly. I'm nothing like the stereotype, and being lumped into that 'group' just makes me mad.

Secondly, I don't know how many people who read this have separated/divorced parents but I haaaaaaate it. HATE.

..anyway I don't want to be like 'most teenagers' who want to move out and get away from their parents, but I think I have just cause. I just am at this point where I can't stand it any more and it's actually upsetting to me.

Although the USA is going to be a big shock to my system, it will be an amazing escape for me. Escape from life here, escape from feeling like I'm in CHAINS and escape from this stress and misery. yes. I'm scared, excited and a bundle of other emotions... but I think the USA is going to be just what I need.

Mum descibes me as a butterfly...and I can understand that analogy.

Thank goodness for supportive people in this world. Not sure what I'd do without you.
*hugs to everyone who's been kind to me at any point in my life (I don't care if you don't like hugs :P )*

Speaking of nice people, some of the lovely ladies at my work (last day today - really didn't feel any different though...) - thank you for your kindness.

Just so ya'll know, I will be talking more about DISNEY, when I'm there. It won't just be a random blog on my feelings. hehe.

10 days!

--> I invite you all to make an account (doesn't take long) and reply to my comments, then it won't be so one sided! Comments make me happy... ;)
I'd love to know that
a.) I'm not talking to myself and
b.) ...what your opinons are. If I blab on about stupid things that bore you, let me know. Democracy = freedom of speech. ;) I disapprove of swearing though, so please write that elsewhere

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