Sunday, June 27, 2010

This is a weird feeling

Tomorrow is my last day in Wellington for probably over a year!
I just have to change my phone plan and one or two other things, and then it's all GO!
What do you think my chances are of getting sleep tomorrow night? I mean I want to be able to be rested because I'll have a alot ahead of me, but what I want and what occurs, probably won't co-incide!

I have packed up pretty much all of my room into boxes for when my Dad moves out of here. I can't say I enjoyed that. I am so worried about things being marked or damaged etc by the time I get back. I've heard some bad things about storage problems... :/

My suitcases are nicely packed (all neat!) and roomy. Yay for having room for bringing lots back! :D hehe.
I need to sort out my iPod and possibly print out more pics for my mini photo albulm I'm taking (thanks, Richard!). However, I'll have my laptop, so not too worried if I don't have time to print more!

Last night I took pics of all my expensive things - the barcodes etc, just incase something happens to them. Not sure if it'd be helpful, but I guess it's worth it incase!

Today I saw Shrek Forever After, since Toy Story 3 was denied to me at this time (so seeing it in the USA though!).
The movie was average, but not too bad for a bit of entertainment. :)

Tomorrow night we are going out to the 'condemned' dinner I mentioned before. It's changed places though which is cool, I like Chow. I wouldn't mind coktails on the last night, but do antihestimines not work if you drink alcohol?
If not I love mocktails - and I managed to have my mint manjula when Michael was here so I'm pretty content!

On a side note: I love how some people are so lovely and helpful in times of need! You guys are awesome, and you better not change!

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