Sunday, June 20, 2010

Can't Be Tamed...

Ok so Miley has been in the spotlight a lot lately becuase of her new album (not that she's normally not in the spotlight...).

I thought since she's affiliated with Disney that I'd comment on her new album Can't Be Tamed. [plus, you know, I am avoiding study since it's so -boring-]

So first impression I was like...ew. So Britney-tranformed-from-innocent-disney-star-to-'woman'-with-sexy-attitude...if you know what I mean. ;)

However, after listening to the music without watching her creepy head twitches in the vid clips, I have come up with this conclusion:

Two More Lonely People
Who Owns My Heart
Can't Be Tamed

...are reasonable songs. I'm actually quite fond of the first one.

The other songs on the CD bore me. So I wouldn't buy the whole album, but I would buy the few listed above.

I'm mainly a lyrics person, but a good beat also is attractive.
I like *some* of the beats and *some* of the lyrics. Being able to 'escape' through them is what I particularly like. I can immerse myself and have fun with them.

Having said that, she's a little creepy looking, but I guess that's the point, she's trying to be all animal/savage like. ...though I have this feeling it's been done already? Ke$ha's Animal comes to mind...

Quirky, creepy but not all bad.
I think I prefer the older Miley songs like When I Look At You, but a change every now and then is good.

I personally [ignoring the pole dancing stuff] am glad songs like Party in the USA exist, because they are fun! ...and I can totally relate to that one! When I'm in L.A in 8 days I will be craving it!!

Don't hate me people who don't like Miley! It's just my opinion...

I'm basing my opinions soley on the edited manufacted CD songs - not her live (I do know she sounds different live...).
Feel free to let me know your opinion.

Ok enough distraction


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