Tuesday, December 7, 2010

...and she posts finally!

Hello everyone!

So I owe you a post! I am sorry it has taken so long. I tried several times but ran out of time! I am determined to get it all down now though!

Yesterday I had work, and was in Burger. I burnt myself and now have a lovely gash on my arm. :( I hope it's not a scar... I guess if it is then it can be like a disney scar so I could turn it into a memory thing... haha :P

I know it sounds gross, but at our pre-shift our manager made us one of her concoxions. It's called hot dog chili cheese fries (or something alng those lines..). Which is a mix of all items in a bowl. It doesn't look appealing but it actally tastes pretty good. Then again maybe that's becuase we are like hungry savages who will eat anything? haha

I had to wake up at 5am yesterday for a special secret event. Though I hadn't really gotten any sleep, it was well worth it. :) I want to do another such one!

I finally got my second new roomate. She is American, from Rhode Islans and is really lovely. :) I think we will get on nicely. She even left me a lovely wake up note this morning. It was so nice to actually recieve a positive note, I was so happy. :) I will leave her one back! I am very glad I now have a nice person to share the room with. Unfortunately I may not get to stay being roomies with her long since everyone else in the apartment is leaving in Jan so I fear we will be kicked out and separated. :(

The day before yesterday I went crazy shopping. Got lots of stuff. ...but with the huge discounts etc at the moment I figure it is worth it - and means I don't have to buy things later at a higher price! Things add up prey fast though. Man. I have never shopped so crazy in my life. It was so much fun. Wish I could do it more often. :P
Also can I say that MK at this time of year is sooooo pretty. It has such a lovely fel about it. I want togo back soon.

The formal on Monday night was really pretty but some people were kind of rude in regards to seating. We kept coming back to new people at our table! Then, they wouldn't move even though our stuff was on the chairs!
The music could have been better but there were some good songs (oh my goodness - I joined in on a massive dance along! There were hundreds of us doing the same dance moves at the same time! It was like a movie and felt awesome!).
I liked the characters - good thing we came early cos the lines got really long! I wanted a pic with Belle and Beast but they went to have a break as I got near the front of the line! Buuut - I got to have a pic with Prince Eric and Princess Ariel! Yay! When I told them Ariel was one of my nicknames they got all excited and called me the "twin" and "siser" haha.

Regarding the list from my last blog, I shall address those now.

"the mystery of the roomate"

Ok so I got a new roomate (not the one I described above). We never actually got a chance to talk. She was from Brazil and I found out her name, but I didn't even get a chance to say hello. I came home like 2 days later to find all her stuff gone and that she had moved out! I was like...uhmm. Did I scare her away?! :S It was odd. I wish she had left a note. But oh well. I am guessing she didn't like how no-one spoke spanish or portugese in this apartment. I guess that would be kind of isolating. Though, through my experience here I have come to the conclusion that you should try your best to use the cards you are given. You should try and stick it out and see what happens. Never know who you might meet or what experiences you might have that will grow you as a person...

A few days later there was another message saying I was to have another roomate. I was kind of nt looking forward to it since I quie enjoyed having the place to myself, but after meeting her I am glad we got to meet. :)


I was in the bathroom the other day. I just was about to get out of the shower and this GIANT bug runs across the floor! I freak but don't mke any noise because i was early morning and I didn't want the scary monsters to come tell me off for waking them up. Anyway so I watched it crawl under the floormat. It wasn't a very smart bug because it left is antenna things out so I knew where it was! I got the heaviest thing I could find near me, and I smashed the floor about 10 times. Yeah. It was very dead... There was thisgross black stuff all over the floor and I was stil weary when I was trying to dispose of the body becuase I was so scared it would come back alive again (some bugs can do such things!)! It woke me up but I got such a huge fright! I hope no more come. I am not a fan. They will all meet the same fate if they do - so be warned bugs!!!!
I think it was one of these:

"card ty"

I got your card, Anita. :) Thank you. I wanted to reply but then the letter got trown out and I don't remember your address... :/


At the moment we get an awesome deal on cirque. So I am going to see it whilst I still can! Yup yup. The day back from the cruise I see it. It's the last day the discount applies too - and I got front row seats! Woop! Looking forward to that.

"burger shop - odd shift (12-6)"

I had the weirdest shift ever. I didn't open or close anything, and I startedat lunchtime. It was quite bizarre. Even the managers were perplexed. It was kind of boring too because it during the non-peak time! However, i did enc so that I had the opportunity to do something after, which I did...

"candlelight procession + kindness + new friend..."

..and his would be the awesome thing I got to do after my shift! I went straght to Epcot for the Candlelight procession. It was te story of Christmas with a cast choir and and instrumental group. It was super pretty. ...but something made it even more awesome...
I was waiting in line for the standbyentrance with my newfound friend that I made on the bus. After a few mins a gentlman cameup to us and was like "are you two together?" We kind of looked at each other like... "uh... not really?" But I was like "we are separate but here together, yes" Then he was like "my wife and I are now not able to go to the procession - would you like our tickets? We wanted to give it to a young couple. I was like "aweeeeee" Ok, so we weren't really a "couple", but it depends ow you interpret that sentance, right? There were any other people our age around us anyway. So we scored tickets (which are actually pretty pricey!). It was awesomeness. I was so touched. I thoguht, man there really are people out thre who are lovely, still. There are kind people. It was heartwarming. :)
Thee only thing that tainted the experience a little was that it was so darn COLD. I had several coats on and was still freezing!
The narrator (a dude called Corbin Bernsen who I had never hard of but who is famous. He was a pretty good narrator I thought.)


I love a good catchup. It was nice to hear from you guys in Utah. I miss you guys and wish we could chat more. <3

"double shift"

Yeah I was crazy and picked up a double to help with my negative checkness. haha. I was tired but survived. :)


This was the formal I talked about above. I am glad I got the opportunity to see what one of these was like. The food was pretty good. Yay fo giant fondues as a dessert option!

"last class wed"

Yup it's my last security class -today!- So excited to finish it off. :) Apparantly there might even be prizes... :P


Yaaaaay! THIS saturday. It's so exciting. Plus my schedule is all set so I don't even have to bother trying to give away the shifts! :D

Hey did I mention I went to the gym the other day? It actually wasn't too bad. I kind of want to go again...

Today I have my last security class! Yay! Should be good. Also I am hanging out with a friend and a workmate after, and hopefully will be able to chat on skype with a special person. :D

Okay. Off to PACK.
3 days til cruise!

Love you all!

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